IFMSA | SCORP Newsletter #6 - March 2018
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A message from the SCORP International Team
Dear SCORPions,
We are happy and excited to present you the very second SCORP Newsletter of the term 2017-2018. We have done a lot amazing stuff together in the past months, and we will do so much more.

It is very important for us to increase the visibility of SCORP and the communication between SCORPions. That's the reason in  this short newsletter, we wanted give you brief updates on what's going on around the world regarding SCORP.

Hope you enjoy!
MM 2018 Updates!


Hello SCORPions,


In the past months we as the SCORP Sessions Team have worked really hard to make sure the MM18 SCORP would be an amazing experience for all of you. And I was an amazing experience for us! We are really happy we got the chance meet our participants and share these awesome days with them. We will share how the sessions went in the Follow Up Kit. 


Night of the Refugee (Nacht van de Vluchteling)

Every year, Stichting Vluchteling ("Foundation Refugee") in the Netherlands organizes a 40k sponsored walk in the the night in order to raise a awareness for the situation of refugees and to raise money for emerency aid to refugees in refugee camps. For a few years now, members of IFMSA-NL have participated in teams in order to raise money and awareness. In the run-up to the Night of the Refugee, we organize a large number of activities in order to raise money and awareness. In 2017 our members organized more than 20 bakesales in different cities, a pubquiz and benefit night in order to raise money. Eventually, we walked the night with 72 of our volunteers and raised a total of 10884 euro's (with our activities and by walking).
Mental Health National Project
As a part of the international program of Mental Health, we thought of conducting this project a national one and our main goal was to spread the word about this important and essential kind of health among our citizens and especially medical students. It isn't common to talk about this topic in Egypt, so we decided to spot the light on it and deliver its importance and make people aware of some alarming signs of mental illness.
in celebration of Universal Children’s day, we collaborated with Kuwait’s Child’s Rights Society in an event that raised awareness on monitoring kid’s health status as parents. This took place in a mall, in which we also commemorated the launching of the Baby bloom app. This app provides easy monitoring of kids growth and development and we helped demonstrate how to use it.

World Human Rights Day 2017

To check out the WHRD 2017 Report and the public materials, check out this file. You can also check out the SCORP Platforms website to  check out  about our campaign.




We have received several beyond impressive ^^ GoSCORP applications from around the world and are currently in the process of reviewing them with the VPCB, SCORP-D and RAs!

If you still haven't heard, GoSCORP is a revolution in Human Rights Capacity Building (HRCB)! It is a platform where you get to go on exchange with the one and only Standing Committee on Human Rights & Peace! You will get the opportunity for volunterer, in addition to multiple events pertaining to HRCB. Stay tuned for this year's exchanges ^^

Hugs, xox



As you all know SCORP Camp is happening in Czech Republic
from 27-August until 02-September!


..... our Facebook page is out! Make sure to like it so you can stay updated:

Updates will be shared with you on behalf of the OC on a monthly basis ;)

Application process starts on the 9th of April

Stay tuned for more details <3

SCORP Activity of the Region
EMR |  What do you know about human rights

On world human rights day 2017, one of the most GREEN days of the calendar, SCORP Constantine attempted to solve an important problem; medical students are poor in their knowledge of human rights which are essential and complementary to their medical curriculum. In order to make the biggest impact possible, we dedicated that day to try and make a change and hopefully drive our students to become the most competent doctors. We started with a sensitization on ethics, patients' rights and the basics of a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Afterwards, we held an event rich in presentations of human rights declarations and then debates on the most basic rights 'right to live, children and refugees rights and healthcare'. And to call it a day we chose a very emotive workshop that reached deeper personal levels and taught these students that respect and protection of human rights is everyone's responsibility .
Europe | Live Exhibition

We reenacted women of the past who have challenged and changed the world like Zübeyde Hanım ( mother of the great leader, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK), Afife Jale (first female Turkish-Muslim actress), Marie Curie ( won two Nobel prizes) , Sabiha Gökçen ( first female war pilot) , Halide Edip Adıvar ( Turkish writer who championed for civil resistance for WW1), Türkan Saylan ( Turkish doctor who worked so hard ok girls’ education, researcher on leprosy and advocate against the stigma behind it) and Jeanne D’arc. We also distbuted brochures.

