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Half a year onward, into quarantine. I hope everyone is coping as well as possible.
Since I’ve been spending a lot of time writing outside, I’ve started naming the chipmunks congregating on my deck. Mr. Chips is bold and brash, while the Chipwitch is much more circumspect, tending towards the crevices and shadows. El Chipacabra is the cleverest, except when he fills his cheeks too big to fit through his escape hole. I politely look away, as I don’t wish to embarrass him.
I’ve also been doing a lot of writing in my writing hut. There’s probably a more elegant name for it, but it is a small hut-like structure atop the hill next to my house. It’s a nice place to be to see the pond and the waterfall. Here’s a few photos for those who are curious about writing process, and just the curious generally!

The gazebo!
Me writing.
View of the pond and hills!
View of Holly Black, working ergonomically.
For Thomas fans, the tiles on the floor illustrate a compass rose!


We’ve got a bunch of awesome book boxes coming up for Chain of Iron.

In the US, LitJoy has some incredible goodies to go along with the release in March.
Preorder the box to get:

The hardcover Collector’s First Edition, with bonuses
An exclusive print of a character
A LitJoy-designed slipcase with artwork by Kim of @pinktofu_art
LitJoy custom bookplate signed by me!
A BONUS LETTER from a character, written by me for LitJoy customers only!
More info about upcoming UK book boxes, etc, in the next newsletter!
I was honored and surprised to be included in this list of the 100 best fantasy books compiled by Time Magazine. It’s a great place to find new books to read!

The Last Hours Calendar with Charlie Bowater’s illustrations

Featuring a character every month (and a special previously-unseen piece of character art for December) and includes that character’s schedule of activities for the month. Check out November: Alastair Carstairs! (“November 8, shop for daggers with Cordelia. November 14, Thomas has patrol.”)

We will be doing our best to ship in time for Christmas and the New Year, and we will be shipping internationally. You can find information regarding shipping costs and times at Hebel Design; you can also contact them with questions about shipping times, costs, and calendar details, at

There are a very limited number of calendars, so pre-order if you want to be sure to get one! A portion of the proceeds of calendar sales will go to the Center for Black Equity. You can read more about them on their website.

Online Events:

I’ll be (virtually) at the Singapore Writer’s Festival November 1st and 3rd. Tickets are S$20, which is around $15 US, available HERE and are for the whole festival. Tickets are sold through a company called SISTIC, which is the equivalent of Ticketmaster in Singapore. You will have to create a SISTIC account to purchase tickets. 
The Lucca Festival is usually in Italy but of course is virtual this year. I'm doing a panel called Everything You Wanted to Know About Shadowhunters and talking about The Lost Book of the White, the second volume of The Eldest Curses trilogy. I'll post on Instagram when I have more information. 

A special snippet for you from "One Must Always Be Careful of Books", the short story that will appear in the special collector's edition of Chain of Iron!

“Ah, unhappy Matthew,” said Magnus. “Unrequited love troubles him, but I sense there is something more to it. Do you know?”
Jem did know. Matthew remained crushed beneath the weight of misery, paralyzed by guilt over what he had, however unintentionally, done to Charlotte—but Jem could tell no one of what he knew, not even Will. Not even Magnus.
Nothing I can tell, Jem said.
Magnus only nodded. “And of course, there is Cordelia. If you have to return to London . . .”
Jem felt an un-Silent-Brother-like burst of yearning. He closed down that part of his mind quickly, locking away his most human desires. No, Jem said. My purpose is as a Silent Brother. I have been assigned to this task and I must see it through.


Everyone’s favorite Silent Brother for the Temperance tarot card.

Reginald Update

Reginald and Maggie discover the perils of visiting the vet near Halloween

Stay safe, everyone!


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