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February 2021 Updates

A Made-In-Canada Solution

Canada is home to some of the world’s best and brightest and this should be their time to shine.

A Made-In-Canada solution has the potential to open businesses, open our borders, our schools, and not only get our economy back on track, but to make it boom. We need to change the narrative and that conversation starts right here, right now.

As a member of the Standing Committee on Health, my focus has been to approve, secure and distribute rapid and home-based testing. This technology is being used in jurisdictions around the world and is used to reduce the need for lockdowns and keep long term care and health care facilities safe.

Unfortunately, Health Canada has been slow to approve rapid and home-based tests even those developed by Alberta companies like ClearMe technology. I met with representatives from the Calgary company last summer and their rapid test technology is 98% accurate and approved for use in the United States and United Kingdom, but it is still awaiting approval in Canada.

There have been similar delays on Canadian vaccines and antivirals. Although vaccines will not, and should not, be mandatory it is important to have access to vaccines for those who want them.

Providence Therapeutics, another Calgary company who is developing a vaccine, reached out to the Government on many occasions, but received radio silence.

Providence CEO Brad Sorenson, who appeared at committee in the House of Commons said, “We have a Canadian solution, we’ve sourced it… we’ve followed the rules, we’ve done what we’re supposed to do and we’re not getting engagement from the government.

“We would welcome the federal support, but … we now have the ability to go to the capital markets and to raise sufficient capital funds to carry forward our plans, regardless of whether or not we have support.”

The story is similar with Solstar Pharma, another Canadian company and the developer of an antiviral, which moved its development south and is being funded through the United States government.

Whether it is personal protective equipment, rapid tests or vaccines, we have heard too many of these stories from talented Canadian innovators who simply ran into a brick wall when trying to get the attention of the Canadian government.

It is unacceptable for the Liberals to partner with the Chinese Communist Party (CanSino) to develop and manufacture vaccines instead of investing in a made in Canada solution.

As a result of the failed CanSino agreement we are relying on an undependable global supply and dipped into a vaccine cache meant for poorer countries, which is an embarrassing stain on our reputation globally.

We should be proud of our Canadian companies, our Canadian innovators and strive for Canada to be a trailblazer for global solutions.

It is not too late for the Liberal government to act. I raised this issue in the emergency debate on vaccines in the House of Commons and I am continuing to press the Ministers to reach out these ground-breaking Canadian companies and provide them with the resources needed to accelerate the development and manufacturing of these vaccines and antivirals.

If we have learned anything during COVID it is Canada cannot rely on the global supply chain. Whether its processing cattle or manufacturing vaccines there must be additional capacity within Canada.

The Liberal government must partner with these Canadian companies to secure a Canadian solution because our economic future, and the lives of many Canadians, depends on it.

The world is watching, now is the time to be Canada proud.

The Truth about Quarantine Hotels
Are quarantine hotels purely politically motivated with no science or data to back up this Liberal order?

I and MP Michelle Rempel Garner asked Public Health Agency of Canada to show us the data to justify quarantine hotels, or admit this move is not based on science.

After these very serious allegations of sexual assault and lack of any data justifying their effectiveness, Conservatives are calling for an immediate end to Trudeau’s mandatory hotel quarantines and private security enforcement checks on travelers.

This is not who we are as Canadians. We cannot stand by and watch as Canadians are subjected to this. We can protect Canada from an influx of new cases by using the tools already at our disposal.

It is time for the government to permanently bring an end to this deeply flawed program and replace it with a more effective system of enhanced pre- and post-arrival testing for international travellers and better and safer enforcement of the at-home quarantine.

Hotel quarantines need to be scrapped.

| Read more hereWatch my Questions here
My Bill Wraps up 2nd hour of Debate

My Private Member's Bill wrapped up debate at Second Reading, and I had the honour to conclude the debate.

I wish to thank all of my colleagues for their strong support from Conservatives, NDP and Bloc Members.

Bill C-205, An Act to Amend the Health of Animals Act, addresses the critical issue of securing the biosecurity of our food supply, especially when people trespass onto farm property and at facilities. It will also increase the penalties for groups and organizations who encourage individuals to threaten the health of animals, workers and farm families.

This Bill does not limit an individual’s right to peacefully protest on public property or silence whistleblowers.

Bill C-205 was first introduced in Parliament on February 18 2020, however, debate was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of Parliament.

The House will vote on Bill C-205 tentatively scheduled for March 10, and if passed it will move on to be studied at Agriculture Committee. 

You can watch my speech here |
Demanding transparency at Health Committee

My motion passed by a 6-5 vote in favour to obtain access to and clarity on the government’s vaccine contracts despite the Liberals’ efforts to filibuster Health committee and vote to prevent Canadians from accessing critical information on variants and vaccine contracts. 

