CYD Newsletter October 2016
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VIII Educators Workshop in Danbury CT

Three of our members were able to participate on this incredible training this weekend.  Claudia Nunes and Fernanda Trein from CYD accompanied by Rita Araujo from the Love and Wisdom Spiritist Society in St. Petersburg, the training was open to all Children and Youth Spiritist Educators across the USA.
We had 64 people attending from 15 different centers located in the Tri-State (NY, NJ & CT), Florida, Virginia and Brazil (Lucia).  And we were all welcomed with a song that we requested the authorization to publish and share:  If someone would like the challenge, it would be great to have something similar in English….
C              G                                  C 
------------, ah que bom que voce veio!
G                               C
Foi Jesus quem te chamou,
G               C
E voce aceitou.
             Am                Dm
Ah que bom! Ah que bom!
G7                                 C 
Ah que bom que voce veio! ( repete 2 X)
Check out the video posted on the CYD Site….
All participants were educators or parent’s aids for the Spiritist education department and were absolutely engaged with the work.
We will attempt to give you a quick overview of what was transmitted to everyone including allowing you to download the PowerPoint and other tools that were given to us, but as you very well know the atmosphere and the reciprocal exchange of love and fraternal experiences that were exchanged throughout the meeting could only be perceived by each individual that was a part of this great event.
During two entire days via a light and fun atmosphere we were indulged with the pleasure of picking a great mind that has done so much for our doctrine.  Lucia Moyses is a person that is simple and giving, and full of great ideas to provide to us.
The topics discussed were:

  • The basic pre-requirements
  • The mental development process of children and Youth
  • Creativity
  • The impact of the new technologies in today’s youth
  •  The critical thinking and ethical moral values
  • Teaching Cooperation instead of Competition

Building up the concepts that we are currently old souls in a brand new body and teaching us the importance of understanding the development patter that evolve as the children evolve, she stressed out the importance of not using the codification as books to be memorized by our children and youth.  “what is the importance of knowing the exact date when each book was published if they don’t understand the basic concepts to the extent of their ability given the age.”  She said…  “It is necessary to use our abstract critical thinking utilizing as the basic concept our doctrine and allow each child to reach the maximum understanding of each concept as they possibly can individually, because as adults they would have understood and internalized those concepts and will remember and finally understand them in full.”
She also stressed the importance of teaching with love and interaction, showing each child and their family members as well as all volunteers involved in the work how important it is that they care for each other as family.  “By meeting every morning to harmonize the work and every end of the workday to analyze and reflect each workday, the group can help each other and contribute enriching each other’s work with offerings of resources and ideas.” 
It is important to include activities, create obstacles, create new forms of stimuli and well as to offer challenges to make each and every class interesting.
She also suggests for us to give a new look to the program and not have written in stone absolutely every class, she suggests we do a 2-3 months’ plan and adjust the lessons according to necessity, she explains for us not to be afraid of large projects, they will come together at the end.  Work on their cognitive, feelings and interaction in order to have successful lessons planned.  What are things that cannot be excluded from a teaching environment, Love, it is important to lover, respect and understand each one of our students.  Use and abuse of recyclables as they assist in showing the children how important is to save our planet.
Make sure to take the time and contact Cristina Cabral via email to purchase the following books:

Educação com sabor de Eternidade
Experiencias bem-sucedidas de evangelização
Uma obra que apresenta trabahos enriquecedores de outros educadores espiritas que conseguiram, através das atividades criativas, atingir e sensibilizar crianças e jovens, melhorando em muito o ambiente em que vivem.
Educar os Filhos – Compromisso Inadiável Este livro desperta em nos emoções e sentimentos que nos predispõem a essa empreitada e nos faz acreditar que, a despeito de toda tecnologia e de toda sofisticação dos recursos eletrônicos disponíveis, ainda e no contato pessoal com cada criatura humana que conseguiremos fazer brotar em nossos corações o amor tão grandemente vivido e pregado por Jesus – e agora reafirmado pelos espíritos superiores.

A evangelização mudando vidas
Vamos aprender com essa rica experiência como e possível, através do amor e da perseverança educar o espirito para ter bem aproveitada sua reencarnação em busca do seu progresso espiritual.
Another beautiful accomplishment of Spiritual Education Teachers, on September 24th we had a great group of educators gathered in Delray Beach for a full day of learning and they did a great job interacting, singing and participating in this wonderful experience that is understanding the task that is attempting to teach and enrich our children's lives with knowledge that they can take for their life time.  Thank you Chico Xavier for sharing this experience with us.
Registrations are now open!!!!!!!
This is not a Spiritist Education Event, however it is an educational event that is happening in our region, if you are a parent in this area, please don't miss it.
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