We wanted to inform people about 8 March and tried to make people remember these women who worked so hard to change the world. And to show people how women can succeed when they challenge obstacles. We also informed people about our local and national organizations and SCORP.

Americas |  Dawn
This is a social project called “Dawn”. This term refers directly to “The light before the sunset”. So, this is what we want to do. We want to create light in the middle of the night in Venezuela’s context and make people feel hope again even when the outlook looks grey. Medical students could be agents of change for a group of vulnerable people, and make them have a voice and feel hear. We need to create empathy on the students even when they are on their first years of academy, because this will be the way that we are going to be doctors of sick people, not sickness itself. We need to know the patient, their needs, their hopes, their fears and started to see medicine by a humanitarian eye and this work start in our communities.

Right now we are working on this activity, on their first stage from January to April. We already benefit 120 kids, between pediatric patients and kids from the orphanage. We gave them a day of fun, we gave them breakfast, talked with them and create a positive environment for them and their families for a day. This activity has been done in four states of our country: Merida, Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar and Valera.

I need to let you know that after this stage, will be executing two more: communities in need and general population (From may to august) and one with elderly people from september to december.
Asia-Pacific | IDPD 17
(International Day for Persons with Disabilities 2017)

On the occasion of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, SCORP Asia Pacific had a Regional Activity which had online and on-ground parts.

Video : The NMOs submitted one video addressing how their country supports PwDs (Government, NGOs, General Population, etc).

One hour closer : the SCORPions from the Asia Pacific visited the Persons with Disabilities and spend time with them, engaging them in discussions to encourage them to express their feelings and views about their life and their perspective at life, giving them a space voice their feelings and share.

Africa| My Stand in Abortion

An online (WhatsApp) discussion where people openly gave their views about abortion
The past months of SCORP

The Americas Regional Meeting 2018


The Americas Regional Meeting is an amazing event for us as a region, since is the main platform to meet, get trained and learn from each others. Me and my SCORP Sessions Team, together in coordination

with the amazing OC's meeting, we planned just the best for you all.


As medical students, future physicians and active members of our communities we follow this desire to achieve human rights and freedom for all. Tolerance, diversity and a strong belief in human rights education are three pillars of SCORP that together enable us to pursue this desire.


Due to that, Our incredible sessions were developed with daily themes integrating all the topics of each day under an umbrella and in this way to be able to correlate all the learning:

SCORPillars Day for day 1: Introduction to SCORP, Refugees, Migrants and IDP, Advance HHRR.

Diversity Day for day 2: LGBTIQ +, Women's Rights / GBV.

Awareness Day for day 3: Mental health, Medical Ethics

Global Day for day 4: IFMSA Programs, SCORP Activities Fair, Disaster Medicine and Medical Students and the Sustainable development Goals.

Also We had amazing Joint Sessions with SCOME and SCORA.

Bioethics and Human Rights in Medical Curriculum: this session was based on the SWG between us, to find the best way to improve our methodolgy and highlithgnt the importance of human rights in our medical training in order to get better healthcare providers with a human rights and ethics focus.


SCORP-SCORA: Women's sexual and reproductive health and rights vulnerability in times of crisis and disaster: As you know our Region had a lot of Disaster in the last year, due to that We engaged in the fight for human rights, and for sexual and reproductive health and rights particularly, and knowing that crisis, present, the perfect setting for their abolition, we believe that we, as medical students, have one of the important roles in the disasters and Humanitarian crisis and women's rights advocacy in humanitarian settings.


