OLLI Leadership Council Update

It is with regret that we let you know that Bill Furtwangler has resigned from his position as OLLI Leadership Council president, due to personal reasons. We are very sorry that he has decided to step back but support him as he moves forward into his second “retirement.”

Bill is an outstanding OLLI leader and has had significant accomplishments while president. 

His positive energy and warm presence have been welcoming to all and have helped make OLLI an even stronger family. We know our future successes will be built on the foundation that he has helped create.  

As a result of Bill’s decision, OLLI’s Executive Committee has changed. Laurie Barnett has assumed the role of President, while Lynn Boyer has become Vice President and Frances Schultz, Lectures Chair, has joined the Executive Committee as Secretary. Savvas Giannakopoulos is continuing as Treasurer and Craig Ramsay as Past President.

We are doing everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible. We look forward to continuing our excellent work together on behalf of the OLLI community. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Lisa Barton, OLLI Director

Laurie Barnett, LC President

Missed this Year’s Big Hearts for Seniors Event on July 30? Watch Big Hearted Stories: Experiences of Aging. Click here or the button below to view.

Finding Zoom Meeting IDs and Links:
  • Zoom information is sent out in e-mail a few days before the event takes place.
  • Zoom information is also available in OLLI's online Course Catalog for events for which you have registered as well as for events that are free or do not require registration. The Zoom information is added to the Course Catalog a few days before the event takes place. To view the information in the Course Catalog (i) sign in using your OLLI account and password, (ii) go to the Course Catalog, (iii) locate your event and click on it to see the event's details, (iv) you'll find the Zoom information under Location toward the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down to find it, if the event's description is long).
  • If you are signed in you can also see Zoom information on the payment History web page. 
  • If you can't find the information you need to connect using Zoom or you have any other questions about using Zoom, send e-mail to OLLI at or call 734-998-9351.
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While OLLI continues to meet online, a reminder that OLLI-UM through The UM Geriatrics Center strongly advises members do not meet in their homes for any OLLI volunteer work or discussions due to the current risk of COVID 19 in our community. The OLLI office is happy to direct you to The Commons, a free OLLI online meeting space to schedule any gatherings online. 

Tuesday, December 8th, 10:00 am - 11:30 am. Online. $10

OLLI Distinguished Lecture Series Presents
Women in American Soccer and European Football: Different Roads to Shared Glory on the Field and in Society

The lecture will highlight the opposite paths that women have traversed in the game of Associated Football on both sides of the Atlantic. Whereas the women in North America entered the field that was virtually open for them since men busily covered the playing fields and cultural space of hegemonic team sports of baseball, football (American and Canadian), basketball, and ice hockey; their European counterparts were forced to contest what has arguably been the most male-dominated space in European public life throughout much of the 20th century. Both of these roads harbored immense obstacles. Both entailed challenges of their own that these pioneering women had to overcome. However, spurred by the massively important and popular World Cup tournaments, the last three decades have led to a rapprochement on both sides of the Atlantic by catapulting women’s soccer onto hitherto unexpected, maybe even unimaginable, heights.

Andrei S. Markovits is the Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan where he has taught for more than 20 years. In addition to being a multiple-award winning teacher, his many books and articles on a range of topics—from European social democracy, labor and social movements to German-Jewish relations; and from comparative sports cultures to dog rescue—have appeared in 15 languages. His two latest books are Women in American Soccer and European Football; Different Roads to Shared Glory published in 2019; and The Boundaries of Pluralism; The World of The University of Michigan’s Jewish Students in 1897-1945, co-authored with Kenneth Garner and published in 2020.

Wednesday, December 9th, 10:00 am – 11:30 am. Online. $10
OLLI Urgent and Critical Lecture Series Presents – Election 2020

How Do We Heal the Widening Divide?

This panel will explore how the US has become so polarized, and discuss our present racial, class, and urban/rural divides and their impact on the election, and our lives generally. With the election behind us when this discussion takes place, the panel will focus on how we return to American ideals, heal, and move forward.

Vincent Hutchings is the Hanes Walton Jr. Collegiate Professor of Political Science at University of Michigan and a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. He received his Ph.D. in 1997 from the University of California, Los Angeles. His research examines the ways in which political campaigns and the media frame information about racial issues in order to activate and make politically relevant the voters’ sympathies and/or antipathies for particular racial groups.

