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Turn March Madness Into
March Magnificence

Everything is SO Stressful!

Are you feeling device-fatigued? We are always on and usually expected to respond quickly. Here is one tip for reducing your stress when working from your computer: close some of the tabs in your window. I have seen computer screens with 20 and more tabs open. It. Is. Horrifying!

Do yourself a favor and be kind to your mind. Keep the tabs you need when you are working on a single task. (Notice how I said single task.) Then when you move on to the next task, close the task-related tabs. This lets your brain know that you are done. You will feel happier and less mental clutter.

Tired of holding your phone?

Me too. As much as I can, I try to put on a surface so I am not holding it every minute of the hour. I discovered a simple technique that helps me to reconnect to the earth without taking my shoes off to do some ground. Grounding is still great, by the way.

It's called "Holding a Pine Cone." Holding a pine cone in your hand while you sit on grass can reconnect you to the earth. I find it to be very peaceful. Try it and let me know what you think.
Anyone who knows me know I love to read. What are you reading?
Turn March Madness into March Magnificence with giving your mind an esteemed classic to read. I am reading this book now for the second time. The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, is the story of a young man's journey to find his treasure. It is profound and delightful!
Step away from the madness and give yourself an opportunity to gain a broader perspective. This book is not an easy-breezy read. It will generate emotions of sadness and anger. Nevertheless, reading it can strengthen your collaboration with others so we can build a brighter future together.  
If you struggle with trust at any level, this book may be for you. Reading this book gave me an understanding of where I needed and wanted to grow. It also gave me tools to flourish in my development. 
How are you turning March Madness into march magnificence? Maybe you don't subscribe to the concept of March Madness and you are making this month the best month ever. Keep rising and thriving!
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