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Courses Now Live on New System

Well, after 2 years of promises broken from yours truly, we have finally reached that day.  This week, the AEA Learning Online courses ending after June 1 are now on the new registration system.

That system can be found at  When a person goes to the site (and logs in), she can click on Courses at the top and do a search.  She can also do an advanced search to select specific courses, or from the first search, refine it by AEA:

By clicking on the Register button, participants can then register for your course.

New Instructor Center

Let's take a look at the new "Instructor Center".  I put that in quotes because, while there is an area of the new site that is called the Instructor Center, it does not do all the same functions of our current Instructor Center.

When you log into the site, on the front page there is a section called Courses I Teach.  (Note:  It is not the section My Courses, which would be courses you are taking).

In that area, you can show the ones in session, recently ended, or all together.  From this list, you would want to click on the Course name, not the Section (as that just is the section description.

From the course listing, at the bottom are listed the sections for that course.  You can view the section roster from the dropdown on the left:

This brings up your course roster.  On here, you will see several self-explanatory buttons:

Probably the two most important ones will be the Email All...

(Note, you can unselect individuals below before sending, so it is not really "Email All" per se). well as the Grades/Roster Status:

Here, you will have the ability to add the grades similar to our existing system.  You can also add all grades at once via a drop-down above the roster:

Under the Instructor Center area, where you have been creating your course proposals and sections, there is an area where you will be able to access the course evaluations:


Welcome Emails

Last summer, we mentioned that we had a new addition to the system, the Course Code.  This is generated via the Easy Enrollments enrollment method, and is not the same as the Enrollment Key that we have been using for years.

We have had a few individuals call in recently confusing the two, and it seems to stem from what is mentioned in the welcome email sent out by the instructor at the beginning of the course.  You will want to review your instructor email to make sure that the directions you give actually work for an individual to get into your course space on Moodle.

If you would like assistance, feel free to email me ( your welcome email.  I can peruse it to make sure that it is accurate in the login technicalities.

Here is a welcome email that my wife and I currently use, for a point of reference.  Note that we use the course code feature, and not the enrollment key anymore:

Welcome to "Pinterest: Using Pins, Boards, and More in Your Classroom".  This class will be done completely online, using our Moodle system. This welcome is admittedly a bit lengthy, but it has 4 important things to know for the class, so be sure to read it fully.

IMPORTANT THING #1: How to get started 

To get set up, you can go to  
When you are there, you will need to login.  If you've never used AEA Learning Online's Moodle server before, you can log in one of two ways. You can use your Google Apps account by clicking the Google logo, whether it is your own account or your account through your school's Google Apps. If you don't have a Google account or prefer not to use it, you can login with your AEA Login.  That's the same email and password you use to log in for the AEA Training System (like Bloodborne Pathogens and Mandatory Reporter).

Our course doesn't officially start until Wednesday, but we have opened up the course early if you want to get a head start.  To access the course, please enter the course code jtctza in the course code space on the home page (you might want to copy and paste that). 

If you have not taken an online course before, we are very hopeful you will enjoy this.  It is a bit different than normal online courses.  With the advent of social learning for educators, it is important to learn through the act of networking. This means you will be regularly pinning as part of your school work.

However, just like typical online courses, all of the work will be asynchronous, meaning you will choose when you want to log in and complete the work.  

2nd IMPORTANT NOTE: Deadlines

This course features four units, one unit per week.  Assignments are due Tuesday night at midnight each week.  In addition, when we have a collaborative discussion forum, each participant will have an initial post due on Saturday at midnight of that week. Note, all assignments are due at midnight, not the time that Moodle lists (while it gets the day right, it picks its own time during the day to make an assignment "due"... disregard Moodle's time).

3rd IMPORTANT NOTE: Pinterest Invites

This is the one where people stumble the most.  On Thursday, we will send out invites to all of the class participants.  The invites will go out to the email you used when registering for the class (i.e. the email you are receiving this announcement with). However, if you already have a Pinterest account, you can continue to use that one (no need to make a new one just for the course). Please send us a message (you will see the link to message the teacher in the lower right corner of the course home page) with the email for your Pinterest account, or we can't send you the invite you will need to complete the coursework.

4th IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't panic... we are very flexible

One other thing to note: My husband Evan and I are tag-team teaching the course.  We, like you, have quite a few things going on the day, as in addition to being teachers, we have three older kids to take to different activities. So, if you have some technical difficulties, don't panic. We are very flexible and accommodating in case of difficulties.

While this announcement is coming in a direct email, most of the rest will be coming through Moodle.  Even when the announcements come from Moodle, you should receive an email and it will appear in the "Latest News" area in the upper right corner.  The announcements will help you out with important directions and greatly reduce any anxiety you might have. Trust us on this one :). Try getting in a habit of checking that "Latest News" area every time you log in.

If you have any questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us at or .  

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Kristen & Evan
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