AEA Learning Online - Instructor Update 2-5-19
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Instructor Update

New Registration System Update

This is the place where I refrain from giving you any hard-and-fast dates for our transition to the new system, as I have been proven wrong many too many times.

However, we are getting closer.  The nightly import of users--the issue that has been the main hangup since September--is now working as of Friday.  And, we are only waiting for one AEA (Keystone) to approve the new payment processor on the system.  That leaves a final item on the checklist before we move over officially to the new system.  So... "close".

Here are the key things to note:
Continue to put your course proposals into the new system as you have been.  If you haven't added a proposal in the new system and need to do so, contact me to make sure we have set you up as an instructor in the new system.

• Courses that end before June 1 will appear in the current system.  However, courses that end after June 1 will appear in the new system.  If you have submitted a course into the new system, I have been copying it back to the old one if it needs to be there.

• Once we move over to the new system, the links on our website will be redirected there.  I will give an update on what the user sees, as well as the instructor center area in the new system, including how to get your roster and how to enter in grades.

Refunds and Transfers

We have mentioned that there are issues with the new system that will require us to do some things differently.  Probably the most prevalent one AEAs have experienced is regarding refunds and transfers.

Our refund policy will officially change for courses on the new system to be in line with all the other AEAs.  Participants will only be able to cancel and get a refund up to one week prior to the start of the course.  After that point, they will not be able to get a refund, though they could cancel their registration and withdraw from the course.

The system also does not allow for individuals to transfer from one section to another.  If you, say, had a person who needed to move to a later section of the course you are offering after that refund date, they would have to withdraw from the course and then register for the next session.  While the system does have a mechanism to refund a person's money, there would be a cost for us to do so from our payment processor.  In other words, we would pay every time a person "transfers".

Two things:
1. We still want to accommodate those having hardships.  If a person has had a death in her family or has been hospitalized for an extended period of time, as a couple of examples, she should not have to finish the course or risk losing money.  We can accept the cost of withdrawing her and registering her to the next section.  We do not advertise this, or we will have many individuals with personal tragedies.  However, if you hear from your students that this is the case, please advise them to contact Shelley Christensen about some options, and we will work with them.

2. There is a workaround you can do on your end.  You can always give a student an Incomplete grade for the current section and then not withdraw them.  When the student takes the course with the next section, you can simply go back into the older section and submit the grade at that time.  This will put more responsibility on you as an instructor, as you will need to submit final grades in two different courses within the instructor center, and you will need to remember to contact her with the initial welcome-to-the-course info, since her name won't appear on that new section's roster.

Changing Course Proposals... or Not

Another change with the new system is that when you are ready to offer a course again (i.e. one you have already proposed, been approved, and taught), you do not need to create a new course proposal for it.  Actually, let me be even more clear.  You don't create a new proposal for it.  You simply go into the proposal and add a new section.

But, what if you want to change the course proposal?  This creates issues, as you will essentially need to create a new proposal with a new name and a new course number in the system.

Instead, I encourage you to do two things:

• Email any changes to the existing proposal that need to be changed, and I can do it on the back end.

• When creating the course proposal the first time, put as much of it into an online syllabus that is available for the public to view (e.g via Google Docs).  Then in the online proposal, you can simply link out to that Google Doc for the relevant sections.  When it comes time to change the syllabus, you can make small tweaks like the name of the new article you are having students read in that Google Doc.  This won't affect the original proposal that you made.
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