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It’s June and that means Pride, Juneteenth, dads, and graduations - a huge congrats to everyone who made it through school during this crazy time! You are true warriors, even and especially if most of your warring happened in pajama pants this year. 

The onset of summer has been gorgeous here in the Northeast, though being on deadline I haven’t been able to be outside to enjoy it as much as I wish! I’m back to naming all the squirrels in my yard while I should be working. In honor of those deadlines, I’m going to keep this newsletter short and to the point, with a few cool news items to share:


Secret Project Announcement

I’ll be hosting an Instagram Live on July 10th at 4pm New York time. Along with Cat from TMI Source, we’ll be welcoming an international group of fans to announce my new Secret Project (after which it will no longer be secret.) You are definitely going to want to check it out, so pop over on July 10th!

New Merchandise Coming

LitJoy is working with me to create some gorgeous merchandise — you can find out more on their page, and we’ll be updating you as things become available. Right now I’m busy signing quite a few thousand tip-ins for what is going to be one of the most beautiful box sets of my books I’ve ever seen, their Mortal Instruments six-book set. The art has made me swoon!

Spine Art Sneak Peek

The Chain of Iron paperback is scheduled to come out Sept 6, 2022! You guys here at Newsletter Central are getting the first sneak peek at the spine art, featuring Lucie and her axe. Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament are in the background. 

Chain of Thorns Sneak Peek

“Regardless,” said Matthew, “I’m glad to hear that you’ve returned to your usual busy schedule of ruining London’s women for London’s men. Before I left for Paris the buzz was that you had gone entirely out of circulation.”

“Oh really?” said Anna.

“It was all anyone seemed to want to talk about at the Ruelle,” Matthew pressed. “Mundane, Downworlders, all the ladies remaining completely unseduced, and not happy about it.”

“I can hardly seduce everyone,” Anna shrugged. “Some of them will just have to seduce one another.”

Now it was Matthew’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “I’m not worried about them,” he said. “I’m worried about you.” In a lower voice he said, “I heard about Ariadne.”

Exclusive Fanart:

We commissioned the incredibly talented Tara Spruit to make this Sanctuary Scene art for Pride Month (and because we love this scene so much!) I admire and support all my LGBTQ+ readers, those out and proud and those still questioning and quiet. You are all so important, and deserve so much love.

Quick merch update!

Thank you to everyone who ordered the Fairy Tale book! The run is sold out and we were able to donate $1500 to India Covid Relief. We anticipate orders will be shipped in September.

Hebel Design has their coveted Shadowhunters Pride Necklace on sale for June, get one before they are gone! Profits from the sale will go to support Black Trans Travel Fund. Learn more about the fund and it’s important mission.

Reginald Update:

Reginald was very helpful in wrapping this gift,
but is now disappointed the gift is not for him. 
Happy Reading!


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