Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We are all in uncharted waters at this time. We are learning more about how COVID-19 affects people every day.  Older people, and those with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, appear to be more at risk of developing severe symptoms.  

ECA and its employees are experiencing the unsettling reality of this pandemic. First and foremost, our well-being and the health of friends, associates and of course, our loved ones is of paramount concern. 

When we get beyond that, many of us are wondering what will happen to the economy given the mind-boggling number of businesses and people that are impacted by this merciless disease.

Despite the shut down of many businesses, ECA remains active, providing essential emergency services for those that are economically disadvantaged and without heat. 

As the leader of ECA, I would like to let all of our funding partners, vendors, contractors and friends know that the health and safety of the communities that we serve every day is our top priority. We are on high alert and responding accordingly to local, state and federal communications that will guide our evolving responses to the 
COVID-19 pandemic.

We will, to the very best of our ability, resume our full complement of services to the communities we serve as soon as the authoritative officials deem it safe to do so. 

Until then, please be safe and maintain the single most important consideration that can affect how many people are infected – social distancing. 

We will defeat this virus and come out of this together and most likely have a more positive outlook on how we came together in a moment of crisis and not only survived, but thrived.

Steve Luxton
CEO, Energy Coordinating Agency

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