Science Europe Updates: 22/12/22
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Science Europe Updates

Your update from Science Europe with news and information on our events, publications, and other activities.
With the festive break fast approaching, we hope you will enjoy an overview of the many and varied activities carried out by Science Europe in the last months of 2022. 

In the spotlight

Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) launched

The Constitutive Assembly of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) took place on 1 December 2022. The Assembly, which brought together the organisations that signed the Agreement for Reforming Research Assessment and have confirmed membership in the coalition, officially launched CoARA and decided on the terms of its governance and operations.

Within the coalition, signatories of the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment will come together to facilitate exchanges of information and mutual learning between all those willing to improve research assessment practices and to enable systemic reform. 

Read more about CoARA and its Steering Board
CoARA Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment

Science Europe News

Research Ethics and Integrity in the Context of Public Engagement: 2022 High Level Workshop report published

Across four sessions, the 14th Science Europe High Level Workshop brought together a variety of stakeholder groups, including national ministries, EU institutions, researchers, citizens representatives and journalists, to take stock of the challenges and opportunities that arise where research integrity and ethics meet public engagement.

It focused on three related, but distinct types of interaction:
  • communicating with a broader audience
  • interacting with decision makers
  • citizens in research- engaging
Event Trailer

High Level Workshop on ERA 2022: Research ethics and integrity in the context of public engagement
Open Science positon paper cover
Open Science as part of a well-functioning research system

Science Europe and its members support Open Science as part of a well-functioning research system. The Open Science direction paper, lauched by our Governing Board member Thierry Damerval during the Open Science conference on 18-19 October, sets the direction for an open and seamless collaboration between research actors and involvement of societal parties where relevant.

The Open Science conference comprehensively explored and discussed an increasingly diverse field and sprawling number of interlinked initiatives that supports the transition to Open Science. 

Read the direction paper

Science Europe Open Science Conference wrap-up video
Brain Circulation position paper cover

Brain circulation: Towards Strengthened Research and Innovation Systems Across Europe

Science Europe published its recommendations to reduce research and innovation disparities and foster brain circulation.

Angelika Kalt, Science Europe Vice-President, presented the position paper on Talent Retention on 10 November 2022 at the event entitled ‘Talent retention: How can Europe tackle the challenges of brain drain and capacity building in EU13 countries?'. 
Co-organised with Science|Business, the recording of the event  is now available.

Read more

Talking Science Campaign in full swing

More than 30 initiatives from 14 organisations were shared in the #TalkingScience with High Integrity and Ethics Standards campaign, organised by Science Europe and its Working Group on Communication. Launched during the High Level Workshop, the goal of the campaign is to showcase Member Organisations’ initiatives in the area of public engagement with high ethics and integrity standards.

Together, the initiatives cover a wide range of issues: citizen science projects, a framework for science communication courses in higher education, patient and public involvement in clinical research proposals, national awards for science communication, guide on citizen science, and much more.

Discover the #TalkingScience campaign

Quote from Angelika Kalt on Interdisciplinary Research

What are the current practices for inter­disciplinary research for the Green and Digital Transition?

The new report on Interdisciplinary Research for the Green and Digital Transition aims at mapping existing interdisciplinary activities by Science Europe member organisations and proposes recommendations to enhance these activities tackling the urgent climate crisis and challenges posed by digitalisation. 

Science Europe recent positions

Get an overview of latest Science Europe positions on a number of strategic areas: from Research Culture, to a Value Framework for the Organisation of Research, from Science Communication to Open Science and Talent Retention.
Position papers from Science Europe

Recent Events

Science Europe High Level Workshop 2021
Science Europe events
  • 19-20 September: Conference Diamond Open Access (link)
  • 18-19 October: Science Europe Open Science Conference 2022 (link)
  • 3 November: COP27 Side Session on Interdisciplinary Research for the Green and Digital Transitions (link)
  • 9 November: Talent retention How can Europe tackle the challenges of brain drain and capacity building in EU13 countries? (link)
  • 16-17 November: Joint Science Europe–NSFC Policy Workshop (link)
  • 23-24 November: High Level Workshop on ERA 2022 (link)
  • 5 December: First Workshop on Global Equity in Open Access Publishing (link)
  • 12-13 December: 2022 GRC European Regional Meeting (link)
Events Science Europe contributed to
  • 19-21 October: International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2022) (link)
  • 2-4 October: Science and Technology in Society Forum (link)
  • 5-9 December: World Science Forum (link)

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