5 Reasons To Do Things Afraid

The pandemic has shown us the importance of honoring our uniqueness, building across differences, and celebrating our interconnectedness. The truth is none of that can happen if we are not courageous.

If we don’t value being vulnerable with ourselves and with others - if we allow our fears to drive us rather than us take charge of our fears - we will find ourselves feeling the pain of isolation and loneliness. In this way, courage is truly a gift. Here are 5 reasons to do things afraid - another definition for being courageous.
  1. You’re worth the risk. When God made you, people went looking for a mold. (Pssst! There isn’t one. That’s how unique you are.)
  2. There actually isn’t any benefit in doubt. We say we want to give people the benefit of doubt. But what we really want to do is give people the benefit of our faith. So do that. And give yourself that benefit, too. Doubt blurs our focus and keeps on the hamster wheel of, “I don’t know if…”
  3. You need evidence that your faith is stronger than your fears. Every time you practice being courageous, you actually give your brain the evidence it needs to know you can do tough things.
  4. Someone needs to hear your story. I remember being at my first Christian women’s conference as a student at Howard University. Was I in for a treat!? I was so blessed by the women’s conviction and their actions. One of the young women said with passion and tears to us in the audience, “When you give up, you are giving up on someone who still needs to hear your story.” I heard her say that nearly 14 years ago. And it still touches my soul in the way when I first heard it. Here’s my word to you: you need all of your energy to put your faith into action. If faith is the fuel, courage is the vehicle. Get in there! 😊
  5.  You’ll never get this time back. Nope, not ever. So, maximize the time. Ask God to teach you to number your days so that you may gain a heart of wisdom (see Psalm 90:12).
Putting your courage into practice legitimizes your faith. I pray that you would be one of those believers who compel people to seek the God you serve. God is glorious. Be that expression of His glory in the earth. Being courageous and being honest about what you can and cannot do can also boost your health and self-esteem.

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