Jennifer Silva joined the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University in 2019. Previously, Silva taught sociology at Bucknell University. Silva’s latest book is We’re Still Here: Pain and Politics in the Heart of America (Oxford University Press, 2019). Silva earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from the University of Virginia. She also studied sociology at the undergraduate level at Wellesley College. 

Kevin Deegan-Krause is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Wayne State University. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Georgetown University in 1990 and his doctorate in Government from the University of Notre Dame in 2000. He has spent more than two decades studying how political parties compete against one another, and how that competition shapes what happens in a democracy.  His latest book is The New Party Challenge: Changing Cycles of Party Birth and Death in Central Europe and Beyond, published by Oxford University Press in 2020. 

If you would like more information about Michigan Medicine resources during this challenging time, please reach out to OLLI Director Lisa Barton at 734-998-9356 or She will be happy to connect you.

A Note from Peggy....
                    …Former OLLI-UM Member

OLLI member Peggy Clough was an active OLLI UM member, then moved to Illinois. It was our loss, but the good news is that we're so happy to have Peggy participating again as an organizational member*!

Peggy is enjoying watching lectures at her new residence at The Garlands of Illinois, and kindly shared a note and recent program she presented there for OLLI UM members:

Lisa, I have to tell you that I am so enjoying having access to OLLI lectures again!  I've taken advantage of Distinguished, Themed, Covid, and Election lectures and felt they were all excellent.

I gave a presentation on the passage of the 19th Amendment to a senior group here in Illinois and it was recorded and it has been made available to all at this web address:
If you think OLLI members would be interested please share! It runs about 60 minutes.

Hope you are well and safe at OLLI UM!

Peggy Clough

*OLLI UM organizational memberships allow OLLI-UM to share lectures, special events, and Commons offerings with senior residences- we're so thrilled to be able to welcome more members this way!  If you know of anyone who would benefit from having their residence participate as an organizational member, please contact Lisa Barton at 

Check Out OLLI’S New “Torn from the Headlines” Series  
OLLI’s Special Projects Committee Presents
Weighty news topics break each day, and many times the immediacy and importance of the issues warrant more than just a sound bite. Our new special series - “Torn from the Headlines” - starts in January, yet get a taste of how the monthly two-part program will work at our free pilot lecture and discussion on December 7th-8th. 

Pilot program: December 7th-8th
"Can Changes in Drug Laws Mitigate Our Addiction Crisis?”
December 7th, 4:00-5:00 -  features a brief expert overview presentation with Fred C. Blow, Ph.D., Director of the
U-M Addiction Center in the Department of Psychiatry, followed by a moderated Q&A with OLLI instructor and member Karen Bantel.  
December 8th, 2:00-3:00 -  continues the conversation for those interested in a moderated discussion on the Commons, and will include Dr. Blow.

Session Summary:
The US's "war on drugs" has led to mass incarceration, disproportionately aimed at minority populations, with very high social and economic costs.  Further, these efforts have not been effective in mitigating addiction and reducing illicit drug trafficking. Recognizing this failure, recent marijuana (and other drug) legalization in many states (and other countries) reflects a growing trend away from tough drug laws.  Expert Fred Blow, Director of UM’s Addiction Center, will provide an overview of this issue within the framework of addiction formation and mitigation, and long-term rehabilitation.  Such issues as: understanding the risks of legalization, social values related to drug addiction, and alternatives to incarceration in breaking drug addiction will be discussed.

Recommended Readings:

Join the continuing fun of
A Special December in the online Commons*
A month-long collaboration among OLLI’s at 
Aquinas College
Saginaw Valley State University
University of Michigan
Western Michigan University
Beginning December 1 and throughout the month, the online Commons calendar will feature virtual events hosted by each of the four OLLI organizations in Michigan.  OLLI-UM’s recurring online programs and groups will still be there, but many other opportunities will let you connect and learn with OLLI members across the state as we move through this unusual but special December.

Check the online Commons calendar frequently at Click on an event or session to learn which OLLI is hosting it, who the presenter is, what will be happening and to find the link to log in. All events or sessions are free to members of the four OLLIs and their guests. Registration is never required- just click and join!
Don’t miss the December 6 – 11 events!
Check for details on the Commons calendar --
All sessions are free.  No registration required.  

