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Accessing the Power of Empathy

with Syah B., Creative Strategist for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace.
Founder of Deep Dive DEI

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Empathy is for Everyone

As I listen to this most recent episode with Syah, I smile.

There is something so wonderful about hearing from someone who is themselves all the way. Who you can tell has spent time becoming who they are. Who has become who they are despite others telling them they can’t be.

I think if we all knew how good it felt to be who we are, then no one would settle for anything less. That’s a dream for one day.

Syah, empathy coach, consultant, and Ballroom Princess, said something very important in Working Within’s most recent episode.

“My goal is to change the way you see and interact with the world.”

I agree with her. My goal, with the guests on this show, their messages, with the acceptance that radiates through this platform, is to change the way you see and interact with the world.

My mom made my week when she told me she enjoyed this last episode. As I’ve shared with you all before, some of the topics on my show have been more challenging for my parents to wrap their heads around. My mom enjoyed listening to Syah’s stories through this episode. Progress is progress.

And the second gem from last week’s episode:

“Do something you actually love.”

On September 10th, I had the chance to speak at the 6th annual Black Boss Summit put on by Jice Johnson and the Black Business Initiative. This year’s themes were Love. Leadership. Legacy. I delivered my presentation, 10X Your Vision, in the morning to a quiet, thoughtful audience. We visualized together, evaluated our current investments (of energy), and wrote our vision statements.

That talk also represented the first time I publicly announced Working Within as a communications and consulting platform. The support has been phenomenal. We are rolling into our purpose. In our next email, we’ll share a bit more about our experience at the Black Boss Summit.

I do what I love because I won’t tolerate any other way. What do you love to do?

“When you're not living authentically, then things don't open up for you because you're not gravitating towards the things that are supposed to open up for you.”

Questions for you

What and who do you love? Beyond you.

Who were you as a child?

What parts of you do you repress?

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