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Hi guys and welcome to the first newsletter of 2021!

I’ve retreated to the backwoods of Vermont to work on Sword Catcher. It’s beautiful here in this small rustic cabin I’m sharing with Holly Black, and would probably be very romantic if it weren’t for the giant picture of dancing were-bears over the fireplace. They seem to be building something or perhaps worshipping something. I am reminded of Spinal Tap, “No one knows who they were or what they were doing, but their legacy remains.”

Some pretty pictures of Vermont:

And now, for fun, I thought I’d share with you the chapter titles from Chain of Iron!

Book Boxes:

You can order signed copies of Chain of Iron over at Good Choice Reading. The first thousand I will sign and personalize, the rest I will sign. They also have a very cool bundle that includes a signed copy of Chain of Iron, a Healing Rune mousepad, and a tote with this exclusive Catarina Loss Wear A Mask image! 

There are limited amounts of book boxes available.

LitJoy has a great box that, along with the first edition and all those goodies, plus:

  • a slipcase with artwork by Kim of @pinktofu_art
  • LitJoy custom Signed Bookplate 
  • A BONUS LETTER from a character for LitJoy customers only!

Illumicrate has sold out of pre-orders but will take orders again according to their site.

Fairyloot has sold out of its Chain of Iron box. I don’t think they will restock. 

A snippet from Chain of Iron!


Someone was on top of him, holding him down. James thrashed and kicked, trying to shake them off. The claws of the dream were still in him: not a real memory, but a feeling, a feeling of hatred and darkness, a choking sense of horror—

“James, please!”

His eyes flew open.

The world spun around him. He was on his bed, tangled in a snarl of blankets. Most of his pillows were on the floor, and the window had been cracked open—the air in the room was cold. There were hands on his shoulders—Cordelia’s hands. She had clearly climbed on top of him in an effort to control his thrashing. Her chemise was slipping off her shoulder, her red hair undone, spilling down her back like a river of fire.

“James?” she whispered.

He had dreamed something, something awful, but it was fading, gone like morning mist. This was the real world. His icy bedroom, the air so cold his breath puffed out in white clouds. The empty tincture bottle on his nightstand, the bitter taste of its dregs still on his tongue. Cordelia above him, her dark eyes wide. She was shivering. 

And now, as promised, a scene from Chain of Iron as drawn by Cassandra Jean. 

Reginald Update

Reginald is reading from a translation of Layla and Majnun.
He’s a sucker for a romantic tragedy. 


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