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Hi everyone,

I recently attended a Blackboard conference in Milan. I'm happy to share with you that Blackboard is working on a new platform called Ultra with a much more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Something I know, you have been asking for! The platform is not yet ready, and it's probably a year or two away before it becomes relevant. I thought it might be of your interest to know that Blackboard is actually working on the user-interface as I know many of you have asked for this. 

This month's edition includes the usual tips and tricks, but we do not offer any workshops or webinars in April. I also share with you information about an improved Blackboard student app for mobile and news about a similar mobile app for instructors. 

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Tips and tricks

Here are some tips to help you fine-tune your Blackboard page.

Embed digital tools: In Blackboard, you can embed other digital tools such as a Padlet or a Google Form on your course page. In this example, I demonstrate how you can embed a Padlet into an 'Item'. Padlet is digital wall where students can easily create posts and attach files. This digital wall can be embedded into Blackboard so students don't have to navigate outside of the LMS. A padlet can for example be used for summerising group work.
Text box with color fill: On Blackboard, you can create text boxes with background colours within an 'Item' on your course page. The background colour can help mark a section and highlight important content or tasks that students must pay special attention to. In this example, I have used the same colour code as the background colour on Blackboard to visually align the text box with the rest of Blackboard. The colour code is #00aba4. Feel free to choose your colours! Within the 'Item', create a 'Table' with only one column and one row, and thereby create a text box with colour fill.    
Webinars and workshops in April
The Centre for Teaching and Learning at Aarhus BSS offers several workshops and webinars to help users with Blackboard.

We don't run any workshops or webinars in April but you are always more than welcome to contact Tobias Alsted Nielsen for individual supervision. 

Updates on Blackboard
Blackboard is putting mobile first. In app stores on iOS and Android students can download a mobile Blackboard app. Search for 'Bb Student'. This app let's students view content in their courses. The app is a great improvement from the old app 'Mobile Learn' in terms of ease of use and design wise. Blackboard is currently also working on a similar app for instructors. Among other things, instructors will be able to easily send out messages on Blackboard from mobile phones. 

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Tobias Alsted Nielsen
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Aarhus BSS
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