Working with human rights and peace is not an easy task, but the SCORP Sessions Team did a good job to ensure that this ARM provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge, inspiration and energy to take further action in your community!

During the meeting, we had participants from all over this beautiful region, and we told about their challenges and successes with open mind, asking questions, sharing their ideas and thoughts, and to enjoying this experience to the fullest. The SCORP sessions in the ARM 2018 were created unforgettable experience that you will never forget; and always remember, you all belong to the SCORP family.

Definitely we had an unforgettable experience and we have now the skills to improve SCORP because you are the most important person in creating this experience.

I hope that you took this opportunity to share experience and knowledge, to ask all questions that you can come to think of, to interact with each other both within and outside of the sessions, and of course to enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Because SCORP is a platform to share, learn and have fun, but overall to start thinking globally and acting locally based on human rights.

Green hugs!

The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco.



Our EMR spirit is Unique! This year, the EMR meeting took place from the 2nd until the 5th of March in Beautiful Marrakech, Morocco. The EMR Regional Meeting is an amazing opportunity for us, as a region, to gather, get trained, discuss important topics for our NMOs and learn from each others experience.

Personally, EMR has a special place in my heart as it was my first international event to attend and it empowered me to keep going in my path in IFMSA.


Working with human rights and peace is not an easy task, but the SCORP Sessions Team worked hard to ensure that this EMR provided you with the necessary tools, knowledge, inspiration and energy to take further action in your communities!


We started Day 1 with getting to know each other and creating a friendly atmosphere between participants besides Introduction to SCORP, Human Rights 101 and Peace & Conflict



Day 2, we started the day with Children’s Rights, Freedom of Speech, IFMSA Programs, IFMSA Policy Making and Human Rights Advocacy.


Day 3, Stigma and Discrimination towards Mental Health Patients, SCORP Fair, Wrap up and goodbye session.


Besides having fruitful SCORP sessions, We also had two Joint Sessions with SCOME on Human Rights and Medical Ethics in Medical Curricula and with SCORA on SRHR


During the meeting, we had participants from all over region who shared their challenges and successes with open mindedness and a will to learn.


I guess you already know each of our Regional Meetings has its own charm, and rest assured that for this one, we had a blast!


Green Hugs,

Mennah ElRefaey

Your SCORP RA for the EMR 17/18

New NMOs in SCORP:
Since the last issue, our SCORP family has grown in terms of countries. We want to give a warm welcome to them. Let's read about their stories:


Kazakhstan medical student's association (KazMSA) - Ayaulym Sagat, NORP

We are all meeting with the violence, infringements and with other disturbances of human rights in every minute in our entire world. It is a very enormous problem that should be solved. From my point of view, SCORP is an essential committee which can help to pay attention to such issues.
SCORP is like a hobby. I am keen on exploring and investigating about human rights and about problems that connected with that.
Kazakhstan medical student's association (KazMSA) is a new NMO for SCORP. We are developing this standing committee in our region. I do believe that KazMSA will be one of the best NMOs in IFMSA by using our goals and plans for future.
It make me feel happy when our standing committee team do actions and events to pay humanity's attention. Therefore, it gives a contribution to solve disturbances of human rights.



SMMAMS Malaysia - Hung Wei Pin, NORP

Throughout years of medical training, we can recall the 4 moral values for ethical guidance of medicine namely Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence and Justice. Justice can be an individual perspective on how fairness is administered so different individual might have different views on justice. Without proper human rights education in Malaysia medical education each of us share different opinions when we talk about the global challenges like refugee influx, lgbt oppression, ageism and etc. By establishing SCORP, it empowers students to make a more informed decision when delivering healthcare, knowing how to achieve justice between selfishness and altruism, treat patients in dignity without discrimination leading a better healthcare environment.


We wish them the best of luck with their projects, and may SCORP thrive in your NMO!

