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Fighting the good fight

My mother pinned up a poster in our bathroom that hung there for many years when we were growing up. It was a statement made in 1854 by Chief Seattle, a Native American Leader, in response to an offer by the US Government to buy a large tract of First Nations land and give them a reservation. Chief Seattle’s response was one of the most profound, poetic, beautiful statements on the environment ever made.
He eloquently argued that it is impossible to buy or sell natural resources like air, water and land because we do not own them. They are a gift. He said that every part of the earth is sacred to him and his people. Even the souls of the Native Americans do not leave their land. Instead, they make it their permanent residence. In short, the earth is not an inanimate tract of land, but a living presence to be treated with love, care, respect and fear.  And when we exploit and deplete the natural resources of the earth it is “the end of living and the beginning of survival”. I read that statement many, many times. It still resonates strongly for me today.
The impact of climate change is a manifestation of the pressure we have collectively put on the natural world. The dire warnings outlined in the latest IPCC report, mean that we have reached a line in the sand moment or to use a Dr. Martin Luther King quote, the “fierce urgency of now”.  However, the report also highlights that there is still a chance to seize the best-case scenario rather than surrender to the worst.
To address the problem, it requires fighting the good fight. And I am greatly encouraged and optimistic that there are many people with the skills, the experience, the desire and the courage to lead their organisations in the policy, finance, technology, market and community solutions and innovations required to bend the curve of emissions.
I say this because after 6 years at the helm of CMI as CEO, I have worked with and got to know many wonderful, committed, passionate, dedicated practitioners who are the drivers of the change we need to fuel the zeitgeist. The soldiers in the climate change army.
So, as I sign off from this awesome job, I want to thank my team, the board, our members and the supporters of CMI for fighting the good fight. There is real power and influence in our network. Let's use it. 

I look forward to staying in touch and will hopefully see many of you at our Summit in May.

Peter Castellas
CEO, Carbon Market Institute
Climate Policy
ERF remains central to Coalition climate policy
Coalition likely to retain ERF as centerpiece climate policy with funds top up
OECD Review on Australia 
Report condemns Australia's emissions record and sustainability
The Paris Agreement
UN 2019 Regional Climate Weeks
Translating NDCs into concrete climate action
Carbon Markets
South Africa passes Carbon Tax into law
A 'polluter pays' Carbon Tax has been legislated by the SA parliament, coming into effect on 1 June 2019, covering all sectors aside from agriculture and waste
Hedge funds' growing interest in EU Carbon Futures creates speculative fervor
NZ ETS simplified with a two tranche improvement plan following extensive consultation
Study on China's progress in establishing accounting measures under its ETS & Paris goal
OECD: companies thriving under EU ETS with "no negative effect on revenue, fixed assets or jobs"
CMI Members News
New Corporate Member | ConocoPhillips
CMI is excited to announce its newest corporate member, ConocoPhillips Australia. With headquarters both in Perth and Brisbane, they are the world's largest independent exploration and production company.
New Corporate Member | Landfill Gas Industries
CMI is pleased to welcome Landfill Gas Industries into our growing corporate membership list. They are expert in converting landfill gas into clean energy, with 40 years combined experience in the waste industry and landfill gas sector.
New Corporate Member | Incitec Pivot Ltd
An ASX 100 Company, Incitec Pivot Limited is now a global leader in the resources and agricultural sectors with an unrelenting focus on Zero Harm. They join us as a Corporate Member and CMI is delighted to have them on board. 
Allens | Babinda Carbon Offset Project
Allen's carbon offset portfolio includes this Queensland project and a hands-on tree planting experience for senior executives as part of their Impact, pro bono and community highlights project.
Energy Australia | $15 million renewables for charities program
Energy Australia is launching a program to assist participating charities to install free solar panels and battery systems or 'virtual power plants', funded through the sale of renewable energy certificates
BP | Board support for stronger reporting around Paris goals
BP has said it will support a call from a group of institutional investors for the company to broaden its reporting and strategy consistent with the Paris Agreement. 
Norton Rose | Climate change & mine refusal case
Norton Rose outline the landmark refusal by the Land and Environment Court of NSW to consent to development of a new coal mine on grounds including GHG emissions and contribution to climate change.
CMI Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct 
All applications to become a foundation signatory have now been received. CMI will be announcing the final 11 foundation signatories shortly.
Learn more about the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct >
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