Knysna Bull | 19-22 Feb 2020
Constantia League Invitation

Welcome to the Knysna Bull

<<Name>>, you have been chosen by Constantia Insurance as an important partner, and courtesy of Constantia, the Knysna Bull invites you to join the Constantia League. Should you accept this private invitation you can look forward to a long weekend of exceptional mountain biking in Knysna spanning over four days from 19-22 February 2020. 

19 to 23 February 2020

The Bull starts on Wednesday afternoon at the Knysna Waterfront with registration and a short evening Prologue ride. The following three stages are around 60km each and all finish at the Waterfront where you will enjoy lunch prepared by selected restaurants. The afternoons are then yours to enjoy and there will be a private Constantia League dinner. (details to follow).

Knysna Waterfront race village

The event will end on Saturday evening with the Knysna Bull Finishers' Dinner. Prizes and awards will be announced, as well as individual riders finishers gifts, all made personal by Constantia. The Waterfront is the finish venue for each stage and the Knysna Bull race village for the duration of the event. We recommend you stay within riding distance to the Waterfront for ease and convenience.

Join the Constantia League

 <<Name>>, should you accept, your first four steps are as follows:
  1. Register on the Knysna Bull website and you will receive a confirmation email
  2. Log in to your new rider profile, and then
  3. Enter the Knysna Bull - compliments of Constantia
  4. Checkout using this 100% off coupon code: constantia.league.2020

Deep forest trails 

Four days of sublime riding at a social pace, it's not overly technical, just an intense flow of deep forest, ocean edge and mountain trail riding. Put in the training and it will be a unique experience both on and off the bike. After an intense holiday, you will need a good reason to come back to work.
Deep forest riding awaits
Pax, Rob, Rich, Jan

Team Bull

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