February 2017

Dear <<First Name>>,

I'm Seth Greenwald...a big warm welcome to you with this first edition of The Secrets of a Creative Warrior MuseMemo. You'll receive a new version of
The MuseMemo every other month. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it for you.

This edition's topic is a reminder that
creativity is for everyone. We lived this truth as kids. And then we lost it somewhere between analytic geometry and calculus. Engineering pays the bills in my life, so please don't get the idea that I have something against math or science. It's just that as we beefed up our logical left brains, we were starving our intuitive right brains. Well I say it's high time to get us back on the creative track!

Remember, your creativity hasn't left you. It's just waiting for you to engage with it. Here. Now. Doesn't matter who you are or what you do. The power of creativity can transform your business, your social life and your whole approach to living. The source of its power comes from embracing an attitude of curiosity,
adaptability and playfulness. And I'm here to help by offering
The MuseMemo and my blog as speedy vehicles on your creative journey.

Let's begin with
Five Secrets to start you on your path of the Creative Warrior...
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Deeper Dig
Hey Toastmasters! Are you interested in taking your innate creative powers to the stage with you?
On Caring for Your Audience

Hello Project Managers! Would you like to creatively boost your team's effectiveness?
Team Talk 

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Quality Quotes for Non-Quitters 
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