My motion calls for the federal contracts with various COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to be made public either through the committee law clerk (who may have received them in October after an order to disclose various COVID-19 records,) or, in the event the clerk isn't already in possession of the documents, through a request for the contracts to be turned over to the health committee to be reviewed in-camera.

These contracts would outline the means and manner in which doses of various COVID-19 vaccines were to be delivered to Canada, including scheduling; an especially important detail considering numerous delays in shipments to Canada as of late.

| You can read more here |

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this month's virtual town hall. I appreciate all of the great questions and feedback from constituents. If you're interested in watching the town hall, the video is still available on my Facebook page:
Virtually Speaking in Paris to OECD

3PM in Paris meet 7AM in Alberta.

It was an honour to speak at OECD's Global Parliamentary Network, virtually held in Paris, about the impacts of COVID on mental health & the opioid crisis.

Accessing a global network of Parliamentarians helps us find best practices to address this crisis and work together on solution, with hundreds of Parliamentarians watching from countries across the world. 
Protect Yourself from Vaccine Scams

Alberta Health Services has indicated they are receiving reports of a phone scam where Albertans over 75 are told they can book their COVID-19 immunization for a fee.

AHS will never ask for payment for COVID-19 immunization or charge a fee for an appointment. Do not give these callers your health or financial information.

If you are unsure, you can just hang up and call Alberta Health 8-1-1 Service directly for information, or report the scam to non-emergency local police services.
Happy Canadian Agriculture Day

From seed, to feed, to plate - Canada does it best.

One in 8 jobs in Canada is directly related to agriculture and food production is by far the largest manufacturing employer in the country supporting more than 250,000 jobs.

Farmers are producing more food on less land, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gases, including reductions of diesel fuel use by about 200 million litres each year.

Thank you to all of our farmers, farm families, food processors and agri-sector workers for putting the highest quality food on our plates each and every day. 
We Support our Energy Workers

If workers in Canada’s energy sector feel discarded by this Government, the Liberal members of the Natural Resources committee, the Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee, and the Transport, Infrastructure and communities committee cemented those feelings earlier this month when they voted against or shut down debate at every opportunity.

Trudeau said he wants to shut down Canada's energy sector, now he refuses to let MPs even talk about it. Liberal MPs shut down debate to study the Canadian impacts of the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Conservatives will always stand up for Canadian workers, our environment, and Canadian jobs in order to rebuild our economy and secure the future for all Canadians.

Thank you for all you do. 

| You can read the full Conservative Opposition statement here |

C-206 passes 2nd reading 

Currently, on-farm fuel like diesel and “purple” gas are exempt from the carbon tax, but natural gas and propane used outside of the commercial greenhouse industry are not. This bill would extend that exemption to natural gas and propane used to dry grain or to heat livestock barns.

The support of the NDP, Bloc and Green Party shows that whether you agree with the Carbon Tax or not, this is a necessary change to support the livelihoods of Canadian farmers. Unfortunately, the failure of the Liberals to support this critical legislation proves again that they are more interested in playing partisan games than helping farmers across Canada.

This great news for our Canadian farm families as an important piece of legislation is moving on to be studied at Agriculture committee.

I spoke to this Bill during the first hour of debate
. You can watch my speech here.


These are a few pieces of legislation being debated in Parliament I would like my constituents to be aware of: 

Firearms Legislation, Bill C-21:
Will set up a program to buy back the firearms they banned this past May; prohibiting the use, sale and importation of more than 1,500 makes and models of legally purchased weapons.  While the proposed buy-back program is voluntary, owners of the over 1,500 models and variants listed will be required to comply with strict requirements beginning on April 30, 2022, including agreeing to cease all use and store the firearms indefinitely. This legislation will also allow municipalities to ban law-abiding Canadians from owning firearms and will ban airsoft sports.

Bill C-22: 
Will eliminate a number of mandatory minimum penalties, broaden conditional sentencing, and make changes to how police and prosecutors handle some drug related offences.

 My perspective:  This month, the Liberals announced new legislation targeting law abiding firearms owners. Shortly after, the Liberals introduced Bill C-22, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The bill included the elimination of a number of mandatory minimum penalties for firearms offences that keep communities safe.

Law-abiding Canadians who own firearms are being targeted, while criminals charged with illegal gun offences are getting off the hook with new reduced sentencing measures. Liberals are demonizing law-abiding firearms owners, while at the same time introducing new measures to actually reduce sentencing for criminals charged with illegal gun offences. This is a confusing, hypocritical message they’re sending on crime. 

