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November 2017

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The Center on Innovations in Learning just released a new publication, Effective Practices: Research Briefs and Evidence Rating, a document that provides a research brief for each of the CIL Effective Practices* found in the Indistar system and an Evidence Rating for each one. (*Some states have created their own Effective Practices which may not be represented in the publication.) 
If you have been looking for a way to demonstrate how your improvement work is supported by evidence, this publication will become invaluable to you and your team.  You can find the document on CIL's main page (, or on under the "What's New" button.
Classroom Management is a key factor under the teacher’s control, and it directly impacts student learning. 

Support for improving classroom management is available throughout the Indistar platform.  Maureen Mirabito writes about The effects of space on learning (think layouts, not milky-ways) in the Content You Can Use section of IndistarConnect and links to an article in eSchoolNews which is chock full of relevant research and great ideas. 
Indicators in Action also offers guidance and support for improved Classroom Management. Meet Rachel,
your facilitator, as she provides individual and/or group learning opportunities. Bring your entire school staff together for the experience and make it part of your school’s professional development!
Are you implementing a blended learning classroom approach? Has your school been thinking about it but has not yet made the decision to move ahead?  In either case, the Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL) Resources Database offers a repository of research and applied articles to support the implementation or continued development of blended learning.

Classroom management in a blended learning classroom is one key factor addressed in the working paper, Reimagining Teaching In A Blended Learning Classroom, produced by TNTP reimagine teaching.

As one teacher in the article states, “We have to be super creative, have good classroom management, and train kids from day one. Once they get it you become more of a facilitator.”

TNTP concludes, “…certain competencies are even more essential to success in blended classrooms due to the complexities involved with delivering highly personalized instruction.” Mentioned specifically among those competencies is classroom management.

IndistarConnect is a professional social network that brings together Indistar users to “Learn, Share, and Connect” with and from each other. Mark Williams, Vice President of the Academic Development Institute, an avid reader and moviegoer, is a regular contributor to IndistarConnect. As you’ll see, Mark finds inspiration and connections to leadership and learning everywhere. Read Mark’s Reflection about the "The Martian" and what it says about leadership. And peruse Mark’s other stimulating blogs in the Reflections section of IndistarConnect.

Dr. Janet Twyman, Director of Innovation & Technology at CIL, curates collections of educational apps and organizes them by topics or “Shelves.”  Note the variety of shelves below. This site provides a great way to find apps that serve your classroom and school needs.
Note: “The listing of, inclusion, or description of any resource, tool, product, or service within these collections does not signify endorsement by the Center on Innovations in Learning. The collections created do not necessarily reflect the position of the supporting agencies, and no official endorsement should be inferred. Collections and selected tools are for informational purposes only.”
Are you looking for an easy to use app to “assign, collect, and review student work”? Well, if you have a tablet classroom, this may be the app for you.  Watch the video above about Showbie, which is included in 88 users shelves.
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