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Week 5: After Rest Comes Rising

Since the day women and men first recognized their origin was beyond the earth and sky, they have made melody through tears to their Maker. Reverberating song and answered prayer reinforced the Truth stirring within them. They experienced wonder. The wonder is a response from the Most High. Recall with me the beauty of receiving a desired response from God. Have you thought about the experience of wonder also being our participation in responding to and moving with God?

A Divine Formula

Rising is a part of a larger divine formula for success. After exhaustion and tears comes release. Release leads to rest. After rest comes rising. I see an example of this in the Bible, Lamentations 3, where the well-known verse about God’s mercies being new each morning is found (Lamentations 3:21-23).

I believe the month of January is the early morning of the year. The mercies are tied to the morning. The provision of mercy is renewed in our exhaustion. Usually by the end of the previous year, we are tired and ready for a change. As we move through a symbolic morning time of the year, have you stopped to give thanks for mercy that is new for you in this season?

The manifestation of mercy’s possibilities is demonstrated in our rising. That means when we rise, a response and a choice to participate in the nature of God and Jesus, we are making ourselves a display for all that is possible with a simple yes.

Remember, to say yes to one directive is to say no to something else. So, may we all choose our yeses wisely.

Going Further With Rest

When we rest, we give ourselves the spiritual advantage of maximizing the time. Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Maximizing it shows our God-bestowed wisdom. It also helps us to keep our commitments. Giving ourselves the gift of time with wise use of it is a set up for success.

Many people do not set themselves up for success or are misguided in setting themselves up. I am included in this. What does this look like? It looks like leaving home with the exact time to be at your destination, encountering traffic and getting irritated because the cars to your left, to your right and in front of you are doing the speed limit. It also looks like trying to organize a trip in half the time it takes to get everyone on your desired list to join you. Then you feel discouraged while planning.

What happens when we meet the people who haven’t set themselves up for success or given themselves the advantage they need to rise to their top? They exude a range of emotional energies that can be annoying or draining for those around them. The one who least efficiently prepares herself/himself puts themselves and others’ psychological safety at risk. Do yourself a favor. Give yourself rest so you can recharge. With recharge comes revelation. The revelation comes with rising. 
Of course, there will be unexpected delays because of unanticipated circumstances. (Remember the BART delay in the last email?) With that, giving ourselves the time we need gives us the benefit of perspective. There will be many days we arrive at our destination a little later. The perspective we gain in our waiting, nevertheless, puts us in a fruit-bearing league of oneness with God, ourselves, and others.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

We Are Part of the Divine Formula

Our assignment is to trust while we rest. We must make rest as much a part of your equation as you make action part of your equation. While we are resting, we can pay attention to what God is showing us. The Prophet Jeremiah recalled God’s nature when he was in distress and said, “Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not” (Lamentation 3:22 NKJV). Jeremiah’s mind recalled God’s nature. The only way we can think above and beyond our situation is when we give our brains a break from what we are constantly looking at.

Another popular verse reads, “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:4 NKJV). I remember hearing worship extraordinaire Israel Houghton declare at the end of one of his songs, “Morning happens when you wake.” That statement has stuck with me years later. Personal awakening is your morning. It is our morning. His mercy for you, for us, is new as we awaken.

Here are some questions for the week until you again:

  1. Have you thought about your response to answered prayer being a wonder experience? What are your thoughts on that?
  2. We can give ourselves in time in literal ways, such as enough time to arrive at a destination and find parking. What are some other ways that you can yourself time? (Here’s a hint: it has to do with your personal growth.)
  3. What has awakening looked like for you so far?
  4. What is yours and God’s formula for your success at this point in your life?  

Thank you so much for joining me on this series. I’d be happy to hear how this content is resonating with you. You can respond with your insights and curiosities to this email. Share with someone you think would enjoy. Peace and blessing upon blessing.

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