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Instructor Update

OLLIE course sign-up (now with 2020 Dates!)

Loss Data Message

We mentioned last week that we had a loss of data on Thursday of this past week.  One result from this is that we will be minimizing the number of plugins allowed on the system.  In this case, one plugin caused the issue.  We will also make sure we have just completed a backup before running the update (which means probably some manual work during the 1:00 - 3:00 am range).

It is important to note that your participants are not at fault for the loss of data, and as much as possible, they shouldn't be penalized.  Now in some cases, we need participants to re-submit work (especially in the case of a final project being submitted).  But in other cases, we will make the assumption that participants completed what we said they did.

Here is the announcement that Kristen and I used in our courses.  Feel free to copy and use what you would like.

Hello everyone-

It appears AEA Learning Online had an issue with the planned upgrade of their server last night.  This has resulted in the work done yesterday (Thursday, 6/27) being lost.  If you did work yesterday, it is not recoverable.

We do not want you to redo what you did yesterday.  If you uploaded a final project yesterday, please re-upload it today. 

If you completed any forum posts or replies yesterday, please send us an email or Moodle message of what you sent.  For example:

"Hi Evan!  I completed the initial 3 posts in the jigsaw and the debate post yesterday"

Do not redo the posts.  We trust you that you did the work, and we don't want you to redo it.  That's a pain that you don't need.  Just let us know what you have done and we will honor you with full points for that work.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will assist.

No More "Essential" Theme

One of the plugins that is now obsolete is the "Essential" theme.  Most courses use either Fordson (the default maroon one for the site) or Boost (the white one that the OLLIE courses use).  However, some used the old Essential theme.

At this point, the Essential theme and those that were built off of it have been removed from the system.  If you need any pointers on the new theme, please contact me.

Course Contact instead of Message My Teacher

Another one that is gone is the Message My Teacher block.  Well... technically it is still on the server for a bit, but it doesn't work.

Luckily, there is a better option now.  It is called the Course Contact block.  Not only can you set it up so that students can message teachers directly from the block, but you can also make it so that students message other individuals (group members?  the support desk?).  You can also choose what options for messages, whether Moodle message or email, that they have.

The block also shows if that person is currently logged into Moodle as well.

Moodle Forum Updates

And finally, Moodle has updated their forums.  Now, when you click to add a post or a reply, you can post it inline (instead of taking you to a new page on your browser to post).  If you want that old separate page with the ability to do things like add attachments or posting a copy of the announcement to different (or all) groups, just click the Advanced link below the forum post area.
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