December 6th   2:00-3;30pm     Sharing from our Community Partner "Ypsilanti District Library" "The Paul Keller Ensenmber Holiday Jazz Concert"
Need a lift this holiday season?  The Ypsilanti District invites all ages to the premiere of The Paul Keller Ensemble Holiday Jazz Concert on December 6 at 2:00pm. The Paul Keller Ensemble is a jazz band whose performances are entertaining, energetic, and engaging. They’ve appeared at numerous festivals and venues including the Detroit Jazz Festival, the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival, the Detroit Festival of the Arts, the Michigan Jazz Festival, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Jazz Club Series. Their holiday spirit comes through in a mix of familiar Christmas tunes and new songs lovingly arranged by Keller and his bandmates for trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, string bass, drums and vocals. 
Free Event. No registration required. Go to for a swingin’ time!

December 7th   1-2pm     OLLI-UM: Literacy Heroines: Amazing Women's Achievements 1880-1930
Dr. Alice Horning Professor Emerita, Oakland University
Come hear the stories of three women who used their reading and writing skills to perform heroic feats to help others by addressing key social problems.  Their contributions include a university started with $1.50, important steps toward social justice, and the idea of public health nursing, all of which continue into the present day, truly heroic success stories. 

December 7th     4–5pm  
OLLI-UM: Torn from the Headlines series:  "Can Changes in Drug Laws Mitigate Our Drug Addiction Crisis?
Fred C. Blow - Director of the U-M Addition Center in the Department of Psychiatry
The US "war on drugs" has led to mass incarceration, disproportionately aimed at minority populations, with very high social and economic costs.  Further, these efforts have not been effective in mitigating addiction and reducing illicit drug trafficking. Recognizing this failure, recent marijuana (and other drug) legalization in some states reflects a growing trend away from tough drug laws; other countries are also following this trend.  Expert Fred Blow will provide an overview of this issue within the framework of addiction mitigation and long-term rehabilitation.  Such issues as alternatives to incarceration in breaking drug addiction, and a more measured approach to incarceration, will be discussed. Moderated Q&A to follow with OLLI instructor and member Karen Bantel

December 8th     2-3 pm    
OLLI-UM:  Torn from the Headlines series:   Follow up discussion of December 7 lecture with Karen Bantel facilitator

December 9th    1-2pm    
OLLI-UM:  The Schmoozery: At Our Age, In This Age.  A facilitated conversation Hank Greenspan
The Schmoozery: At Our Age, In This Age is a facilitated conversation in which participants are invited to share stories and reflections about aging, generations, hopes, and related topics in “uncertain times.” The specific issues and themes are less important than the chance to learn from each other’s experiences and insights in these times—and perhaps in any times.  That is, the goal is to have the best possible schmooze about things that matter.
December 10th    1-2pm    
Zoom Training at the intermediate-advanced level
Will Hawk – OLLI-UM Volunteer and Technical Support to the Commons
This training is open to all members of OLLI’s in Michigan.  It will include responsibilities of hosting Zoom meetings and using advanced functions.  This session is limited to the first 15 sign-ins.  The Host will message when the session is filled. 

December 11th     1-2pm    
OLLI: Aquinas College:   Grand Rapids’ favorite son – Gerald R. Ford
Caroline Cook – OLLI Aquinas College and Tour Guide Grand Rapids
Founder Grand Rapids Running Tours 2014
Grand Rapids’ favorite son - Gerald R. Ford - the 38th President of the US, is buried here, beside his wife, Betty; but he was not born here. In fact, he was not named Gerald R. Ford at birth. This virtual tour will tell the tale of our humble civil servant as you visit places touched by “Junior” during his All-American youth - 1913 through 1931 - in old Grand Rapids. Experience an inspirational story of a young man who was raised in this great midwestern city to become a world leader. Through fascinating narrative and photographs, you will learn where he lived, played, worshipped, studied, and competed athletically. As a final stop, we will observe Gerald Ford’s tomb, his statue in front of the Presidential Museum and his last working office.

