What Have the CYMKivtsi Been Up to?

Greetings from our Newly Elected National President

“Hi CYMKivtsi!
I hope you are all doing well!
I have seen so many photos from the 2017 CYMK Convention and there are so many new faces for me. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tanya Buciora and I was elected as your new National CYMK 
President for the terms of 2017-2019.  This was not a position I was forced to take, this was not a position I was asked to take, this was a position I wanted to take because I love the Ukrainian youth family that we have become. I am so excited to work with you all in the next two years, visiting you, organizing events, and planning more conventions, such as the Saskatoon coming up next year and in the East in two years.

As an executive, our goal is to keep CYMK growing, we learn new things as CYMKivtsi every year and I hope we will all become closer, continue the successes we all carry, and share and have fun while we are at it!

Remember I appreciate, remember, and love each and every one of you so much and everyone one of you is so important to this youth family.

I hope you all carry on the success you have in your locals and I will keep in touch."


National CYMK President,

Tanya Buciora

UCC AGM in Vancouver Report
This year, in November, the Canadian Congress Annual General Meeting Conference took place, in Vancouver, BC. As a CYMK representative, Liza Zienchuk; our past-president, attended the UCC UGM. Here are her remarks:

“I spent 3 days in Vancouver for the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Annual General Meeting Conference.

The conference began on the Friday. We began the gathering with the first part of the Board of Directors meeting. We welcomed and accepted new board members, accepted the education trust trustees, and listened about the Taras Shevchenko Foundation. We then heard an introduction to a new project by the UCC National for a Capital Campaign which will be headed by the UCC National Fundraising committee. This peaked my interest and I have since volunteered to be part of the fundraising committee and to be an active contributor to the campaign and its implementation. Following this introduction, we participated in a roundtable discussion with Ambassador Veselovsky.

The next day was a dedicated to the UCC National AGM. Here we heard the Presidents, Treasurers, Audit Committees, Executive Directors, CEOs, Taras Shevchenko Foundations, and the subsequent committee’s reports, which included the Holodomor Education; Holodomor Awareness; Canada-Ukraine Stakeholder Advisory Council; Awards and Recognition; Fundraising; Invictus Host; Religious Affairs; Museums, Archives, and Research Institutions; National Arts Council; National Education& School Council; and Ukraine Appeal committees. We further discussed priority business topics which included the Ukrainian World Congress (this was just held in Toronto from November 10th-12th), Project Link, and the Parliamentary Internship Program. The provincial council reports followed, as well as the workshops of the weekend. These included “Communications and Digital Media” led by Connor Moen and Cassian Soltykevych, and “Community Advocacy and Government Relations” led by Markian Shwec and Ihor Michalchyshyn.

In the evening we attended the UCC Leadership Gala during which I made many connections with youth in Vancouver. What I found very interesting was that the youth in Vancouver are their own organization, and they are not formally governed by any executive. They do not belong to any already existing youth organizations such as PLAST, CYM, UNO, SUSK, CYMK etc. They simply are a group of young Ukrainians who live in in close proximity and who want to spend more time together by keeping close to their culture, language, and traditions. This gives us a clear-cut group of people that we can target in terms of marketing CYMK and generating interest in opening a new local in the area. The challenge that will be most prominent is the lack of youth in Vancouver Ukrainian Orthodox churches. I had a chance to meet with Daniel Huzyk (, who suggested we get in touch with Daniel Lisk ( as he has the most interest in establishing a Vancouver CYMK local, but despite attempted communication, there have been no further developments.

