Instructor Update - May 2018
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AEA Learning Online Instructor Update

New Course Proposal System

Hello everyone!  This is the 2nd update on the new registration system.  In this one, we will take a look at the new course proposal process.  Again, be sure to check out our previous announcement.  A reminder that courses that begin after August 1 will be made on the new course proposal system, while courses that begin before then will continue on the current system.

Before we begin, a quick question was asked.  If you already have a course on the catalog that begins after August 1, you DO NOT need to redo the proposal.  It will stay on the old system until we make the switch, at which time all courses on the old system with their participants will come over to the new system.  The only rub with this is that the course proposals on the old system will not, meaning the manual copying and pasting we mentioned.  (Again, my apologies for this busy work... I have around 25 proposals of courses that I teach on occasion that will need to be moved at some point, so I feel your pain).

One other important note before getting started, the system times out around an hour.  It does have a Save Draft feature (it didn't at first... we got one thing added).  So, be sure to save periodically.

To begin with creating a proposal, you first need to be identified as an instructor in the system.  We sent a list of individuals, including your email addresses, to Performance Matters.  So you should already see the Instructor Center listed in the Performance Matters system.  However, if you do not see it for whatever reason, let us know so that we can re-add you.

1. Go to the new system and login with your AEA Login.  (See our previous newsletter if you need to make an AEA Login account)

2. On that page, click on the Instructor Center tab at the top.

3. On this page, you could search for a proposal you have already entered into the system.  Assuming you are making a new one, on the right side of the screen, select New Instructor Led Course under the drop down.

4. This is much like the 1st page of the old course proposal system, where you make the "course".  You will add the "section(s)" next.  Much of this is the same, so here are the basics of the fields as you go down the list:
  • Title: Same
  • Your Name: Same
  • Your Phone: Same
  • Your Email: Same
  • Account Number: Leave Blank
  • Published Description of Activity: Same
  • Prerequisites: Optional Text Field, not needed for approval, but will help participants understand if they are registering for the right course
  • AEA: AEA Learning Online (this is important)
  • Credit Type: Select Licensure Renewal.  Also select Drake/Viterbo/Morningside if you want grad credit  Remember that we work under an "if you do one, you do them all" agreement, so we will add them if you leave them off.  Put in number of credits and number of instructional hours.  Leave cost blank
  • Learning Design and Credit Hours Calculation:
  • Number of Credits: Same
  • License Renewal & Graduate: Check 
  • Activity chart: For this, you have to add new items by clicking on the activity button:

As you add items in, you will add the amount of in-class and out-of-class hours.  Special Note: This is cumbersome, and since the system can time out, you might want to build your hours analysis off the site, like say on a Google Spreadsheet.  If so, you can simply direct us to the hours via a link and summarize the hours up like this:

  • Format: Online
  • Type: Course
  • Open/Closed: Open Audience, unless directed otherwise by Evan.
  • Requires Secondary Registration: No
  • Subject Category: Same
  • Iowa Teaching Standards: Same
  • Iowa School Leader Standards: Same
  • Iowa Core: Same
  • Outcomes: Same
  • Course Requirements/Assignments: Same
  • Grading Criteria: Same
  • Attach Rubric: Same
  • Materials: Same
  • Research Base: Same
  • Additional Information/Comments; Same
  • Target Audience: Same
  • Discipline: Optional
  • Connections to AEA Service Standards: Optional
  • Equity Standards: Optional
  • Board of Nursing Criteria: Optional (you should leave these blank)
  • Course Survey: Course Evaluation
  • Allow Participants to Enroll in Multiple Sections: Leave unchecked
When you are done, save.  It will point out any required fields that you missed.

Then, assuming it is all good, you can add a section.  You should see a screen that looks like this:

Click the New Section button.  This will feature a bit more than the 2nd page on our current proposal, but much of it is not something that we will actually fill out.
  • Section Title: Technically, there is supposed to be the following format:
(Location)  (AEA)  (Semester or Month)
Cedar Rapids GWAEA Fall 18

However, since we are a bit special, you probably just want to put Online Fall 18 or Online Oct 18 (if you have more than one section in the fall, say).
  • Location: Online
  • Street: Blank
  • City: Blank
  • State: Blank
  • Zip: Blank
  • Attendance: Once a Day
  • Section Contact Name: Instructor (you)
  • Section Contact Phone: Your Phone
  • Section Contact Email: Your email
  • Instructor Information:  Select Contracted with the AEA to be an instructor if you are getting paid, or Employed by other agency/district teaching on contract (no additional instructor pay) if you aren't.  Please contact Evan if you are not sure.
  • Sponsoring Group: Leave Blank
  • Maximum Number: 20
  • Allow Waitlist: Leave blank
  • Section Start Date: Same
  • Section End Date: Same
  • End Registration Date: Leave Blank
  • Classtime Start: Leave Blank
  • Classtime End; Leave Blank
  • Or Release Section At: Leave Blank
  • Equipment and Room: Leave Blank
  • Notes: Leave Blank
After you are done, you should now be able to see the Submit for Review button active.  Before finishing the section, you couldn't click on it.  Click on it now to submit it.

Summer OLLIE Courses

We have several OLLIE courses for this summer that are available for you.  The first one features a new instructor for us.  Julie Buerman is a chemistry teacher from Cedar Rapids Kennedy, and has been blending her class for several years.  She has taught the Designing Online Lessons course internally within Cedar Rapids, and now she is teaching it statewide.  

This course starts soon, (Next Wednesday!!!), so be sure to register asap!  As an added bonus, we will also cover the brand new SoftChalk Cloud v. 11 in it, as well as the great free tool H5P that everyone is raving about.

Here are the links for the courses.  Again, you can audit them for free, take them for the minimal amount for either license renewal or graduate credit.  If you are seeking the Drake Online Teaching Certificate, make sure you sign up for Drake credit.  And if you have not yet taken it, the Instructional Design course is one of the 3 courses we require to teach online for us.

• Designing Online Lessons (2 credits) - May 23 - June 26 -*
• Developer’s Cohort (2 credits) - June 1 - July 31  -*
• Online Instructional Design (2 credits) - July 11 - Aug 14 -*
• Designing Online Assessments & Activities (2 credits) - July 11 - Aug 14 =*

We don't have our fall courses on the catalog (I need to be sure to read that awesome newsletter that is coming out that will walk me through how to do that on the new system), but we are looking at 

• Facilitation
• Online Learning 101
• Blended Learning

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