The theme for the Winter 2017 Muse Memo is: Productivity
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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Time sure flies, doesn't it? 11 months have gone by, one to go. That’s not a depressing thought, it’s just the way things are. You can still meet the goals you’ve set for yourself at the start of the year. The key is to ensure that your focus is NOT on how much time you have left, but on how to use it wisely. A little bit of strategic planning can work wonders for your productivity...

       Seth Greenwald
             It's About Time           

The first principle of time management is
to set a hard deadline for your project.

The second principle is to commit to the

The third principle is to remember the
  No Time to Prepare Your Next Presentation?  
   No Problem!   

Imagine this scenario: your boss calls you into his office and explains that you'll be giving an important presentation tomorrow morning to a group of senior managers within your organization.

Reality check time: do you feel the same way as when...
A) Your warm shower suddenly turns icy cold
B) Your small plane enters a disturbingly dark thunder cloud
C) Your rickety old elevator abruptly stops between floors
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    Working Productively or Just Plain Busy?     
Ask yourself:

1) Am I getting closer to completing my project or am I spinning my wheels?

2) Am I focused on one task or is my attention fractured?

3) Am I prioritizing my tasks in order of importance or are they prioritizing me as they come up?

4) Do I have a organized plan to complete the tasks of my project or am I content to move in random directions?

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