The last day was Sunday, during which we held the second part of the Board of the Directors meeting. Here we participated in a Canada Ukraine Strategy Discussion and another discussion regarding the Capital Campaign in a roundtable format instead of a presentation format like on Friday. We then reviewed the current committees and their responsibilities, where I endorsed and supported the continuance of the Religious Affairs committee. Finally, we discussed the location of the next Triennial Congress. After the conference wrapped up, I met with some of the youth once again for some true Vancouver sushi to connect with them on a more personal level. I now consider many of them my friends and am looking forward to the relationship we will continue to build.”
CYMK Across Canada
All the CYMKivtsi are working hard with new goals and objectives for this upcoming year. Here is a little oversight to what CYMK is doing across Canada:

 Past Events
  • In October we attended a Field Trip to Corn Maze/Petting Zoo,
  • November was focused on Movie Night and Christmas Ornament Making,
  • December- Christmas Bake-Sale and Wheat Cleaning.
Upcoming Events
  • In January we will be organizing Bowling, February will be Tobogganing Party,
  • March, Pysanky (twice),
  • April we will have Embroidering Lesson
  • May will include a Event collaborated with Regina CYMK (TBD)
  • And June Pike Lake Bike Trip
Past and Upcoming Events

1)The St. John's CYMKivtsi (in Edmonton, AB), have been practicing carolling, and planning a Malanka skit, to perform at St. John's Malanka on January 12, 2018. So far, the skit's theme and plot have been decided, and the roles of the people in the skit and who they would play are slowly being decided. There will [most likely] be another CYMK gathering where we practice the skit before the big day on Friday, January 12, 2018. 
2) St. John's Sr. CYMK is doing a 'Coat Drive' for the organization 'Coats for Kids' 
3) Alberta Provincial CYMK has taken on a fundraising project for an orphanage in Ukraine, where items such as art supplies, personal hygiene items, school supplies, small toys, and outdoor clothing accessories such as mittens and gloves, are being collected by CYMK groups and organizations across Alberta. So far, the items from across Alberta have been collected and are going to be sent to Ukraine soon.
Past Event
In November, we had the opportunity to help Pani Irka Balan in assembling small diduchs to be handed out at the Holodomor Remembrance Service in Winnipeg, which was held at City Hall. Marissa, Max, Lukas and Ilya made over 200 bundles, consisting of wheat stalks tied with a black ribbon.
In December, we had a small get together at the Kowalchuk house before the holiday season and played a Secret Santa Gift Swap game. We also welcomed home Talia Kowalchuk from her first graduate school term in Halifax!

Upcoming Events
In early February, we are planning to hold a weekend workshop at which we will be constructing crystal ornaments, to be sold as a fundraiser for Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and our CYMK Local. After the devastating fire at Holy Trinity, many aspects of the church needed cleaning, including the chandelier. Our crystal ornaments will be made from pieces of the old chandelier, along with ribbons and beads.
Past Events
  • St. Nicholas Concert at the St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church Parish
  • Attended the “That Never Happened” Screening and Premiere in downtown Toronto sponsored by SUS Foundation of Canada
“That Never Happened” recounts the forced internment and, in some cases, the imprisonment of, tens of thousands of Slavic Canadians in the period 1914-1920. They were primarily Ukrainians. They were targeted by Canadian law enforcement authorities not for illegal acts, but for their ancestry. 88,000 where forced to register with over 8,500 sent to concentration camps across Canada and here in Ontario Niagara Falls, Kingston, Petawawa, Sault Ste. Maria, Kapuskasing. All marshaled through Stanley Barricks in Toronto.
The film, hosted by the SUS Foundation of Canada, reveals how public records of their treatment were destroyed in 1954. Three decades later, researchers began the arduous task of stitching together the authentic story of this shameful period in Canadian history.
That Never Happened has met with critical acclaim at several film festivals, including the 2017 Valley Film Festival in California where it won best documentary, the 2017 Regina International Film Festival and Awards, this year’s Hamilton Film Festival, and the 2017 KinoFilm Fest, in Winnipeg. It captured the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Bay Street Film Festival.

If you have the opportunity to see the documentary when it comes out in your location, please do so! Toronto CYMK has learned a lot about the Ukrainian History of our ancestors in the Canadian internment of Ukrainians and others in 1914 - 1918, and really recommends the film for all to see..
  • Caroling
  • Meet and Greet with TYC Organization
  • Coffee House with MUNO Ukrainian Organization
  • Skating Party with Oshawa CYMK local
Eastern Eparchy Conference
Our National President, Tanya Buciora, took the opportunity to share a report she had written about the history and meaning of CYMK with all the Executive memories in the Eastern branches and all clergy present, with the assistance of Dr. Peter Kondra. She has thanked all those organizations and individuals who have assisted with making the Winnipeg CYC/USRL Convention such a success for our CYMKivtsi.

