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     Spring has arrived and a new season of growth is upon us!  It's the perfect time to put on your green hat of creativity. This type of thinking is all about forward motion: seeking alternatives and being open to options. No need to prioritize or edit your ideas just yet. Simply jot them down for future consideration. Our mobile phones make doing that easier than ever.
     Remember, the basis of success is creativity. And creativity is fun. Don't believe me? Watch a kid playing and you'll see what I mean. Warning: you may feel a pang of jealousy as you watch their un-selfconscious display of pure joy. We tell ourselves we're grown-ups and we can't dance even if we want to. Are we sure about that? What we need to do is give ourselves permission to 'grow down' and be green again. After all, it's spring and we can grow in any direction we choose...

  Seth B. Greenwald
Celebrating GrowDown Day!
     Every day we encounter things that scare us. It may be a subtle emotional reaction or a full blown fear factor response. Either way, it’s natural that we feel uncomfortable when we think about stepping out our comfort zone. However, it’s spring and time to grow. So try this...the next time you see something that scares you and you feel yourself retracting from the experience, take a step back. Remind yourself that it’s GrowDown Day. Time to try new things, be fearless and embrace the uncomfortableness. Open yourself up to the sense of possibility that awaits you. Persuade yourself to hold your ground and do the thing that is pushing you out of your comfort zone. Do it and see how you like it. Give yourself time to outlast the uneasiness. If you enjoy the activity, great. And if it’s not for you, that’s fine as well. Be proud that you honored the spirit of GrowDown Day!
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     I’m a transparent type of guy so here’s a little secret for you: I’m an introverted writer. And, as an introverted writer, I greatly enjoy capturing my thoughts on paper. One activity I savor even more is...wait for it...sharing my ideas with a live audience. I know what you’re thinking...”that’s impossible, introverted writers don’t do public speaking. It’s not in our DNA.” But what I’m telling you is that the chasm between written expression and the spoken word is not as wide as you may think. The first thing you need to do is read the rest of this article. Fair warning: after reading it your ideas about what an introverted writer can and can’t do may be shattered forever. Are you ready?

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