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CYD Monthly Newsletter

August 2017


From the CYD Team: 

Hello Spiritist Educators, 

We hope everyone had a great summer! This newsletter is dedicated to our amazing event happening in a couple of weeks. We are pleased to share that Sheila Passos will be the guest speaker at our CYD Face-to-Face Meeting. For those who may not know, the CYD of the Spiritist Federation of Florida hosts two great Face-to-Face Meetings every year: in February which is 100% in English and another in September which is 100% in Portuguese.

This weekend is promoted by the Spiritist Federation of Florida and facilitated by the CYD Team and a guest speaker with the goal to educate, unite and provide a place where parents and spiritist youth educators can share experiences, concerns, and support. It's two exciting and jam-packed days you don't want to miss!


Also, we now have a WhatsApp group for spiritist educators called "CYD Sharing". The goal is to share and exchange experiences, lessons plans, activities, ideas and beyond! If you would like to join click here:  CYD SHARING

Don't forget to check out our blog that you can find here  that shares content on a regular bases and to like us to Facebook

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter and remember to share it with family and friends, and especially other educators. 

CYD Face-to-Face Meeting: Sheila Passos 
(In Portuguese) Convite da Sheila Passos para o Evento CYD Cara-a-Cara no dia 2 e 3 de Setembro de 2017. 
To Register Today Click here
CYD Cara-a-Cara Workshop em Português

Data: dia 2 & 3 de Setembro 2017 
Local: Spiritist Society of Palm Beach
3122-B Sandalfoot  Plaza Dr. Boca Raton, FL 33428 
Dia 1: Como Evangelizar de Bebes a Adultos
Data: Sábado, 2 de setembro de 2017.
Horário: 9:30am as 6:00pm (almoço incluído)
Público Alvo: Evangelizadores de todas as Idades
Um dia dedicado aos evangelizadores de todas as idades com teoria e aulas vivenciais começando no ventre até a interação com Jovens e adultos. Um workshop leve, interativo que trará novas técnicas e experiencias para qualquer evangelizador. Convidem e registrem-se o mais rápido possível. Inscrições estarão encerradas na quinta-feira dia 1º de setembro de 2017 a meia noite.

Dia 2: Evangelho no Lar para todas as Idades 
Data: Domingo, 3 de setembro de 2017.
Horário: 9:30am as 4:00pm (almoço incluído)
Público Alvo: Pais e Evangelizadores
Pela primeira vez o CYD inclui na sua programação um dia dedicado aos pais. Esse tipo de eventos e sumamente importante para que possamos além de aprender experiencias maravilhosas juntos, criarmos um laco de companheirismo entre pais e evangelizadores, compartilhando vivencias e experiencias juntos. Convidem e registrem-se o mais rápido possível. Inscrições estarão encerradas na quinta-feira dia 1º de setembro de 2017 a meia noite.
Teacher's Contribution
Please send us a class, an experience, a story, a resource that you have shared in class with the children.  By sharing what we know we will enrich our knowledge base and bring more materials to teachers all around south Florida (maybe even the world).

Just send the content by email to: by April 29th. 

CYD Events:

Sept 2nd & 3rd       
Save the Date 
CYD Face-to-Face 
Special Guest: Sheila Passos 
Date: September 2-3, 2017 
Scroll down for more info! 

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From the CYD Team
Sheila Passos 
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Teacher's Contribution
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