How To Give Big Without Spending

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The year 2020 has brought out our creativity and generosity. I have a strong sense that there is more to us and for us in the upcoming year. Here are a few ways for us to give big to those you love without breaking the bank.

  1. Listen for something new. Listening is by far one of the most important communication tools we can have. It is a gift for us to tap into the heavenly realms for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding while we are in conversation with a neighbor, friend, coworker, family member, child, or spouse. When you’re in conversation with your loved ones, try listening to what they are telling you in a way that affirms you hear them. They will feel special, like you see them.
  2. Follow up with interest from a previous conversation topic. We all live in our own worlds while visiting the worlds of others. When you and I remember what someone told us in a previous conversation and genuinely ask how something developed or unfolded, the recipient of our interest feels like we care about them. This is one way our memories can be a blessing to others. Remembering what is important to other people and asking how they are doing reminds all of us of our connection to one another.
  3. Give a small, thoughtful gift. A close friend of mine has been one of my best teachers on this subject. Working and living on a farm provided her many opportunities to connect with God, herself, and her coworkers. While serving as a manager, she became an advocate for the farmers’ optimal work conditions and wellbeing. Additionally, whenever she came to visit me, she brought me small, thoughtful gifts. She was happy to see my joy. I was happy she was happy to give. The significance of this is that she gives in proportion to who she is and what she has. This leads me to my next point.
  4. Give what you have. In all of that, my friend brought gifts that added to who I was and what I enjoyed. She was able to do this because she paid attention to who I am and what I like. She then found an intersection between our ways of being and gave what reflected our friendship. This is a very profound phenomenon in my experience. She gave what she could give. It was also of use to me.
  5. Tune in to one another’s strengths. My friend continues to show me what type of effects we can create in one another’s lives. Many times, we listen for what is wrong or what is missing. Listening for what is right, what is working, and what our strengths are uplifts the speaker and the listener.

So, how you are going to give big this holiday season? If you try one of these, you will feel special because you gave them something that exceeds purchased holidays gifts. You are also giving to yourself.

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