Shorter is better, so this newsletter is changing.

It's more than the season that's changing! I know we're all inundated with info. So this email will now be shorter — more like a digital postcard you can quickly scan. Each issue will present 3 things: an inspiring quote, an image, and a link to an essay or resource.

What won't change? My focus on Visual IP, innovation, and the world of entrepreneurship. Plus, my connection with you, my creative posse.

Thanks for joining me on the journey. As always, I welcome your connection.


"We are a species that lives on ideas, and imagination, and creativity."
— Ken Robinson


Diagram of the Cognitive Bias Codex

The Cognitive Bias Codex is a marvelous example of how a well-designed visual can make make a huge amount of information accessible. The circular diagram represents 188 cognitive biases (eg, confirmation bias, Occam's razor, halo effect, etc.) divided into four broad categories. Each bias has a link to its own Wikipedia page where you can explore details. Have fun digging in — I did.

Visual IP: What Shape Do Your Ideas Take?

Combined graphic of 5 shapes of Visual IP
In the last issue, I introduced an idea I've been working on for more than a year, Visual IP (intellectual property) — proprietary drawings, diagrams, or frameworks to support your ideas. I wrote about the power of Visual IP and why it's important for everyone who wants to increase their ability to explain, influence, and persuade.

In a new followup article, I share the 5 essential shapes of Visual IP that can unlock the power of your ideas. These are shapes we often take for granted. Yet we can supercharge our ideas if we use them well.

This new essay is a cornerstone of Visual IP, a concept I'll be building out in the weeks and months ahead. This essay (and those to follow) will live on my website, since I know that newsletters rarely get archived or revisited. I hope you enjoy it — and that it helps you make the most of ideas that may be rambling around in your head.

Ready to guess what the 5 shapes are? See if you're right...
That's it for this issue. You can hit "reply" and let me know what you think. And feel free to pass this along to others you think might enjoy the ideas and resources.

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