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How Much Are You Worth?

Thank you for being a part of this with us. We promise it’ll be worth it. Thank you for your time and energy investment.

The episode we released last week is about work. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I care deeply about this topic. From a young age, I’ve been working. In my family, work ethic is important because it’s how our family has survived. My parents have always made sure I have a great capacity to work. In this phase of my life though, I’m more interested in being of service.

What is a work-life without passion, energy, service? To me, a drain! My encounter with Tareka Wheeler came at the perfect time, like many of the miracles in my life. She reminded me that I have the power to create and achieve a vision for my work and life. She ensured I understood how much my skills are worth. She seconded my confidence in wanting to radically change my life.

“It’s what you do at that point of pressure that’s actually going to determine how you progress towards your vision.”

Tareka let me know it is okay to demand excellence. She also helped me refine my goals, so that I can do more focused things with my time, like write these emails in good faith for all of you.

I was hesitant to get some professional advice about my career. I am young, “impressionable”, and am early in my career. I also know that I am ambitious, an achiever, and incredibly resilient. I am learning that I am worth the investment. And it’s the truth! After working with Tareka, I raised my salary by 35% because I realized I am worth it. You are worth the investment and pay, too. You are the Chief Financial Officer for your own life. This is a lesson of mine for 2022, and I’m sure in the future.

TMI? It isn’t. We don’t talk about money enough, but we will here. I’m learning along with all of you and it’s my purpose to share my stories with you. Thank you again for subscribing. Let’s keep talking.

Here are the heavy hitter takeaways from this episode:

We don’t realize how quickly we put limits on ourselves. But that isn’t an excuse for playing small in our careers. Limited thinking leads to limiting belief systems.

A great mind won’t accomplish anything without a strategy. We have to be accountable and action-oriented.

Your vision has to motivate you. And it is your responsibility to set and move toward it. This principle extends beyond your career.

I’m leaving you with some reflection questions. If you want to share back what you think, we’ll be here to respond. <3

Thank you for reading.

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Questions for you

How do you want to feel at work? In your career?

What’s the ‘impossible’ job you’d love to have? The ‘impossible’ salary?

Where are you staying longer than you should?

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