*The Commons is a free virtual zoom space.  It features free programming and offers space to OLLI members to join and connect for discussion/visiting/happy hours!

Have a question or need more information, contact an OLLI Director:

Aquinas College
Saginaw Valley State University
University of Michigan
Western Michigan University

Book Beat Holiday Book Suggestions 
…Shared from our Community Partner, "Nicolas Books" 

Many Thanks to Jack Gillard and Meagen Kucaj for this special OLLI Holiday Edition of Book Beat on Tuesday, December 1st. The following are some of the titles that were mentioned. Remember you can order books from Nicolas for mail order, for curbside pickup, or grab your mask and stroll around the store. They also have gift cards, Christmas cards, toys and games. 

If you wish to thank Nicolas for the Book Beat presentation, you could add that in the Special Instructions box at the end of your order.

Books for Adults: 

Bacon, John U. The Great Halifax Explosion: A World War I Story of Treachery, Tragedy, and Extraordinary Heroism

Behee, John. Coach Yost: Michigan's Tradition Maker.

Fisher, Dale. Washtenaw County: Visions of the Eagle.

Garten, Ina. Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Lopez, William D. Separated: Family and Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid

Harvey, Miles. The King of Confidence: A Tale of Utopian Dreamers, Frontier Schemers, True Believers, False Prophets, and the Murder of an American Monarch.

Headley Maria Dahvana. Beowulf: A New Translation

Jemisin, N.K. The City We Became.

Moreno-Garcia, Sylvia.  Mexican Gothic.

Jimenez, Simon. The Vanished Birds: A Novel.

Larson, Katherine. Ann Arbor Observed: The Stories Behind the Ann Arbor Observer. 

le Carré, John. Agent Running in the Field.

Lopez, William D. Separated: Family and Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid.

Meacham, John. His Truth Is Marching On: John Lewis and the Power of Hope.

Obama, Barack. A Promised Land; Speeches.

Perry, Anne. A Christmas Resolution: Christmas Novella

Rather, Dan. What Unites Us.

Sedaris, David. Holidays on Ice.

St. John Mandel, Emily. The Glass Hotel.

Willis, Connie. The Doomsday Book: A Novel; A Lot Like Christmas--Stories;

Zinn, David. Temporary Preserves; Underfoot Menagerie; Street Art Calendar 2021.

Books for Children:

Bearn, Emily. Tumtum & Nutmeg: Adventures Beyond Nutmouse Hall.

Becker, Bonny. A Christmas for Bear.

Brett, Jan. Cozy.

Brallier, Max. Galactic Hot Dogs Series; Last Kids on Earth Series.

Cameron, Bruce. A Dog's Perfect Christmas.

D’Aulaires.Ingri. D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths.

Favilli, Elena. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World.

Highlight Magazine: The Highlights Book of Things to Do: Discover, Explore, Create, and Do Great Things.

Hinds, Gareth. The Illiad: The Odyssey: A Graphic Novel.

Jansson, Tove.  The Moomins.

Kraegel, Kenneth. Wild Honey from the Moon  

Milford, Kate. The Greenglass House.

Paulson, Gary. Hatchet.

Rey, H.A.  Curious George Book of Sight Words

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: MinaLima Edition. 

Timberlake, Amy.  Skunk and Badger.

Todd Parr. The Joyful Book.
Tuesday, December 15th, 10:00 am - 11:30 am. Online. Free.

OLLI Urgent and Critical Lecture Series Presents

“Joy in the Time of COVID-19”

This presentation will cover purpose in life, posttraumatic growth during and after our experience with COVID-19 and positive consequences from this pandemic.
Victor J. Strecher, Ph.D., MPH, University of Michigan Professor, Health Behavior and Health Education. An innovative teacher and researcher, in 1995 Professor Victor Strecher founded the UM Center for Health Communications Research, studying the future of digitally tailored health communications when fewer than 15% of Americans had Internet access. He’s also an entrepreneur, founding HealthMedia, a digital health coaching company that was sold to Johnson & Johnson in 2010. More recently, he created Kumanu, a digital platform designed to help individuals and organizations live more purposefully. In 2010, he won the University of Michigan’s Distinguished Innovator Award.

