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What do you live with??


Dear all,

This newsletter is inspired from several overheard conversations - and watching 'Dogs Behaving Badly' on Channel 4.

My overheard conversations:
1. Picture owner sitting on the floor chatting, dog chewing on his arm and lunging towards his face.. Comment ' well he's just a puppy so its ok...' (this dog is not a puppy! and that would not be acceptable anyway!)
2. Lady in the building society with a young rottie wearing a muzzle. Dog is barking a lot and pulling her around whilst rubbing his face frantically on the floor.  Owner is chatting to another person in the cue 'oh its ok he's not nasty. He wears the mask (muzzle) in the car as he doesn't like the car and bites me while I'm driving and its very off putting...'

Dogs Behaving Badly:
Great Dane which is clearly fearful and drags its owner off her feet. Resource guarding dogs - one lives life upstairs and is clearly 'blamed' for the behaviour. Stealing labrador.

It got me thinking - what do we all live with in our dogs that is maybe not 'normal' and acceptable behaviour? How do we identify this? Most importantly - what do we do about it??

Here's my blog on identifying and dealing with this issue...

Here's a great video about teaching your puppy not to jump up:
Teaching your dog not to jump up
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