Is Your Concept Of Love Killing Your Vibe?

Life is hard. But you don’t have to stress your way to success. Sometimes our concepts and beliefs cause us stress, lowering our vibrations. If you feel like your concept of love is killing (or affecting) your vibe, read the list below to find out if any of the statements resonate with you. As always, I offer ways for you to continue to transform your concept of love.

  1. You’re giving too much. Stop thinking that for others to be happy, you have to be hurting. You can be happy without always having to help others.
  2. You’re giving too little. Your previous love experiences, whether it be familial, romantic or platonic, have left you feeling empty-handed. But you do have something to offer. Find out what you have and expand it, giving God glory.
  3. You think love is about pain. Pain is part of our process for growth. But if you limit your love experience to being in pain, you will find yourself feeling isolated and unfulfilled. 
  4. You think everyone wants something from you. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the homelessness and mental illness in San Francisco that I began to get irritated when someone would ask me for money on the street. My irritation was a cover for my sadness and overwhelm. I didn’t have enough to give to them or to take away my overwhelm and sadness. With that, I’ve changed my attitude. I don’t assume everyone on the streets or even family and friends want something from me. I trust if they want or need something from me, they will ask. If I have, I will give. Even if I have to ask them first, I trust they will tell me. But I don't lead with this assumption and I am much happier. 
  5. You resist the concept of love as an action instead of embracing it as an action. Love is not Hershey Kisses, as my dad has said on many occasions. Love isn't all about feelings and opinions. Love has different spellings. One is spelled W-O-R-K and the other is spelled R-I-S-K. Nevertheless, you have what it takes. Let Love work within you. Then you will experience being equipped for the external work.
  6. You focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have. Focus on what God has given you. Focusing on external things or even what you don't have yet robs you of the divine cosmic activity occurring within. Tap in.
  7. You focus on who you aren’t. Focus on who God designs you to be. Celebrate the inner work you're doing. Let go of what you aren’t and embrace who you are. Why? Because God does. Jesus came in the flesh to show you and me what self-acceptance looks like.
The more you lean into Love, the more you will experience reclining in the cascading presence of God. The more you apply God's love for you to you, the more invigorated you will be.


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