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You guys rocked! We had a donor pay for all of Almond’s expenses, and many donors contributed toward Dain’s. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
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Foster Hospice

Thundering Paws is many things: a landing place for homeless kitties or those in shelters; a home-based launching pad for cats and kittens to get to their forever families; a Trap/Neuter/Return service and training school; a hub for our fosters; and, for some kitties, a hospice. This last is what I want to address today.

If you see a happy cat strolling down the street, you usually think something like, “Pretty kitty, guess he’s on his way home.” But if you see one who is struggling, immobile, obviously pregnant, or injured, your heart pulls your car to the curb! What do you do then? Get the cat to a vet! Then what? After you’ve spent time, energy and money on a kitty, you don’t want to put her back out on the street. Or perhaps she has an ongoing condition. You contact Thundering Paws.

The public is not alone in this. Many rescue groups and shelters both private and municipal simply don’t have the time, money, or staff to provide diagnosis and treatment of vulnerable, injured, or sick kitties. Often these precious babies meet an untimely end. But Thundering Paws is developing a reputation as a true no-kill entity, and some of those kitties are transferred to us.

You are amazing supporters! Some give us money to treat our sweet charges. Others help us write grants for veterinary and ongoing care. Usually the vet care that you afford us works and we can move that cat on to his forever home. Other times, a terminal condition is diagnosed and the kitty is then part of Thundering Paws Hospice Program.
While no one among us, two- or four-legged, is getting out of this alive, what is most important is that we are loved and cared for no matter how close we are to our step over The Rainbow Bridge. This is demonstrated time and again: a foster family feeding and cuddling a premature kitten for her entire 36-hour life; a staff member with a kitty in his office, offering her different foods to whet a failing appetite; one of our feral kitties temporarily in a cage to see if a new medication helps him.
Sweetie and her foster brother - taking care of each other
But our sanctuary can only house a small number of hospice patients. Martina has a possible bladder lesion, Malcolm has IBD or a bowel lymphoma, and Sweetie is a 10+ year old kitty whose inappetence is only kept at bay by steroids. They live in foster homes. Their expenses are paid by Thundering Paws, but they don’t care about that.  All they know is that they are loved and their suffering is alleviated for the time being. When we can no relieve their pain, they will be helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge with their loving fosters by their side.

We have a few kitties who need Foster Hospice care right now. Again, you are responsible only for love and reporting to us. If you are able to open your home and heart, please email We won’t give you anyone whose needs are greater than your abilities. We’ll talk before we place a kitty with you and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Kittens On The Way To Being Available

We won’t give you the particulars yet, because we’d be flooded with applications, but we’ll be putting up four kittens for adoption the weekend of June 5-6, three girls and a boy (so far—any kitten could grow “boy parts” later.) Two weeks later, we’ll put up seven kittens and two mom cats. One family has two boys and a girl and the other has two and two (we think, see above.) The weekend of July 10-11 we’ll show you seven kittens and the mother of three of them. We don’t know how many girls and how many boys yet. The other mom is feral. She will be spayed, vaccinated, and returned to her home in Wimberley where she has always been fed and cared for.

Sanctuary Animals

We’re still planning on more stories about the sanctuary animals. The next installment will probably be NON-FELINES. We have two beautiful doggies, Sugar and Virgil, and a bunny rabbit, Carson.

What We Need This Week

We still need someone to schlepp water. We get our water at The Pure Water Stop in Dripping Springs on the corner of Ranch Road 12 and Mercer St. We have an account there and we’ll be happy to add you to it. Let us know when you’ll be coming to get jugs (email and they’ll be outside ready for you. We string the empty jugs on a rope (or sometimes a leash) for ease in handling them. Bring the filled ones back and set them on the front porch. Safe water delivery!

We now also need someone to do laundry. Our washing machine broke. Is anyone willing to take loads home or to a commercial laundromat and wash them? We’ll supply soap and disinfectant. Contact

Thank You For Everything You Do For Animals!

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