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How does your dog behave at the front door when visitors arrive?  
1. Wildly leaping and barking, jumping up at the poor Tesco delivery man??
2. Does he lunge forwards and bark fiercely and then retreat away??
3. Does he look happy and wiggly but behave calmly??

From discussions at class, my suspicion is either answer 1 or 2 and less likely to be answer 3. Answer 3 is the one that most people are looking for but don't know how to get.

The process essentially consists of identifying the triggers which cause the behaviour, counterconditioning them and then putting them together again. Yes this takes time but just think, once its fixed then its fixed!

You can also build in your work with the zen mat once this conditionconditioning and re-training process is complete. This changes the picture completely for the dog so that he learns a new behaviour to carry out in the presence of the triggers.  Instead of a wild child or fearful response, you get a calm (left brain) dog which takes himself to his zen mat and settles down.


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Here's a fab video from Kikopup on Youtube which demonstrates the process brilliantly!
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