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Who Says You Can't Have Fun In The Rain?

Photo Credit: Peach Valley Cafe
3 Tips for Rainy Day Wellness
  1. Go for a walk in between rain fall. You may be like me and make excuses for not wanting to get rained on. So, you decide not to walk. But I decided to go in between rain fall and it was delightful. I felt a few raindrops as I walked. But I enjoyed the raindrops. The good thing is there was no downpour.
  2. Breathe. While you’re walking, inhale the freshness of the purified air. Exhale. Pick a color that you will look for on your walk and focus on finding objects that color. For example, if you select yellow, look for yellow objects. You can switch up the color, pick a pattern, or a texture. This is a therapeutic mindfulness technique.
  3. Make a game of your time spent walking alone or with loved ones. You can walk quickly, walk slowly, waltz, or samba. You can lift your legs like a marching band member. You can do whatever your body can do.  😊 Have fun!
A Question for You to Consider

If you could do your dream job in a more peaceful world, what would your job be?

I’m curious to know because the positions many of us have would shift if the racial, political, economic, and social climate were different.  I would continue to work as a support to families, but I would scale up to villages and systems of care coordination across the world. Just thinking about it gets me super excited. I’d love to hear your aspirations.

Last Thought for My Single Ladies and Single Men

I don’t know who needs to hear this to share with the closest single friends. But here it is. There is more to single life than working hard and having your next first date.

The work can be on yourself or in your vocation. Keep enjoying you! You will attract the relationships that fulfill you because you enjoy who you are and sharing that love with others. 

Today is yours. 
You are worthy. 
Inhale. Exhale. 
God is with you. 
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