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Hello from sunny Los Angeles! For the first time since last March, I’m on the road — fully vaccinated and excited to be in a new place. Also, this isn’t a bad location to work at all!

It’s been great to see friends, and get to know Los Angeles again — I moved away in my twenties, and a lot about it has changed. A lot has stayed the same too, like the eternal popularity of brunch with friends and street art at the beach:

I’ve been having a lot of fun and productive Hollywood meetings too, and hope to have exciting news for you all down the road… meanwhile I’m enjoying working on Chain of Thorns and Sword Catcher, as well as a certain fun secret project I’ll have more updates on very very soon. Here is a cryptic hint: 

More Stuff

For the month of May, we’re doing a fun contest! It’s Get Caught Reading Month, a nationwide campaign to promote reading, and we’re putting our spin on it: 

Get Caught With Shadowhunters!


THE RULES: For the last two weeks we have had cosplay and pets and clever graphics and you have gone above and beyond. Now, until the end of May, I’d love to see pictures of any Shadowhunter book in a weird place: sliding down a volcano, up in a tree, taped to your sworn enemy.  If you’ve entered already, this is a great opportunity to enter again and do something new and fun.


 To win ONE OF TWO CHAIN OF IRON INFLUENCER BOXES announced at the end of the month, you must:

  1. Take a great, creative photo reading one of my books - make it beautiful, make it funny, make it you! 

  2. Post on Instagram any time in May with the hashtag #GetCaughtWithShadowhunters so we can find your photo and be very impressed!

  3. This contest will run May 7 - May 31, 2021 at 11:59pmEST.  Winners will be chosen by a team of expert book photo experts and contacted on Instagram by June 4, 2021

Check out the hashtag for inspiration - there are a lot of creative book lovers out there! 

All the Stories Are True

As you probably know, I’ve linked up with Hebel Designs to publish the Shadowhunter Fairytale Book! It will be a full color, hardback, 8x8 square, limited edition book. Books will ship around August/September and pre-orders are going on now! 

We wanted to let you know that In light of the terrible suffering in India, 15% of profit from sales of All the Stories Are True are being donated to Direct Relief. We have already raised and donated close to $1500 from sales, thank you so much to those who have pre-ordered!

Snippet: Chain of Thorns


The word echoed in Cordelia’s ears. Though she had clambered blindly into a fiacre with Matthew, though they were rattling quickly through some part of Paris, she still felt as if she were standing in front of the cabaret, hearing the guard refuse her entrance. I know what I know. You cannot come inside.

Because you are corrupted within, said a small voice inside her. Because you belong to Lilith, Mother of Demons. Because of your own foolishness, you are cursed. No one should be around you.

“Daisy?” Matthew’s worried voice seemed to come from far away. “Daisy, please. Talk to me.”

Snippet: Sword Catcher

“But you should,” said the Ragpicker King. “There is a reason, you know, that the Sword Catcher ceases to be the Sword Catcher when the prince takes the throne. Because the King is a god, and no one can pretend to be a god. When Prince Conor becomes King, you will cease to be what you are. You will become an inconvenience to the throne. You will be sent some distance away, perhaps to Valderan, to spend the rest of your life inconspicuously. Is that your dream? To be inconspicuous?” His green gaze swept over Kel like water. “Everyone has a dream.”

Kel looked away before the Ragpicker King could see any change in his expression. The man already seemed to know far too much about him, and about the Palace. He did not need to guess more.

“I could help you get what you want,” said the Ragpicker King. “I am a great enthusiast of dreams.”

Reginald Update:

My assistant shot this video of Reginald helping her clean the house while I’m gone. What a helper he is!
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