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New year: New you - new approach to working with your dog
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017
Welcome to our new email newsletter format. One of my NY resolutions is to try to send these out on a monthly basis, so I am looking forward to your suggestions about what content you would like me to cover.

Since its a time when people reflect on the old year, and set goals for the new year I would like you to think about the approaches you use with your dog... What works? What is not working? What is causing you stress? What takes more time than you would like?

Remember: if its not working - stop doing it!
  • Does the dog chase or maul the hoover or broom? Do you have to shut him out or restrain him?
  • Does the dog knock you out the way to get into the garden and zoom around barking in case a cat is around?
  • Does the dog try to kill the post, or bark at the postman/anyone coming down the path or past the house?
  • Does the dog jump on everyone? Do you have to physically restrain him to prevent it?
If the answer to any of these is Yes - or you have other things that make it hard to live with your dog, then this year is the time to address these. Stop putting up with these behaviours and let's work on fixing them!

Here are some great videos to help you get started....
Don't attack the broom and vacuum cleaner - dog training
Here's a great Youtube trainer - KikoPup - showing how to teach your dog not to attack the hoover or broom.
Here's a great video showing KikoPup working to teach a puppy what to do instead of jumping - and how to proof the behaviour. Excellent!
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