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What's the Plan?!?!

Here at Legend, we believe visual and emotionally-engaging digital products have the greatest potential to turn audiences into advocates.

So whether we’re building a world-class website, data interactive, animated video, or weaving it all into a digital story, Legend’s first step to kicking off a project is Discovery: getting to know your brand and your audience, finding what motivates them to take action, and establishing what success looks like. Check out our new animated video below for a quick visual breakdown of that process.  


The information uncovered during our Discovery is vital for designing for outcomes, as opposed to outputs, and follows a “user-centered design” approach, a tenet of the Gates Foundation. It requires listening and really getting to know your user before building. It’s one of the reasons why the Foundation has been so successful in deploying smart philanthropic investments to save and improve lives all over the world.

The Legend team is enjoying the recent uptick in digital storytelling (our Slack #goodreads is blowing up!). They’re not only using the smartest tools -- video and immersive scrolling -- they’re helping raise awareness and spur action on some of the most critical issues of our time. Let’s hope this is just the beginning.


Matt Lockwood, CEO @ Legend

Check out Legend's new Discovery video! 
Legend Discovery
So you need to create and launch something—but what's the plan? Legend's Discovery process generates the playbook required for a successful project.
Meanwhile, back at the lab...
Mike Aleo breaks down Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad, highlighting the American-immigrant story of its founder Adolphus Busch.
Budweiser's Emotional Ad
Patrick Sims has a handy guide for winning (and losing) advocacy in 2017, citing the latest trends driving communications and technology
Winning (And Losing) Policy
Digital Stories Worth Sharing
dig·i·tal sto·ry
/ˈdijidl, ˈstôrē/
A visual and emotionally-engaging digital product that blends insights, design, and narrative into an immersive, storytelling experience. 
Dear Warren: Our 2017 Annual Letter

Bill and Melinda Gates' 2017 annual letter is a masterclass in digital storytelling, interweaving emotionally-captivating video and images, data-rich charts and graphs, and fun hand-written notes, providing that extra layer of depth and personality. Cheers to seeing more of these!  
Dear Warren
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