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April 20th, 2020


The SCORP Newsletter: a new format! (and a new platform)

Public Relations and Communication have been a trademark for the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace, where huge efforts and elaborate plans have been dedicated towards developing the most effective and sustainable platforms to empower the members and make their work visible. 

The SCORP Newsletter has been one of our several platforms that was introduced over the years in our Standing Committee. It was created to provide the SCORPions with a space to share their ideas, express themselves; promote their work, and to bring them closer to the international work updates.

Today, as we're striving for more transparency and accountability of the International Team on one hand, and more visibility of the work of our SCORPions on the other, we have decided to make  the SCORP newsletter a monthly publication with a new format:
  • The SCORP Insights: the SCORP insights will continue being published through the same platform and shared both in the SCORP Facebook Group and on the email server. However, the content will be almost exclusively about the international updates.
  • The SCORPions' Blog: the SCORPions blog will be shared monthly on our SCORP database website, containing all the SCORPions-related previous sections of the newsletter, but with a little bit more liberty and space to share more contributions. The call will be open in the beginning of every month is getting bigger!

Because communication is crucial, and because we value our members' input, ideas and feedback, we have been working on, over the past months, to develop the SCORP Database to be more of an interactive platform that brings SCORPions together. 
Sooo... we are happy to share with you the new Communication Hub:

IT Updates:

February-March 2020

Director On Human Rights and Peace

Mahmood Al-hamody,
  • Attending EMR16 and supporting the SCORP Sessions.
  • Supporting the PreEMR Mental Health Essentials workshop.
  • Coordinating the preparations for the SCORP Sessions in MM20, attending MM20, coordinating the sessions and supporting the CoC Committee.
  • Facilitating Healthcare in Danger workshop and attending TOM3 in preMM20.
  • Separate meetings with DA and PRCA to discuss respectively CB and PR future plans.
  • Following up on the progress of the SP, AWP and GPs.
  • Finalizing Intersectional IFMSA Proposal and opening the call for SWG.
  • Selection of SCORP Camp Host.
  • Folllowing up with GoSCORP hosts.
  • Establishing the first NORP Report.
  • Initiating the reform of the HCiD manual
  • Supporting the draft of the SCORP communication guidelines.
  • Supervising the submission of SCORP abstracts to the AMEE conference
  • Conducting the Quaterly Reflection meetings with the IT.

Liaison officer for Human Rights and Peace issues

Tammy Yu,
  • PreMM HCiD Workshop.
  • Inviting the HSCC to attend HCiD in preMM.
  • MM20 SCORP Sessions, external affairs session and regional sessions.
  • Initiation of SCORP's COVID-19 action points.
  • Initiation of refugees' health ad rights project.
  • Working on 2 IFMSA reflections on COVID-19.
  • ExtRep udpates through previous newsletter.
  • Initiation of SCORP's policy Campaign.
  • Sharing external materials and opportunities.

SCORP General Assistant

Maria Krayem,
  • MM20 Preparations, facilitating 2 sessions and supporting one more.
  • Organizing SCORP fair and promoting GoSCORP during the sessions and exchanges fair.
  • PreMM preparations, facilitating HCiD workshop.
  • GoSCORP first preparations.
  • SCORP camp selection process.
  • Working on AMEE submissions on behalf of SCORP.
  • MM preparatory webinar.
  • Falicitated HCiD in PreMM.
  • Following up on MM20.

SCORP CB Development Assistant

Berkehan Erkılıç,
  • SRTs: following up on workshops, being in contact with coordinators and supporthing through official and non-official communication.
  • TNHRTs follow-up: GoSCORP Rwanda, SCORP Meeting Italy 2019, SCORP Camp Indonesia, Colombia and Quebec.
  • HRMPs follow-up: CleoMadness, Bangladesh, Egypt Winter Camp, Honduras.
  • Facilitating HCiD in preMM20
  • Following up on PreEuRegMe MHE and ITDM as well as ITDM Romania, IFMSA-Sweden ITDM Lund.
  • Drafting HCiD toolkit.
  • Workhops' Standarisation SWG: working on the TNHRT curriculum.
  • Drafting the regulations through the CB Regulations SWG.
  • Representing IFMSA in ICAN NPT Online Consultations - Europe Umbrella States, Europe Nuclear Armed States.

