What Do We Need This Week?

Fosters, fosters, fosters!!! If you’re not on vacation, PLEASE foster some kittens!

We have kittens, cats, and two heavily pregnant cats, one feral and the other feral-ish. And, of course, we have our permanent residents.

Two cats who were adopted can no longer stay in their adoptive home due to issues created by the pandemic. A cat we had adopted out in the neighborhood walked up the driveway begging for food! (He’s back with us, of course.)

Our fosters are taking the vacations they've been planning for over a year. We have many precious kittens ready for adoption, but probably no takers until after school starts.

If you can foster, please fill out a foster application.

Thank you for your help.

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What Else Do We Need This Week?

Catalyst cat litter. Expensive but absolutely the best!

Buy Catalyst Cat Litter
Ruckus was in rough shape when he came to a couple's door in Johnson City.


When I began Thundering Paws, I became aware that the second largest block to making the United States a no-kill nation is that there is nowhere for the animals to just BE! The largest problem is the lack of accessible spay/neuter/vaccinate services, of course. Believe me, we’re working on that obstacle, but the second largest is the most emotional.

When someone finds an animal in need of help, their first thought is most often, “What do I do with him? The landlord wants $300 just to feed him!” This happened this week to a couple in Johnson City. A filthy, hungry, adult white cat covered with fleas showed up at the front door of their apartment. He needed food immediately, then a bath, then flea treatment.

Caitlyn provided all that but her landlord told her and her husband that they would have to pay a pet deposit even if the cat was outside. They recognized the desperation in the kitty’s eyes and appealed to Thundering Paws for help.

If we had a spare place for him to BE, which we don’t, we would take him in and get to work! After he had eaten his fill, we’d scan him for a microchip to find his home if he is lost. If he has no chip—a good bet—he’d be on track for our adoption program. Here’s how we’d get him ready for his new home.

Deal with the fleas first. Bathe him. Give him Capstar to kill the fleas on him and those hatching in the next 24 hours. When he’s dry, give him Advantage, a topical flea treatment.

Our vet tech would examine him, weigh him, start a chart on him.

Is he neutered? If not, set that up at a low cost clinic ASAP. At his neuter appointment, he would receive a rabies vaccination.

Test him for feline leukemia if our vet tech feels safe drawing blood. If not, that happens at his neuter appointment also.

Give him a first FVRCP vaccination against herpes, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia, or distemper. He’d get a follow-up vaccine in three weeks.

Microchip him. If he gets lost again, the chip company will alert us. After he is adopted, we’d transfer the chip to the new family. With the company we use, the first call is to that family and, if no response, the next call is to us, so he gets back to safety.

We’re pretty sure he has dental disease, and perhaps other issues for which he needs to be seen by a veterinarian, so we’d make an appointment.

List him for adoption and, since he is an older kitty, we wouldn’t ask for a donation.

By this time, the sweet fellow would know someone cares about his welfare. Hopefully, we would have gotten a purr in response to our ministrations.

But since we have nowhere to keep him while we do all this, and Caitlyn and her husband want him, why don’t they take him? The only reason is that they lack a $300 pet deposit!

Can anyone donate toward his vetting—here and at a veterinarian’s office—to get him ready for his new home, and toward his pet deposit? We estimate that, including the pet deposit, Ruckus could need around $1200. You can send it via Venmo, Facebook, through our website, or PayPal, or put a check in the mail to P.O.Box 1555, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

Thank you!

I Want to Support the Extra Care Ruckus Needs!

Update On Laverne and Shirley

Laverne and Shirley getting to know their foster family. 

The two kittens found in a burn pile soaked in gasoline are doing great! That’s the best news about them and the second best news is that the lady who found them is fostering them. She has experience in fostering many animals, and she will foster for us when these two have found their forever home. With such a lousy beginning, they should stay together.

Here are pictures and videos of Laverne and Shirley in a supervised romp in the back yard. Three and a half week old kittens are just beginning to get their legs to work, so running away is not an option. Not that they want to! They’re fed, cuddled, and loved.

Become a Foster and Help Save Lives
Laverne and Shirley were rescued from a burn pile.
Laverne and Shirley are enjoying some playtime at their new foster home. 

Thank You For Everything You Do For Animals!

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