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Team Notes

Hello our fellow Educators!

We are pleased to release this newsletter full of great things made just for you....

Don't forget to register for this incredible workshop with Vanessa Anselone, Carol and Mark as they are coming with a bag full of tricks for everyone of us to use in our everyday routines.

In our column Gospel at Home with Children, we are talking about the importance of the gospel at home, it is crucial for the well being of our home, and our children as well.

On the "To Use with the Children" Column you will find a great class suggested by Cristina Ribeiro from Tampa, take the time to do it with your class and send us some feed back and pictures.  We love to hear from you.

Please read the information on the Lead by Example Campaign and let us know if you have any questions we want every center to participate as we love bringing the families closer to our Spiritist Education Programs.

We have not yet received any Educator's Contribution for the Teacher's Corner, but this is our Newsletter for our use, so take advantage and share with others what you know.

We hope everyone has a blessed week...

May the Peace be with us.

CYD Team


Gospel at Home with Children
by Roseli Marcondes

To use with the Children:
by Cristina Ribeiro

Hi everyone,
We wanted to share this class with you as it was a great success and a lot of fun to do at our center the other day.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
Theme:  The Friendship Cake
Age Group:  6 to 8 years old
  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Anticipation:       Tell the children that today they will be having a cooking class.  The recipe will be a very special and they will be able to take this recipe for their whole life as a leson.  Tell them then that they will be making a …..cake!!!!
  3. Materials:
    1. Bowl
    2. Wood or Baker’s Spoon
    3. Ingredients (with Colored Carton Paper you can write out the following words from the recipe, and if you have more children than ingredients play with the quantities):
      1. SMILES
      2. RESPECT
      3. TRUE FRIENDS (You can make as many of these if you write TRUE FRIEND)
      5. GOOD HUMOR
      7. FREE TIME
      8. TRUST
      9. FORGIVENESS (Make a lot of little ones to garnish in a fun color)
      10. LOVE (Make a lot of little ones to garnish in a fun color)
    4. Cardboard Oven (Make one at home that will fit the real cake and the mixing bowl for surprise effect at the end).
    5. A real cake if possible using the colors and the words for the end of the class.
    6. Music
  4. The educator should bring a cardboard box painted as an oven, and place it in the classroom before the beginning of the class.  In this box the real cake should be placed ahead of time as well.  As this will be served at the end of class, it will have a very special impact on the children.
  5. Talk to the children about the importance of friendship and ask them what do they think and if they have great friends.    Who are their friends?  Are the parents, aunts, cousins, or grandparents included?  Should they be?  At the end of this part ask them if they know what is necessary to make great new friends and keep the ones we have?
  6. Bring out the bowl and the spoon now and let’s start to talk about the activity.
  7. Distribute the ingredients above to the children so they can participate once you read the story to them.
  8. With a great smile start to read out the story below and ask each the children to contribute with the ingredient that it received as the reading calls for it.  Ask the children to listen carefully and show their ingredient as it appears in the story.  Slowly tell them the story.  Allow them to share, if it gets too crazy, just read the entire story again at the end.
  9. Make sure to use the last 2 ingredients at the end and mention that you are decorating the cake with them (Forgiveness and Love) as these colors should match the cake for maximum impact. (it is ok if they do not).
  10. Place the mixing bowl in the oven next to the cake in a way the children do not see what you already have in the oven.
  11. Let’s now recap and talk to the children if they really have good friends.
    1. Do they know who their true friends are? 
    2. Do they treat their friends like that so they can be considered their friend’s BFFs? 
    3. How would they like to be treated?
    4. Besides our friends and family who is our great friend here on this life time?
    5. Who can we count on every minute of every day for help and guidance? (the answer we are looking for is Jesus)
    6. Once they get it as them, do they know why Jesus is our best friend ever?
    7. Than the educator can explain that is because Jesus cares for us, guides us towards good, he is always with us, and that if we are able to follow his guidance and teachings we will live a happy life.
  12. Finalization:  As we need to be careful how we treat our friends and family members, we need to be careful all the time with everyone.  Our friends at school, our teachers at school, our friends at centro, our teachers at centro and so on…
  13. If we do that all our activities during the day will be fun and pleasant.  We can make new friends.  In order to improve our attitude, we need to do things like … wait for our turn to speak, listen when others speak, participate on proposed group activities, etc.
The Friendship Cake

