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April 2017


From the CYD Team: 

Hi fellow educators! 

We are excited to release our monthly newsletter for April. It's filled with information and ideas by educators, for educators. We thank everyone for their help, and ask that you continue sharing your awesome ideas, resources, and activities with us, so we can feature it in upcoming newsletters! 

We want to remind all educators about the amazing event happening on May 6th. It will be a great family outing! The 11th US Spiritist Symposium happening in Orlando will feature something for the entire family. Please help us to promote and participate in what is going to be an blessed day. If you are interested in being a volunteer or if you have any questions, please email us at


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We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter and remember to share it with family and friends, and especially other educators. 

The Power of Storytelling 
by Larissa Santos

In the fast paced, technology-driven world that we live in, a simple story can seem so mundane. Whenever I talk to educators from all over the US, a subject always comes up: storytelling. They recollect that when they was young and participated in a spiritist youth groups, they used to listen to stories through texts, plays, music, and puppets. Times were simple. Many people explain that they have difficulty telling a story to kids because they feel that children today need the latest, most innovated piece of technology in order to be excited and engaged in the story. But is that true? Or have we simply forgotten how powerful telling a story can be? How can we connect with children through storytelling in 2017? 

Most of the time it's not the story that isn't engaging, rather it's the way we tell a story that falls short. One of the best pieces of advice I've read was: "The brain forgets; but the heart remembers". This is so important and can make all the difference in the world when storytelling. It's crucial that we convey a feeling straight from the story and connect with the children through their hearts, not their brains. Their minds may be distracted by the latest technologies and innovations, but when we transmit an emotion, they absorb it. A sublime example that we have is from the world's greatest storyteller, Jesus. Through parables, Jesus captivated his audience to feel his lessons, not to memorize it or repeat back to him. He spoke to each and every person's heart, trying to share a sentiment. So how can we become better storytellers? How can we maximize how well our kids absorb the lessons in each story? 

Here are some tips:
  1. Reads the story twice, and remember it as if it were a movie. 
  2. Look for an image or emotion that dominates the story. Keep that emotion or image in mind as you read the story. 
  3. Draw a stick-figure progression of images that play out the action, with a few key words as reminders.
  4. Practice Run: using only these simple images and key word practice in the mirror. 
  5. Practice telling the story to someone and ask the person for their feedback. 
    • What was the dominant image or emotion of the story? 
  6. Tell the story to your audience (the kids) 
  7. When the story is finished, let there be silence. 
    • Allow the children to absorb the meaning of the story, as they process what they are feeling. 
    • Don't jump into questions/discussion rights away. 

Source: Tips from a Master Storyteller 

💡Lesson Plan Ideas: Easter 

"Easter of Virtues"

by Cris Ribeiro e Vitor Eugênio Jr. 

Inside each of the plastic easter eggs, put two pieces of chocolate/candy and a virtue written on a piece of paper. If possible, have the egg hunt in the garden/outside, so that all the kids and youth can look for them. When all the eggs have been collected, form a circle with the kids, and have each child open their egg and discuss the virtue. That child/teen can explain what that virtue means to them, allowing others to add their input. 

The educator should prepare a poster board with images/written statements of the real meaning of Easter and finalize the lesson with it. 

💡Lesson Plan Ideas: Earth Day

"Earth Web"
Translated & Adapted by: Larissa Santos  

  1. Understand the relationship between all living things and the Earth. 
  2. Observe that everything in nature is interconnected and rely on each other. If humans interfere with the links that connect all species on Earth, directly or indirectly, ecological problems occur. 
  3. Understand the need to respect everything on Earth, as a creation of God. 
How it works:
  1. Prior to the class, the educator creates signs (pieces of construction paper and yarn) of different living creatures (the sun, soil, flowers, bees, humans, bears, fish, etc) and plants from Earth, plus a sun, so that each child can wear and represent during the game. 
  2. During class, create a circle with the kids, having one child in the middle of the circle as the sun. 
  3. With the yarn, the educator and children begin finding connections between one living thing to another. Beginning with the sun and so on. Until a "web" is created connecting all the living beings to each other. 
  1. What happens if one piece of the yarn breaks? What if a particular species goes extinct? 
  2.  What happens to the environment if one piece of yarn no longer connects one living being to another? Are there any solutions? If so, what are they?
Teacher's Contribution

Please send us a class, an experience, a story, a resource that you have shared in class with the children.  By sharing what we know we will enrich our knowledge base and bring more materials to teachers all around south Florida (maybe even the world).

Just send the content by email to: by April 29th. 

CYD Events:

May 6th -      
11th US Spiritist Symposium

9am - 6pm
UCF Rosen College of Hospitality - Orlando
$10 Youth (6-16 years Old (Snacks will be provided)
$ 25 Adults (Coffee and Tea will be provided)
RSVP HERE - Adult and Youth

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