What We Need This Week

We really need a volunteer to bring us water for the kitties once, sometimes twice, a week. We have lots of jugs that we need refilled and trundled up the front steps to our front door.

We usually get water from The Water Store in Dripping Springs, but as long as you can bring us water that is not from a well, we’d be quite happy to have it.
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Also ...

This week we have two kitties going to specialty vet hospitals at a possible cost of $1500-$2000 each. Any donations you can give toward  Sansli, with enlarged kidneys, or Dain, with a possible nasal polyp that is driving his upper respiratory infections, will be very appreciated!
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Our Shelter Residents:
3 Older, Tame Cats

I want to introduce you to the shelter animals, those whose permanent home, barring a miracle, is here. I’ll start with the oldest and longest in residence, Jennifer.


Many long-time Dripping Springsters will remember the Super S, our grocery store before HEB, located where the Goodwill is now. Just north of the Super S was a no-man’s land full of brush, trash…and cats. Thundering Paws spayed/neutered, named, and cared for these kitties.

In early 2004 we trapped a kitten there, brought her here, and named her Jennifer. We estimate her birthday at 11/3/03 from her weight when she was spayed. However, she could have been older as she is still diminutive. She interacted fine with other cats but people were scary.

In 2004 we took in a black male kitten, Jiji, from Rosie’s Tamale House on Highway 71 in Bee Cave.  He grew very large and Jennifer latched on to him. They were best friends until he was adopted. Had I realized I was breaking up a bonded pair, I would never have let Jiji go.

Another large black male cat, Tuvak, was moved into Jennifer’s room and she took to him. Initially feral, Tuvak tamed long before she did. I refused to make the same mistake twice! Tuvak stayed until he died.

Next Jennifer gravitated toward Tom Tom, a large gray tabby. They were tight until he developed bone cancer and was humanely euthanized to stop his pain.

Now Jennifer stays by Ariel, a large calico. Jennifer is tiny: at first glance, many people think she’s a kitten. Although she has been declared by our vet to have the best-looking 17+-year-old cat teeth she’s ever seen, she is clearly an old kitty.

Our cats eat almost as many times a day as Hobbits and this schedule is driven by Jennifer’s enormous appetite. A very thin kitty, she has been tested negative for hyperthyroidism at least three times. She just has a high metabolism.

Since Jennifer has never had another home we would not ask her to leave here to be adopted. She is in the main room, has lots of interactions with cats and humans, and, of course, her five+ meals a day. She has a large bed with a heating pad under it. We call it Empress Jennifer’s throne. It’s in a cage whose door remains open except when Jennifer is eating because we don’t want anyone else taking her food.

Jenny has always been a sort of serious little kitty. If a long life is a sign of contentment, Jennifer is content.

On August 21, 2010 we had a call that someone saw a pregnant cat and then they saw her not pregnant, so we went in search of the kittens.

We found four two-day-old kittens under an outbuilding on the property. We placed the kittens under a drop trap and easily captured their mother. The family was relocated to Thundering Paws.  Kittens grew, were socialized and three were adopted. Mom was spayed and returned to the property.

At in-person adoption events at Petsmart beautiful Ariel did not show well. No one wanted a fearful cat who hid under her bedding. We finally stopped taking her. We had no other avenues to find her a home.

At Thundering Paws, she was quite social and happy. For a while, Ariel, like Jennifer, had a BFF, a kitty from a 12-cat rescue where the owner died suddenly. Ariel and Big Boy were as tight as Jennifer was with Tuvak.

Big Boy needed dental work so, after pre-operative blood work, we had the procedure done. Unfortunately, he never recovered, and after several visits back to the vet and attempts to get him to eat, the vet advised humane euthanasia.

I know Ariel felt his loss. She seemed sad and lonely for a time. But cats are resilient, and Ariel reclaimed her place in the world of the living.

Now she is in the main room. She likes sitting beside a person and being petted. She is a playful kitty who adores anything that crinkles. We noticed that she likes to sit on the paper from Amazon boxes so we keep a supply on the large bed for her. She has toys that crinkle. She carries a crinkle ball around in her mouth and talks to it. She’s a big talker, especially when it comes to mealtime.

Ariel became obese when she lived in another room here and when she came to the main room, we put her on a diet. It’s a bit hard to manage feeding skinny kitties, Jennifer and Marilyn, in the same room as Ariel, but we manage. Ariel is now at a good weight, playful, and able to clean herself easily.

Marilyn, or Mare, lives in the main room with forays into our bedroom, where she used to live exclusively. It was her decision to move.

Born on August 3, 2005 in Cedar Park under a house, she moved to Thundering Paws at about five weeks with her mother and five siblings. The lady who contacted us about then said her neighbors never spayed or neutered their cats, she had already taken in four of them, and could not support seven more.

Mom and kittens were spayed, neutered, and adopted. Marilyn went with her sister, Tantoe (we thought she was black, but she developed a tan toe.) Their people couldn’t keep them because of medical reasons so they came back. Tantoe was adopted again.

People would see Marilyn on the website and think she was a Maine Coon cat, a breed whose alleged personality is unlike Marilyn’s. Maine Coons are large; Marilyn is petite. Maine Coons are happy being held; Marilyn squiggles to get down. Maine Coon cats are very outgoing; Marilyn is shy. After several adoption applications identifying Marilyn as a Maine Coon, Scott declared that he wanted to adopt her and take her off the website.

Marilyn loves high perches of which there are many in the main room. That decided her initial forays into that space. Then, along came Tina. You’ve probably read about the FIP kitten whose life Scott saved with experimental treatment and the help of a Facebook group, FIP Warriors. We don’t know if Marilyn is jealous of Tina or if Tina, a.k.a. The Little Monster, is just too much of a pest for Marilyn, but Mare has moved.

Marilyn is like a barometer for human calmness. She rarely approaches me, but readily goes up to people who exude an air of tranquility. And she occasionally still comes into the bedroom to dive under the covers with Scott.

Thank You For Everything You Do For Animals!

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