Read a bit of her Report:

"Attending an Eastern youth retreat, I was given a book by Elissa Bjeletich and Caleb Shoemaker titled ‘Blueprints for the Little Church.’ How do we as Orthodox parents keep our children in the church throughout their lives? Well, to start off this presentation, I would like to keep in mind what Elissa and Caleb affirmed in their literature that and I quote, “it all begins with involving them in the life of the church from birth onwards – in the parish and at home.” In their chapter ‘Growing Up’ the header quote really stood out to me: “our teenagers have to reach on their own the stage of adult conviction about the faith. This does not mean in isolation, but from their own, experience. They have to emerge as Orthodox adults because they believe that Orthodoxy is true – that it shows us how God is and how we are. Only such a faith will be enough to preserve them in Orthodoxy throughout their life.” Therefore, this provides us with further understanding the vital role of CYMK and that providing our youth this positive experience is essential, as we represent the future of our Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada…

Participating in CYMK, a faith based organization, is valuable to every member as we are able to remain close with our family and friends gaining opportunities and knowledge which are unique and beneficial for our development. These events help reunite our members with experiencing the 4 CYMK pillars:

Faith, Culture, Leadership, and Friendship, as created by the Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association in 1934. As stated in Hebrews, Chapter 6, verse 10, “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”  
As members of CYMK, we are honest, sincere and hard working Ukrainian Orthodox Youth. We are reminded of this during our every recital of the CYMK Klych:

Ми є чесні молодчі, бyдем шуро пращуювaти, добри ділo продoвжaти!

As the President of the National CYMK Executive group and being the Long-Branch Local Secretary and President for several years, I have realized how significant this phrase really is. During the last 2 years, I have learned and comprehended the amount of dedication, commitment, allegiance, devotion, time and exertion it takes to dominate and prevail with success. It takes a group, not one individual to win, but most importantly, it takes a family. Enjoying moments as a CYMK group is a paramount quality which helps us grow within our bonds, companionships, trust, culture, and spirituality…"

If you wish to read the full report, Please visit our website at for more.
National Upcoming CYMK Project
Unbroken Blossoms Project
This is an initiative that works with Ukrainian Injured soldiers who are in need of medical assistance and rehabilitation after being injured in the Euromaiden, Crimean revolution, and other combat happening in Eastern Ukraine.

Former National CYMK President Liza Zienchuk has recommended this Project as her father, Michael Zienchuk remains on the committee and contact is suitable. Tanya 
Buciora, our current National CYMK President has personally visited some of these rehabilitation centres in Ukraine during this summer, and Toronto Local have spent some time with the soldiers at a Blue Jays game 2 summers ago. It has come to the National CYMK’s awareness that they could really benefit from our assistance.
Therefore, we will be working on collecting funds for this project in the upcoming year of 2018. If you wish to donate and help out, please contact the Presidents of your local CYMK groups.

For more information about this Project, here is a video link:
Message from Your National CYMK Executive
On behalf of the CYMK National Executive, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! We hope the Holidays bring lots of happiness and love, and are proud and thankful of all the opportunities we were given in the year of 2017. We hope the New Year brings our youth joy, good health, and success with their education, work and within their local CYMK groups. We look forward to all the new adventures we will take in 2018.

-President Tanya Buciora along with the National CYMK Executive  

Від імені крайовоії управи СУМК, Ми бажаємо всім Веселих Свять Різдва Христового, та Щасливого Нового 2018 Року! Mи сподіваємося, що Cвята принесуть багато щастя та любові, i є горді і вдячні Богові за все що ми осягнули у 2017 рочі. Ми бажаємо щоб Hовий Рік принic наший молоді радість, здоров'я, та успіхів у школі, роботі, і у вашіх місцевих yправах СУМК. Mи чекаємо на всі наші нові пригоди в 2018.

-Президент Таня Буцьора та крайовa управи СУМК.
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