Monthly Donors

I haven’t asked for monthly donors lately. We are aiming at the equivalent of 2,000 monthly donors of $10 by the end of the year. We have the equivalent of 465 now. It costs about $20,000 a month to run Thundering Paws.

That’s roughly $1,200 a cat, but remember, some of them are hospice cats like Sansli, Newt, Malcolm, and Martina; cats who have gone through horrendous injuries like Crepes, whose picture I STILL won’t show you, although she is improving; and tiny kittens in their first months of life with no feline mothers, like the Font kittens (now almost grown); Sage and Rosemary; the Carthage kittens, Shiva and Shinobi (who came to us on their first day of life), and Gizmo, Stripe, and Mogwai whose mom couldn’t produce enough milk for them.
Volunteers are caring for all these felines. We do as much of the vetting as possible with our vet techs, volunteers, and staff. Our veterinarians give us deep discounts because every one of them is a rescue vet who cares unequivocally for each kitty life we entrust to them. While we encourage everyone here to take time off for self-care, the sanctuary itself is never closed.

So, please, sign up for a monthly donation on our website, www/; send a check in the mail to Thundering Paws, P.O. Box 1555, Dripping Springs, TX 78620; or donate through Venmo, @Thundering-Paws.

A few people give us $4.49 a month. One family gives us $1,233.33 a month. You can give any amount you want, but if we have monthly donors, we know what we can provide the cats. That’s the important thing.
I Want To Donate To Help Kitties!
What's Kitten Season like for us? Watch and find out!

The Kitten Shower

Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Kitten Shower. It was so much fun! The amazingly upbeat video created for it can be seen here.

As soon as we edit it, we’ll post the whole Kitten Shower and you can see the link on Facebook. You can also go to our website,, and buy anything in the Kitten Registry for us.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and your gifts!
I Want To Buy Supplies For The Kittens!

More Kitten Fun!

Dragon and Tomasina went to a photoshoot last week and were the stars of the show! Leaping, chasing, following a laser beam, and, of course, eating—they strutted their stuff.

The photoshoot was for a new cat food to be marketed soon. We’ll let you know about it as soon as we know more.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts also attended the photoshoot. Brussels Sprouts was scared of the large space and Broccoli wasn’t really interested in the toys.

We’ll get the pictures and videos at some point and post them.
A star is born! Dragon loves the camera!

Who's Getting Ready For Adoption?

The day after this hits your inbox, Yuri’s kittens, Lavender, Aster, and Lilac, are going to be spayed/neutered, as are Dragon and Tomasina.

The Font kittens—Roman, Palatino, Calibri, Menlo, and Monaco, all found in a wall in Lakeway—will be spayed/neutered on July 1 and 2. On July 6, Autumn’s kittens—Mufasa, Nala (now nicknamed Nehru since he’s a boy), and Tiki— along with the Vegetable Kittens—Broccoli, Beans, Blackeyed Peas, and Brussels Sprouts—AND Crawdad will go for their final vetting and be ready a few days later.

If you voted for the cutest kitten at the Kitten Shower, you’ll know these babies.

Adoptions ...

…are dismally slow, but we expected it. I believe I talked about “Kitten Limbo” in an earlier Mewsings, the time between taking in kittens and their being old enough to get adopted. This time of the year—especially this year—is “Second Kitten Limbo,” the time when kittens are ready but everyone is either on vacation, the first part of the summer, or getting kids ready to go back to school, the second part of the summer. As soon as school starts, kittens begin flying out the doors!

So, if you want a big choice of kittens, right now is the time to dive right in and get your favorites!
I Want To Adopt A Kitten!

Thank You For Everything You Do For Animals!

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