SCORP PR and Communication Assistant

Amine Youcef Ali,
  • Coordinating International Women's Day 2020 with SCORA and PC GBV;
  • Designing and releasing campaign materials.
  • MM20 Preparations, coordination of MM20 SCORP Sessions' visibility and social media, attending MM20 and facilitating a session.
  • Desining promo materials for ExrEP opportunities and for GoSCORP.
  • Updating the SCORP Database Website.
  • First draft of the SCORP Communication guidelines + design and layout.
  • Preparations of the SCORP Newsletter, call-selection-design.

SCORP Regional Assistant for Africa

Madeleine Kazindu,
  • Attending HCiD workshop in PreMM20 as a participant.
  • Preparations of SCORP Sessions for MM20, facilitating some sessions and supporting the SCORP Sessions Team.
  • Delivering an online session about SCORP to NiMSA Nigeria.
  • Online meeting with African region NORPs.
  • Restructuring SCORP Africa Whatsapp Group.

SCORP Regional Assistant for the Americas

Ana Paula Estrella,
  • Attending MM20 SCORP Sessions, facilitating some SCORP sessions and the Americas regional sessions.
  • Coordinating the SWG on Migrants and Refugees within Exchanges.
  • Drafting the SCORP Regional Campaign
  • Following up on SCORP CBin the Americas (HRMP Honduras - TNHRT Peru)
  • Individual meetings with the NORPs to follow up on their work (10 OLMs.)
  • Promoting SCORP international activities with NORPs.
  • Making sure that almost all NORPs fill the report to get voting rights.
  • Discussing with SCORP D to open the SCORP Americas Facebook Group.
  • Drafting the activation strategy for the new platform.

SCORP Regional Assistant for Asia-Pacific

Batara Bisuk,
  • Publishing the SCORP AP International Women's Day campaign.
  • Pubishing NMO Human Rights Issues and NMO activities sharing March edition.
  • Creating NORP Progress Test.
  • Representing IFMSA in ICAN regional consultation.
  • Preparations of SCORP Sessions in MM20, attending MM20 and facilitating Sessions Team Tasks.

SCORP Regional Assistant for the EMR

Ahmed Zayed,
  • Preparations for SCORP EMR 16 sessions and attending the meeting.
  • Following up on EMR16 Sessions team.
  • MM20 preparations , attending MM20 and facilitating some sessions as well as the regional sessions for the EMR.
  • Following up with IFMSA Iran NORP on activity enrollment.
  • Meeting with PMSA-Palestine NORP to build new activity related to regional priority.
  • Meeting with Lesouk-Algeria NORP to finalize handover process and discuss SCORP national structure.

SCORP Regional Assistant for Europe

Elena Sholmann,
  • MM20 preparations , attending MM20 and facilitating some sessions as well as the regional sessions for Europe
  • Following up on MM20.
  • Selecting trainers for PreEuregMe workshops "Climate Action for Peace - ITDM " and 'Mental Health for Medical Practitioners.
  • Selection of SCORP Sessions Team for EuregMe, agenda and tasks distribution.
  • Promotion of the European Mental Health challenge, scoring of the applications within SCORP.
  • Attending Monthly IT and ET meetings.
  • NORP Buddy Group meetings.

SCORP Programs and Activities


Programs are streams of different activities done by NMOs and IFMSA at local, national and international levels. Programs address problems within a specific field that we as students and global health advocates work on, connecting local and international activities and creating opportunities to contribute together towards a final outcome.

Are you:
  • Working on an activity and want to improve it with the help of our program coordinators?
  • Wanting to increase the impact of your activity and show it to the rest of the world?
  • Looking for a certfication to your activity and to showcase it through international platforms such as the Activities Fairs or the Rex Crossley Awards.
If you answered yes to one the questions above, your way is to enroll your activity under one of the IFMSA Programs!
Click here to enroll your activity now!
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