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Almond came through her surgery well. She’s eating just fine. However, a four-week-old kitten turned up (we named her Tomasina!), and Almond’s foster took her, too. It turns out she has ringworm and so their poor foster is having to be extra careful to avoid giving immune-suppressed Almond the fungus. We hope for another foster for the kitten soon.

I read an article on FeLV (feline leukemia virus.) Studies have shown that cats with a weaker positive reaction to the standard “snap” test tend to live longer and with fewer health issues than those with a stronger positive. Almond’s reaction was weak on two tests, however, these tests were not far enough apart to be definitive. That is, she could have a negative reaction if her body is successful in fighting off the virus. We are hoping for this outcome for her.

Whether she has a positive or a negative result on her next test, her adopters will be given the full vet record and all the information we have on her. She is a very sweet kitty.

Dain had diagnostic tests last week at a veterinary diagnostic hospital. No abnormalities requiring surgery were found. The vets took samples for culture and sensitivity studies to get this sweet but congested-sounding kitty some help. We await the results.

In the meantime, Dain has had a lovely Zoom with potential adopters and we hope for everyone’s sake that he gets his forever home. He’s a very interactive kitty—a lap cat and a purr machine who wants nothing more than to be by the side of his people. That’s exactly what these adopters requested.
Waiting on my lab results!

A kind donor and former adopter paid ALL of Almond’s fees! This lady recently adopted a FeLV+ kitty, having made sure her FeLV- (feline leukemia negative) cat is vaccinated and therefore protected against the disease. While we love our pets through whatever befalls them during their lives, there is no kinder act than giving a home to a FeLV+ kitty, or any kitty whose lifespan is almost sure to be compromised. We thank her not only for helping Almond but for adopting and loving her kitty.

In the mail last week was another large donation with an attached note. The donor said his cat, Randy, wanted to secure medical assistance for “your deserving kitties.” We thank Randy (and his human who actually signed the check) very much!

You have all been so generous. My fears of wreck and ruin during the pandemic seem so silly! Sometimes I forget my own motto: Serendipity Rules Thundering Paws.
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Our Non-Feline Residents

House Rabbit Resource Network ( is a wonderful group that rescues, cares for, adopts out, and publishes information about rabbits. While we usually have two of their bunnies, the pandemic has stopped us from taking a second bunny this year.

Here is Carson, muncher of carrot ends, strawberry tops, limp lettuce leaves, TONS of hay, organic bunny pellets, and anything else he can get his mouth on, so we have to be careful. Everything he eats is turned into valuable ready-mixed fertilizer for our butterfly and bee flower gardens. He’s doing his bunny part to keep our vegetable and fruit food chain going!

Staff member Gina A-S. built him a fabulous, two-story inside bunny cage. He also has a 10 x 10 kennel with chicken wire top and bottom where he can safely hop around outside in nice weather. When no one is here, or in cold, hot, or rainy weather, or at night, he’s inside.

We have two dogs, Sugar and Virgil. Both were adopted at different times from Wags, Hope, and Healing, a great dog program, now in Bastrop. They show the kitties that dogs can be nice folks in case they’re adopted to a home with a dog. Many of our fosters also have dogs.

Sugar’s mother was a white Boxer. We think her dad was a pit bull, but only her mother would know. Sugar defies all stereotypes of both breeds. A more retiring, timid doggie could not be found! She loves to go for walks, but she has rules: Virgil has to go, too, and the accompanying human has to be someone she knows. If both these conditions aren’t met, she sits down in the driveway and trembles. Of course, no one ever forces her to go. We just bring her back home and take Virgil, who always wants to go anywhere. When they’re reunited after a 20-minute separation, it’s like they’ve been apart for weeks!
Sugar and Virgil are ready for their walk, please!
Virgil was surrendered to Wags, Hope, and Healing, we know not why. He’s a very fine dog. He was called Ron at his former home but since I have a good friend named Ron, I changed his name. He’s a black dog with a bright white left front foot and chest, a big plus for seeing him in the yard at night.

Sugar was with us when we got Virgil. I let the current dog choose the new one. When they met, both went into immediate tail wagging, body wiggling, and grinning, so Virgil was ours.

While we were told that he was about four, he looks like an old doggie with white on his muzzle and he squats to urinate like an old pup instead of lifting his leg. We don’t care about age; we just care that Virgil and Sugar, and the rest of us, are happy together.
All animals are loved here!
I Want to Support the Extra Care They Need!

Thank You For Everything You Do For Animals!

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