  • 1 Cup of Smiles
  • 2 Cups of Respect
  • True Friends
  • 1lb Fellowship
  • 2 Cups of Good Humor
  • Great Affection
  • FreeTime
  • Trust
  • Forgiveness and Love to garnish
Put a smile on your face, add two servings of respect and go meet some true friendship.  Mix Fellowship, good Humor and great affection.  Add Free Time, respecting tastes and preferences.  Season the dough with trust, respect, and simplicity.  Bake in no hurry, because a good friendship grows in the head of socializing, conversations, and respect for differences.  Garnish the Cake with Plenty of forgiveness and love.
CYD Lead by Example Campaign
by Carolina Teixeira Abreu

What is it?

o   This is a permanent campaign that has the intention to facilitate the education department of each Spiritist center to keep in touch with all parents, peers, and members of our Spiritist Center.  This brings to light the importance that our doctrine has in the formation of our children.  The importance of the Educational department for our center.  This Campaign was designed to inspire the parents, guardians and other members of our Spiritist Centers to bring all Children and Parents to the Center of all ages.
How does it work?

o   For the 2017 Parent Engagement Campaign, we chose the title – “Lead by Example” Every quarter (trimester) the CYD suggests a topic, provides back up material, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, including a PowerPoint Presentation for guidance.

o   We also have some of our volunteers at the CYD available to give those talks in all 3 languages if the Spiritist Center so chooses to use one of our speakers please send us an email at
CYD Lead by Example Campaign Topics
Theme 1: (Jan-Mar):
How to talk to our Kids? – The Dialog Tool – Educational guidance via spontaneous dialogue
Subjects to Approach:  Sex, Pornography, Internet dangers, Drugs, and Early Pregnancy.
Theme 2: (Apr-Jun):
Educating through example – The Example Tool – Live the life you want your children to live.
Subjects to Approach:  Parental Responsibility, Lead by Example, Values and Discipline.
Theme 3: (Jul-Sep):
Choice making Guidance – The choice Tool – Learn to make choices to teach to make choices.
Subjects to Approach:  Commitment / Free Will / Choices / Consequences.
Tema 4: (Oct-Dec):
Children and Youth in the Spiritual World – The Knowledge Tool – Learn about our children in relation to the spirit world.
Subjects to Approach:  Spiritual Harmony, Parents Mission, Children in the Spiritual World, Are there children in the lower zones?
Teacher's Contribution
by CYD Subscribed Participants

Please send us a class, an experience, a story, a resource that you have shared in class with the children.  By sharing what we know we will enrich our knowledge base and bring more materials to teachers all around south Florida (maybe even the world).

Just send the content by email to by Jan 22nd.

CYD Events:

Jan 29th @ 6 pm
CYD Team and collaborators Staff Conf Call Meeting
RSVP via email to receive call in information.

Feb 4th + 5th - SAVE THE DATE!!!
CYD Face-To-Face


Feb 12th @ 6 pm
CYD Team and collaborators Staff Conf Call Meeting
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Mar 5th @ 6 pm
CYD Team and collaborators Staff Conf Call Meeting
RSVP via email to receive call in information.

May 6th - SAT     

11th US Spiritist Symposium
9am - 6pm
UCF Rosen College of Hospitality - Orlando
$10 Youth (6-16 years Old (Snacks will be provided)
$ 25 Adults (Coffee and Tea will be provided)
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Newsletter Topics:
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- To use with the Children
- CYD Lead by Example Campaign
- Teacher's Contribution
- Upcoming Events

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