A Special Mom & Son Pair

Thyme is a momma cat who has been through a lot. Back in September, we saved her from a kill shelter where she'd had four kittens. All were adopted out, except for Thyme and her boy, Peppermint. 

These two just adore each other, and they are now a bonded pair. They both love to be around people, and Thyme is a calm balance to Peppermint's youthful energy and playfulness. 

If you're looking for the perfect pair of loving kitties, look to adopt this sweet bonded mother and son pair!
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Two Kitties Who Desperately Need Our Help


Here's the story of our sweet Dain.

We got Dain from SMRAS in Sept 2019.  He was just a little kitten then, with pneumonia and diarrhea.  He went to foster Julie Perales where he got healthy and was very well-loved. Julie used to take him with her to tabling and fundraising events, and he was a huge chick/dude/kid magnet.  To say he loved the attention is an understatement!

Dain is a total lovebug for attention, he wants pets and playtime, he likes a lap and a head scratch, and will gaze at you with his GIANT sea-green eyes.  He loves a window with a good view of the outside and really likes a screened-in window or porch.  He has played well with other cats but doesn't enjoy dogs too much.  Mostly he wants your attention.   

Although cleared of his known issues, Dain ALWAYS has had raspy, wheezy breathing that sometimes ramps up to a full gurgle and other weird noises.  It sounds like extreme congestion, almost like someone snoring (but he's awake!).  He has been treated several times with various antibiotics, and respiratory tests have shown no viral infections, and he is not sneezing or coughing, or snotting.  He is not contagious. 

He has been referred to a specialty vet hospital for an exam.  Their recommendation is to examine him for a polyp or other structural type of mass that may be causing significant noise in his breathing - that will require a CT scan and scope of airways and lungs, under anesthesia, which can be risky, so it will need to be done by specialists, and it is quite expensive.  The initial estimate is $4,300.  

We are keeping him separate from other animals right now, to decrease possible stress until we can find and fix the cause of his respiratory issue.  Help us get him healthy so that this extremely sweet boy can go to a forever home and enjoy the attention and love he deserves and wants to give.

Almond is a very sweet cat who came to us at barely a year old, pregnant and testing positive for FeLV.  She went into premature labor just a few weeks later and delivered three stillborn kittens and one that lived less than two days - despite many people at Thundering Paws working together to give her a chance. Alas, it just wasn't enough and we were all heartbroken.

Almond was doing poorly after the birth, which is why she was seen at the vet where they discovered severe gingivitis. She will need intensive dental work with multiple extractions or, sadly, even a full mouth extraction. Being FeLV positive, we want to be very measured in how we approach her medical needs so that she has the best shot at getting and remaining healthy - which, inevitably, means a big bill of $1,600 for her dental procedure that we desperately need help with. 

We believe that Almond still has a purpose and a family waiting for her. She deserves a chance at that wonderful life and your gift will make such a difference for her future.  
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