July 2022 E-Digest

July 2022

Becoming a Precinct Captain, Grassroots Democracy in Action!

by Mike Cease, Secretary

Please join us at our regular monthly first-Tuesday General Program Meeting on Tuesday night, July 5th from 7:00 to 8:15 PM on Zoom!

We will be discussing the importance of the role of Precinct Captains in growing the Green Party.

“All politics is local.”

“Be the change you want to be.”

It has been said that the job of being a Precinct Captain (PC) is more important than the job of President of the US (POTUS).

Check out this link to the GPPC Precinct Captain (PC) Handbook:

Why become a Precinct Captain in Pima County?

by Chuck Irvin, PC #091

August, 2016

Of the 10-key values of the Green Party, Grass Roots Democracy is first, Decentralization and Localization follow not far behind. Precinct Captains (PCs), euphemistically called committeemen by the State of Arizona, are the backbone of the political process throughout these United States. Precincts are neighborhood sized districts. It doesn’t get any rootier than that.

Since the Green Party does not accept corporate money, we don’t have the resources to litter mailboxes and airwaves with partisan rhetoric. Our Precinct Captains are essential to communicating with our constituents.

The primary focus of Precinct Captains is voter registration. Get folks in your neighborhood registered with your party. We have the tools and to help you reach out to your neighbors.

The secondary purpose of Precinct Captains is to Get Out The Vote from voters registered in your party on election day. Again, we have tools and want to help you utilize them.

The third, and maybe most important, purpose of Precinct Captains is representing your precinct at elections within the Green Party itself. Elected PCs vote for the local Steering Committee, which then represents our County at the State level of the Green Party.

But why become a PC? Because you are a registered Green. Because you have had it with politics as usual. Because you’ve been Green for years and are asking where’s my party? Because you’re newly registered Green. Because you have experience with the local Green Party and it’s important to you. Why? Because we need you, your precinct needs you, your neighbors need you to stick up for what’s right.


by Mike Cease, Secretary

Precinct Captain filings for the 2022-2024 term are being submitted internally this year to the GREEN PARTY OF PIMA COUNTY due to the GPPC having lost party-recognition status with the Pima County jurisdiction. Please click, download and fill out the (FILLABLE) PDF file nomination form (SAMPLE IMAGE SHOWN HERE BELOW) and send it in NO LATER THAN JULY 31ST via email to: OR OR via postal mail to: Green Party of Pima County, P.O. Box 6014, Tucson, AZ 85703-2014

ALL Green Party members are eligible to file. Thanks to all for volunteering to serve as a GPPC Precinct Captain for the two-year term of 2022-2024!

If you have any questions, such as “what is my precinct number?” or anything else, please leave a message at (520) 798-6169 or (520) 327-4705 or call (520) 360-8710 for more information.