I have, and will always, support common-sense firearms policies that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. 
Last year I spoke on the Liberal Order in Council on the gun ban, |  Watch my full comments here |

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Medical Assistance In Dying, Bill C-7:
The House will debate the government's motion responding to Senate amendments on C-7. The government is supporting amendments that would:
  • Allow medical assistance in dying where mental illness is the sole underlying illness 24 months after bill receives royal assent.
  • Establishing an independent review of how to proceed with MAID by persons who have mental illness.
  • Collecting race-based data on those accessing MAID.
  • Establish a Joint Committee of both Houses of Parliament to complete “a comprehensive review of the provisions of the Criminal Code relating to medical assistance in dying and their application, including but not limited to issues relating to mature minors, advance requests, mental illness, the state of palliative care in Canada and the protection of Canadians with disabilities.


 My perspective:  I have heard from persons with disabilities, religious leaders and medical professionals who have made clear they believe the expansion of MAID in Bill C-7 is dangerous and requires more scrutiny. The Liberals have ignored those pleas. These are not minor tweaks. These Senate amendments propose significantly altering the overall intent of C-7 as was passed by the House.

Liberals are accepting an amendment that would start a reckless countdown to expand MAID to those with mental illness.

I voted against MAID in the previous Parliament and did again earlier this year when it was first in the House of Commons. I did not believe MAID had the required safeguards in place and I am extremely concerned to see the requirements to qualify for MAID broadened even further.

As background, I spoke on Bill C-7 in the House of Commons in December to lay out some of my concerns.
Watch my full speech here |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bill C-14: 
This legislation will enact parts of the Fall Economic Statement. This legislation:
  • Implements the spending authorities outlined in the Fall Economic Statement.
  • Amends the Income Tax Act to bring in the Canada Child Benefit top up.
  • Fixes the gap in the second version of the Liberals’ rent relief legislation.
  • Amends the Canada Student Loans and Canada Student Financial Assistance Act to stop charging interest on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans in 2021.
  • Amends the Food and Drugs Act to address therapeutic product shortages.
  • Amends the Borrowing Authority Act and the Financial Administration Act to increase the borrowing limit of the federal government.

 My perspective: I am supportive of providing essential support to people in the midst of very challenging circumstances. However, a major concern, as we look at the government's fiscal plan for the present and for the future, is that it does not have a plan for jobs, growth and getting Canadians back to work. My constituents want to be confident there is a plan for them and for the recovery of this country's economy. Bill C-14 would do absolutely nothing to instill this confidence. If anything, all it shows is more money going out the door, without any kind of indication as to how we will rebuild.

Canada’s unemployment rate is among the highest G-7, despite spending more than any other country in the OECD. $100 billion will be wasted on ineffective spending to fund pet projects that won’t help Canadians get back to work.

In a time of fear and uncertainty, the government owes it to Canadians to show real, committed leadership. I will continue to fight for the great residents of Foothills, including the energy workers, the agricultural producers, the small business owners and everyone in-between. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Canada Elections Act, Bill C-19: 
The Liberal government has tabled a bill that proposes changes to the Canada Elections Act. Elections Canada had recommended a series of amendments, including:
  • A weekend election, featuring a two-day polling period on a Saturday and Sunday, instead of the traditional one-day vote usually held on a Monday, to give Elections Canada the ability to set up polling places in larger locations to enhance physical distancing and help with recruiting poll workers; 
  • Increasing the number of voting days for electors in long-term care facilities, to prevent poll workers from having to enter multiple facilities in a day, given the high-risk environment they have shown to be during the pandemic; and 
  • Allowing mail-in ballots sent before the deadline to be accepted up until the day after polls close. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I always appreciating hearing the feedback and perspective of my constituents on Bills in Parliament. Please feel free to email me if you have any comments on the above legislation:

CRA Scams: What to Look Out for

Recognizing a Scam:
Many scams and frauds attempt to imitate government services in order to gain access to your personal and financial information.


Types of Scams and Fraud:
!  Phone Call Scams: If someone calls you saying they are from the Government of Canada, there are ways you can verify it’s official government communication.
! Prepaid cards, bitcoin, e-transfers payments: The Government of Canada will not demand payment by Interac e-transfer, bitcoin, prepaid credit cards or gift cards.
Email Scams: In some cases, the Government of Canada will send you an email. For example, The Canada Revenue Agency may notify you by email when a new message or a document, such as a notice of assessment or reassessment, is available for you in secure CRA portal.
Text Message/ Instant Messaging Scams: The Government of Canada will not send texts asking you for personal information, to verify your Social Insurance Number has been stolen,  to receive a tax refund, to make a payment, to receive your Employment Insurance payment.
Mail Scams: Some scammers send fake mail pretending to be from the Government of Canada  asking for personal and financial information. The letters can be very convincing and look real. Before you act, confirm if the letter is official communication.
Protecting Yourself:
  • Protect  your Social Insurance Number
  • Protect your financial information
  • Report fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
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Given the atrocities committed against Chinese citizens by the People’s Republic of China, Should China host the 2022 Winter Olympics?

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