Zoom Link to Join:
Webinar ID: 988 1315 7118 
For audio only dial: +1 312 626 6799, followed by 98813157118 and #  

...Coming Winter 2021 – New Program
Literary Short Fiction
A New SIG (Shared Interest Group) Opens January, 2021  
A SIG brings people together who have a common interest that they wish to pursue indefinitely within a structure of meetings/activities designed primarily by the members of the group.  SIGs have no formal ending date and may be active year-round.  This SIG is a weekly assembly of fans to read and discuss, in a sustained relationship, works of literary short fiction.  
SIG Facilitator:  Deb Mukherjee
Proposed start date: January 20, 2021

Registration opens for all OLLI Winter activities December 14, 2020 thru January 11, 2021. Lottery notifications for any oversubscribed SIGs or Study Groups will be sent to all members by January 14th. 
OLLI is Always Looking for Volunteers for Committees
There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities at OLLI - We need you! Please contact OLLI Director on more ways to get involved: Lisa Barton  734-998-9356.
Life on Purpose: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything by Victor J. Strecher, Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. 
Click here:

Yo-Yo Ma and the Meaning of Life - The New York Times Magazine
By David Marchese   Photo illustration by Bráulio Amado

The immensity of Yo-Yo Ma’s talent is such that he would be globally admired if all he ever did was appear onstage or in a recording studio and then vanish after the last notes faded from his cello. That Ma has instead used his gifts in the service of spreading humanistic values — via cross-cultural musical collaboration, civic engagement and huge amounts of heart — means that his connection with the public goes far deeper than mere admiration.

On Dec. 11, he will release “Songs of Comfort and Hope,” an album recorded with the pianist Kathryn Stott. “People need each other for support beyond the immediate staples of life,” Ma says. “They need music.” 

To read this article, click on the link below:
Shared from…OLLI at Berkshire Community College
Monday, December 7th, 7pm EST – A Conversation with Author Barbara Bonner, Inspiring Forgiveness
Free & online! Registration required ~ click here to register. The event is free and open to all, but RSVPs are required. Click here to RSVP. By registering for this event, you acknowledge and accept that the program will be recorded and will be made available to others by OLLI at BCC.

Just in time for the holidays, and after a contentious national election, author Barbara Bonner will discuss and read from her latest book, Inspiring Forgiveness. This encouraging guide—her contribution to our sometimes angry and grudge-holding world—will be interactive, with participants able to ask questions of Barbara during the program.
Registration link: 

Shared from…OLLI at University of Arizona  

Frank Figliuzzi: The FBI Way
NBC News National Security Analyst, and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence 
Wednesday, December 9th at 1:00 pm (Mountain Time)
Learn More and Register Here
If you would like more information about Michigan Medicine resources during this challenging time, please reach out to OLLI Director Lisa Barton at 734-998-9356 or She will be happy to connect you.

Be sure to take a look at the Free Urgent and Critical Lecture Series we will be offering on COVID-19 in the Fall – co-hosted by the Turner Senior Wellness Program.

Joy in the Time of COVID-19
Tuesday, December 15
Victor J. Strecher, Ph.D., MPH, UM Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education
Zoom Link to join this programming: Webinar ID: 98813157118 
For audio only, please dial 1-312-626-6799, followed by 98813157118 and #  

Washtenaw Community Health Department:
Michigan Medicine:

COVID-19 Resources and Services in Washtenaw County
Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti is expanding free grocery delivery for food insecure community members. 

If you have a client who is in quarantined or otherwise not able to leave their house because of mobility, transportation or high-risk, Hope can help. 

Starting immediately, deliveries will happen Wednesdays and Fridays between 1-4pm. Community members must sign up by 4pm the day before, and we will cap the list at 50 deliveries each day. Call 734-484-2989 between 9am-4pm to sign up. Deliveries limited to Washtenaw County. Clients may instead send a neighbor or family member to pick up groceries at Hope during our normal grocery hours and meal times. We won’t take sign ups before the Monday of the week of delivery.  

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Contact, Emmeline Weinert, Food Programs Manager, 
734.484-2989 x215. Hope Clinic: A Haven of Help + Healing

COVID-19 Help and Services Washtenaw County - Google Docs
Grocery Store, Pharmacy & Fresh Food Hours for Ann Arbor Seniors

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