May 2, 2022 E-Digest

Earth Day, April 2022

Help Stop Canadian Hudbay, Copper World, Rosemont

by Eduardo Quintana, Chairperson

Protest the destruction of the Santa Rita Mountain Range, pollution of our drinking water and air, killing of wildlife, and desecration of native burial sites.

Hudbay Minerals, from Canada is hell-bent on destroying the Santa Rita’s, chasing off the wildlife including “El Jefe,” the last of the Jaguars in the US, poisoning the public aquifer, depleting our public groundwater, polluting our public air with cancer-causing chemicals, aggravating asthma and COPD, in short, transforming the quality of our lives and landscape for the worst. Yes, they will provide a few temporary jobs but the destruction of our environment is forever.

Hudbay is ignoring opposition from 3 tribes: the Tohono O’Odham Nation, the Pasqua Yaqui Tribe and the Hopi Tribe, demonstrating that they are the neighbor from hell and they have no respect for the Native sacred grounds, for Tucson, or Pima County Board of Supervisors who are all opposed to the Hudbay mining projects. Hudbay Rosemont Mine, one giant hole (½ mile deep and a mile long) has now metastasized to 5-6 mines with the recent addition of the Copper World project. It is ignoring our communities, our local governments, and environmental groups and thumbing its nose at the federal Clean Water Act which protects the public by regulating discharges to keep toxins out of streams and aquifers. Hudbay is quickly plugging up seeps and filling up the ephemeral streams with debris, reasoning that if there are no streams, they cannot be charged with polluting them.

We are in a 21-year drought. Since the ‘80sTucson has been grappling with TCE, 1,4-Dioxane, PFAS and PFOS contamination that started in the 1950s. The Tucson Area Remediation Plant (TARP) on Tucson’s south side has become so overwhelmed by contamination that Tucson Water recently had to shut down the plant that’s been treating the water for 28 years.

Lake Mead is drying up, Colorado River water for the Central Arizona Project and the Tucson allotment will be cut back, forcing the city to provide us with water of questionable quality or sell us on a “Toilet-To-Tap” scheme but Hudbay will be pumping millions of gallons fresh clean water daily to wash rocks, fill their pockets with copper, and scurry back to Canada, leaving us to clean up their mess.

STOP Hudbay, Rosemont, Copper World or a few years from now, we will not recognize the land we love. Take a drive down I-19 and look East at Copper World. Then look west, towards ASARCO, the Grupo Mexico mine. This abomination is our future if we are not successful in stopping Hudbay. This is our home; no one else is going to fight for it. Join us on Friday:

PROTEST: FRIDAYS, 4 PM, at the PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE at 150 W. Congress St.

People Who Actually Live Here Green Solidarity

You’re invited to attend our General Meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7PM to discuss Stopping Copper World, Hudbay, Rosemont. Water is Life - Copper World is Death!


Check out the GPPC’s recently reactivated Twitter account social media feed!

by Karima Wicks, 1st Vice Chairperson

I am happy to report that our Twitter account has begun to grow since March 7, 2022. Since that time, we have added 16 new followers, received 36 likes or comments, and 16 retweets. The reactivated account has also been approved by our youngest Green Party members, Khay and Khai, who are viewing it on a tablet!






by Mike Cease, Secretary

Precinct Captain filings for the 2022-2024 term will be submitted internally this year to the GREEN PARTY OF PIMA COUNTY due to the GPPC having lost party-recognition status with the Pima County jurisdiction. Please fill out the linked (FILLABLE) PDF file nomination form (SAMPLE IMAGE SHOWN HERE BELOW) and send it in NO LATER THAN JULY 31ST via email to: OR OR via postal mail to: Green Party of Pima County, P.O. Box 6014, Tucson, AZ 85703-2014

ALL Green Party members are eligible to file. Thanks to all for volunteering to serve as a GPPC Precinct Captain for the two-year term of 2022-2024!

If you have any questions, such as “what is my precinct number?” or anything else, please leave a message at (520) 798-6169 or (520) 327-4705 or call (520) 360-8710 for more information.