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I hope summer is treating you well! Right now I’m working on copyediting Queen of Air and Darkness. It’s a challenge; there’s a lot to keep track of in a book this long! Alice Duke recently handed in the interior illustrations that will appear in the first editions of the book. They look great. I can’t wait for you to see them all!

In August I’ll be heading to a writing retreat in Hawaii. I’m looking forward to it, because I’ll be hanging out with some good friends, including Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, Sarah Rees Brennan and Carrie Ryan. While I’m there I’ll be finishing up edits of Queen of Air and Darkness, and then getting back to work on Chain of Gold!

In Mortal Instruments news, volume two of the graphic novel series has been completed by Cassandra Jean! It comes out on October 30th, and will contain an exclusive scene of what went on between Magnus and Alec when Magnus healed Alec during City of Bones! Here’s a little peek at that…

Ghosts of the Shadow Market

The 5th Ghosts of the Shadow Market story, A Deeper Love, will be out on August 14th. It’s available for preorder now!

Coming August 14th

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Check out Davood Diba’s gorgeous cover for The Wicked Ones, the 6th installment of Ghosts of the Shadow Market! Jace's mother, Celine Montclaire, meets a mysterious stranger in Paris... …

New Merchandise

New merchandise is rolling out over at our Topatoco store, including some in-world designs that we’ve had a lot of fun with!

We’ve got Taki’s diner mugs, Hunter’s Moon pint glasses, Magnus plushies, Garroway Books tote bags and t-shirts and Clockwork Princess tote bags and t-shirts! Perfect gifts for the Shadow World enthusiast in your life.


Great news! Holly Black and I will be celebrating the release of the last Magisterium book, The Golden Tower, on September 11th at 7pm. This epic group event will feature David Levithan and Scott Westerfeld as well as me and Holly. The celebration will be hosted by Odyssey Books in South Hadley, MA. Exact location is TBD—contact the store for details.

In honor of the event, enjoy a Magisterium snippet!

Exclusive Excerpt: The Golden Tower

Call took the path that led alongside one of the Magisterium’s many underground rivers. It glowed eerie blue in the light of the moss. On the way, he peered around, looking for Warren. He even called the little lizard’s name a few times, his voice echoing through the caverns. He was sure he’d see Warren during the short boat trip, but by the time he got to the far bank, he decided Warren was avoiding him.

When Call reached Rufus’s door, he tapped on it and heard Mr. Rajavi’s voice echo from inside: “Come in.” The office looked much as it always had. The same papers were tacked to the walls, covered in what Call now recognized as alchemical equations. The big couch was gone, replaced by more bookshelves, and the old workstation had been replaced by one made of a gleaming clear material — quartz, Call guessed. Tamara’s father sat behind Rufus’s roll-top desk.

Oh, God, Call thought. Tamara’s father. And he’d just kissed Tamara. Was that why Mr. Rajavi was here?

Don’t be totally ridiculous, said Aaron. Do you think he’s psychic or something?

Kimiya was grounded for making out with Evil Overlord Alex — Tamara had said so. Mr. Rajavi had a well-established policy of not liking his children making out with Evil Overlords.

The Golden Tower is available for preorder now!

Queen of Air and Darkness

And here’s a snippet from Queen of Air and Darkness:
“Octavian.” It was Magnus’s voice. He was standing in the doorway still, looking down at the small tearstained boy in front of him. There was a great weariness in his eyes, but also an immense compassion: the kind of compassion that came with great old age.

He seemed as if he would have said more, but Rafe and Max had joined him. Silently they filed down the steps and went over to Tavvy; Rafe was nearly as tall as he was, though he was only five. He reached to hug Tavvy, and Max did too—and to Mark’s surprise, Tavvy seemed to relax slightly, allowing the embraces, nodding when Max said something to him in a quiet voice.

Helen got to her feet, and Mark wondered if his face wore the same expression hers did, of pain and shame. Shame that they could not do more to comfort a younger brother who barely knew them.

“It’s all right,” Simon said. “Look, you tried.”

“We did not succeed,” said Mark.

“You can’t fix grief,” said Simon. “A rabbi told me that when my father died. The only thing that fixes grief is time, and the love of the people who care about you, and Tavvy has that.” He squeezed Mark’s shoulder briefly. “Take care of yourself,” he said. “Shelo ted'u od tza'ar, Mark Blackthorn.”

Reginald Update

Reg + Mag 4EVA!
Happy Reading!

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