How's That Flooring Project Going?

We have $2000 raised of $2600 for materials and labor for the contractors. However, we will need to clear out three rooms, which is going to be a HUGE job! We may need to hire some strong people to help move tons of stuff out and then back in when we’re finished. We’ll have to wait until it stops raining because there’s nowhere to put it indoors.
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Crepes Crazy Kitty

We took in a kitty with a scary-looking head injury from Crepes Crazy in Dripping Springs. I’m not going to show you her picture until she heals up some.

Crepes is a kitty we trapped last year because she was scratching her ears until they were bloody.  At the vet, she was treated and, since we knew she was already spayed by her ear tip, we released her. We knew she was fed at Crepes Crazy. A lady named Erica monitors the colony there.

Erica texted that Crepes had a grossly bloody wound above her right eye. She’d been trapped at least twice already, once to get spayed and once by us. She was very leery, but trapper Mike Meves got her under a drop trap. However, he couldn’t get her to go into the regular trap. Scott went to help him and together they got her into the trap and to the vet.

She gave Mike and Scott curious, yet cautious meows; she is not wildly feral by any means. She may be willing to become tame or at least tame-ish.

Her wound was stitched up and she was brought to Thundering Paws to recuperate. Several of us agree that this is not a kitty who needs to be on the street. Not only that, but she has now been trapped three times and the chances of ever getting her again are slim. She seems to have a habit of getting herself into a bit of trouble and the next time she may not be so lucky.  

If you saw what she looks like today, you’d be hard pressed to use the term “lucky” for her. But she has people that care about her—to report her condition, to trap her, to take her to the vet, and to give her a place to go.

You are, of course, aware that the only reason she has these perks is that YOU afford them. Without you, Thundering Paws would be toast! And the kitties would be toast, too. Thank you very much.
Alvin, Theo & Flash - keeping their foster mom company while she works

Fosters Ask, "How Long Will I Have This Kitty?"

The answer to that question is always, “We don’t know.” The cutest kitty ever could develop a medical issue requiring lengthy treatment, which we give unequivocally. And the most cross-eyed, beat-up old cat could touch a heart that won’t stop loving him.

One beat-up, crotchety old tomcat went to be fostered about eight months ago. His foster parents changed their vacation plans to take the kitty! While we talk to his mom frequently, this is a situation of “Don’t ask.”

Another foster’s 13-year-old daughter did a PowerPoint presentation to the family detailing why they simply must keep their foster kitty. She won, and so did Penny, the kitty.
A third foster mom was given a scavenger hunt for Mother’s Day. At the end of it was a note that she gets what she really wants—her foster kitty is hers.

Martina’s foster turned into a hospice foster when she was diagnosed with probable cancer. We pay Martina’s bills but she gets to live with her foster forever.

These are unusual circumstances. Most foster kitties stay with their people a while until they are ready to be adopted, and then they go quickly.

We won’t adopt out an unaltered cat or kitten. To do so is to continue the problem of overpopulation. We provide spay/neuter, rabies, and FVRCP vaccinations, feline leukemia testing, a microchip, de-worming, flea treatment, and any other necessary vetting to our fosters’ kitties. Since a rabies vaccination is not effective until 13 weeks of age, and the clinic we use includes that vaccination in the cost of the sterilization, that’s when kittens' vetting is finished.

Unusual circumstances happen. A family emergency requires a foster to leave town. A long-awaited vacation suddenly becomes possible. A child begins to scratch his eyes and he is found to be allergic to cats. We work with our fosters to solve these problems. We won’t leave you high and dry! We are with you every single step of the way!
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Thank You For Everything You Do For Animals!

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