To see all SCORP Active NMOs and their contact information, check out the SCORP Active Map here.

Workshops delivered:
Pre March Meeting 2018
Human Rights for Medical Practitioners

Written by İdil Kına, Turkey

The Human Rights for Medical Practitioners workshop was an amazing experience for me. Human rights are my passion, so I spend a good amount of my time learning about human rights and discussing about them. And yet this workshop widen my vision like nothing else did. For three days with many amazing participants, I didn't just got to learn all sorts new knowledge but also to practice it. We learned about right to health and discussed how to solve problems regarding access to health, we created our own countries and discussed how  IHL would be implemented in different setting, we gathered and discussed how IHL is being implemented in our countries, we learned about the sustainable development goals and what can we do to achieve the specific objectives, we had a refugee simulation and a debate where we tackled 3 different topics.

Every facilitator and participant who made this workshop possible, thank you for this bonding and life changing 3 days together.
International Training on Disaster Medicine
Written by Ann Leen Mahhov, Estonia
I was one of the participants of the International Training on Disaster Medicine, which took place right before the GA MM 2018. When I first went through the agenda of this training, it was all bunch of fancy words to me, for example, ’pre-hospital management’ did not ring any bell at all. But one thing was for sure – I wanted to get the glimpse of it. So, without any expectations whatsoever, I applied for the workshop and, to my surprise, got the spot. 
The workshop itself lasted roughly for 3 days and the topics we discussed included almost every aspect of disaster medicine, except the treating part (which most of us learn at medical school). The course was very practical, I would say that about 50% of the time we had simulations on the topics we had been discussing earlier, for example pre-hospital and hospital management, performing a triage etc. Almost every topic was new to me, as I said earlier, so I learned a lot. The most fun part was, of course, the practical one. At the very end we even had a real simulation of mass shooting on the beach, where half of our group (plus a few volunteers) played the victims and the other half had to perform a triage, command the team, communicate with dispecher etc. To sum it up, those 3 days were quite intense. It was all worth it though - I can proudly say that now I have a way better understanding how disaster medicine works and a lot of new friends from all over the world.
Refugees’ Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Written by Berkehan ERKILIÇ, Turkey

I have participated to the “Refugees’ Mental Health and Psychosocial Support” workshop in the March Meeting PreGA 2018. Our trainer was Hateem Ala Marzouk, a very passionate psychiatrist and an old IFMSA member and he has been truly inspiring throughout the three days. All of the participants blended well within the very first hours of the workshop with successful energizer games and interactive activities which facilitated the proceed of the workshop enormously. Every participant being from different countries and backgrounds and the people being from countries that specifically tackle with refugee situation was a big boost to the workshop because of its aid in building a universal understanding of the situation and seeing it through different perspectives.

  All and each one of us was uniquely encouraged to propogate and spread the information and awareness we learned here in our NMO’s, so basically the workshop has been beyond the mere three days and Hurghada.

The Americas Pre Regional Meeting 2018 - TNHRT with focus on Disaster Medicine

The Training New Human Rights Trainers Workshop (TNHRT) is the international training on human rights created by the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). In Americas Region, we are suffering a dark reality because we are victims of a lot of disasters ( natural disasters or not) in the last year, for that reason we created the TNHRT with focus on disaster medicine, to teach to the medical students the bridge between human rights and disasters.

We were creating ambassadors for human rights and humanitarian value within healthcare and

broad community, in this region of IFMSA, improving the awareness in others medical students with the capacity to make the difference in our profession.

