10 FUN Ways to Shake Up Your Stay At Home

10 FUN Ways to Shake Up Your Stay At Home

If someone would have told me last year, "Ashley, most people will be at home more often because of global pandemic," I would have said, “No way!” But, here we are.

We’ve all heard the importance of getting fresh air, eating healthy, tending to our mental wellness, and staying connected to the ones you love. Keep doing these. They really work.

Today I want to share with you 10 things you can do to add some pizazz to your stay-at-home days.

  1. Shake yourself up. No, literally, shake yourself. My mom told me to do this one day when my spirit was really low. And it actually activated my nervous system and respiratory system to bring my energy up. It made me feel better because I started laughing and made a silly dance of it. The way I like to shake myself up is to start with balled up fists and then shake my arms, my shoulders, and my legs. It sounds silly. But it does the job of activating those resting systems.
  2. Run in place. Someone may ask you where you’re going. Just keep running.
  3. Have a dance party of one. Turn on your favorite song and start moving.
  4. Read something boring aloud in an accent of your choice. Random, I know. But it could bring you some humor.
  5. Do 10 jumping jacks while telling yourself you’re a winner. Because you are.
  6. Organize the pots under the sink or the containers in the cabinet. This could be quite relaxing.
  7. Drink a cup of tea or coffee very slowly. Don’t try to read anything. Don’t try to write anything. Don’t listen to any podcast or audio books. Just sit and sip. Be still and enjoy.
  8. Call someone on Facetime without texting to see if they can talk first. People love to be surprised with seeing your awesome face!
  9.  Laugh aloud until you really start laughing. First it starts with you pretending to laugh. Then you really start laughing because you hear how humorous or obnoxious your pretend laugh is. Try it!
  10. Fall on the couch as a wet noodle. Wet noodle is a technique I learned in therapy. It’s literally falling into your seat like you are super relaxed. It works.

What are some of the ways you have learned to shake up your stay at home?

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