From the SCORPions
From Guatemala:
With what may be the most beautiful words of any international agreement, “all the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles begins. Today, it remains as relevant as it was in 1948. The Declaration constitutes the foundations of a just and dignified future for all, and offers people from all over the world a powerful instrument in the fight against oppression, impunity and insults to human dignity. Today, we the SCORPions in Guatemala (and all over the globe), celebrate de 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!
From Hungary:

Lately public attention was drawn to many cases of sexual harassment and abuse by this
raising awareness to this often hidden topic. Because of the importance as well as the many
misconceptions surrounding it the local committee in Budapest held a three phase event with
the aim of educating medical students. It included a self-defense course for the members of the
LC followed by a film club and a workshop with a focus on the recognition and fight against
abuse and sexual harassment as medical professionals lead by a lawyer specialized in
Woman’s -and Children’s Rights. For further info about the program feel free to contact us at!
From Algeria:

On world human rights day 2017, one of the most GREEN days of the calendar, SCORP Constantine attempted to solve an important problem; medical students are poor in their knowledge of human rights which are essential and complementary to their medical curriculum. In order to make the biggest impact possible, we dedicated that day to try and make a change and hopefully drive our students to become the most competent doctors. We started with a sensitization on ethics, patients' rights and the basics of a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Afterwards, we held an event rich in its presentations of human rights declarations and then debates on the most basic rights 'right to live, children and refugees rights and healthcare'. And to call it a day we chose a very emotive workshop that reached deeper personal levels and taught these students that respect and protection of human rights is everyone's responsibility .
From France:

We are launching a big campaign on social medias (Facebook, Twitter...) about sustainable development. Each day (during 17 days) we will develop a goal, explain it and promote actions of medical students around this goal. However, our students does not really have projects around access to drinkable water or access to medicines That's why we are looking for pictures of these actions in other NMO's and we would be very happy if you could share with us photos of your activities.

To share what you have, please send them to

From Ecuador:


Anyone would think to talk about human rights is issue of lawyers and legal experts. And yes, out there, there are millions who believe it. As a result, engendered struggles cannot be count, and its totality, none have been accomplished.

For this reason, as medical students and citizens of the world, it is our duty to empower children, women, youth and vulnerable others about human rights. And more than anything, let them know we really do not need others for demanding its respect and compliance, but from ourselves.

Only then, we will build the place we have always dreamed of.

Damary S. Jaramillo
AEMPPI  Ecuador

Still Waiting
Throughout Ecuador´s history, the forced disappearance of people was a strategy used by determinated groups to commit crimes againts Human Right’s and unfortunately this situation is part of American countries history too, this stories we should never forget in order to keep alive the memory of the loved ones who disappeared without leaving any trace. The project “Still Waiting” was born to make known this uncomfortable truth around the World. This year I hope it will be accepted as a regional activity. It has also participated in the Activity Fair of the MM this year.

Jessica Alovillo Latorre
AEMPPI Ecuador
From Jordan:
As part of our local SCORP  project in Mutah University " volunteering weekend " we've visited mercy restaurant in amman on saturday 3rd of march 2018, which is a restaurant was established by the Caritas Jordan to provide everyday meals for all it's visitors " poor , needy , homeless , ... " for free 

OUR volunteers had brought the food supplies needed to make that day meals,  and volunteered in  helping the staff cooking the food and serving the meals for the people who visited the restaurant that day to provide them with free lunch meals .

And as part of the volunteers' tasks they went to an old woman house and brought her her daily meal, then before leaving they were given a detailed orientation about the concept off the restaurant and its history of establishment which was 2 years ago .

Ali M. Khafaja,
National Officer on human Rights & Peace 
Tips and Opportunities : SCORP Platforms
Pre African Regional Meeting: TNHRT
The Pre ARM TNHRT workshop is now being featured in the SCORP Events Guide. Check it out here:
SCORP Activities Database

A lot of amazing activities are being conducted by SCORPions all over the world. And we have the SCORP Activities Database, a platform that provides open access of these activities to all SCORPions. But It's not just that, It also gives you the opportunity to share your activity to the thousands of SCORPions. All you have to do in order to submit your activity is to fill in this form.

You can access it here:, in the tab “Activities Database”.

The image you see on the right is the SCORP Activities Database half-term report. You can also access it through the website above.

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